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How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women

openA reader writes in asking the following question:

After reading everything on your site over and over again, studying it, emulating it, I’ve been becoming more and more successful picking up women, and sleeping with them. But there is always that girl that will become rather romantic, clingy with you after the first date and sex. Actually, that’s my current situation. 

How do I make sure I keep the women I have slept with from sucking me into a relationship I don’t want? But continue to have amazing sex?

This is the typical standard type of question that I hear from a lot of guys.

They already know how to pick up a girl. They have already mastered the ability to have sex with beautiful women. And they already know how to give girls lots of orgasms in bed.

But what they continuously find themselves struggling with is sleeping with a girl yet at the same time… preventing her from becoming too clingy and giving them ultimatums.

So how do you have sex with a girl, keep it interesting and FUN for you and her, yet stop her from demanding a relationship with you and if you refuse to give in prevent her from wanting to quit having sex with you?

This article will (hopefully) answer that question.

How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women: Step-By-Step

You enter a club and you begin chatting with some of your friends with your only purpose being just to have some FUN…

Across the room from you, you notice a beautiful brunette woman dressed seductively and sporting high heels on with a cute mini skirt…

You look in her direction and she continuously looks in yours trying to signal for you to approach and talk to her…

After a while of some back and forth eye contact, you confidently walk towards her while simultaneously holding eye contact with her…

You start a conversation with her with a neutral opener asking her “How is your night going so far?”

She smiles, continues to hold eye contact with you, and positively responds back to you…

A conversation ensues between the two of you and you and her can both feel the sexual tension and electricity in the air…

You both know that you are each attracted to the other person and your connection for each other continues to build higher and higher…

After a few minutes of conversation, you confidently suggest to her “Let’s go outside to get some air”

Outside you guys continue to talk while standing within each others personal space, and you begin to lightly touch her and stroke her arms…

At this point you can now tell that this girl REALLY likes you and is simply waiting for you to lead the interaction to the next phase… the bedroom.

You casually say to her “Let’s grab a nightcap back at my place”, she agrees to it and the 2 of you both catch a taxi back to your place…

As you both enter your house you casually mention to her to take her shoes off at the front door because you are conscious about getting outside bacteria into your living room…

You pour her a glass of wine and the 2 of you sit at the front of your bed because that is the ONLY place to sit inside of your room…

As you guys continue to talk with one another you slowly move closer and closer to her… she can tell that you are about to make a move but you wait… you let the sexual tension build further and further and before you know it… she kisses YOU first…

You guys have very passionate sex throughout the rest of the night and in the morning you guys share breakfast in bed and talk and relate to one another…

Eventually you realize that it is time for you to head to work and she also has to get going… so you guys make plans to get together again and hang out in the future…

And this is where most men mess up… BIG TIME!!!

She is Only Your “Friend With Benefits”

At a certain phase in your seduction journey you will find yourself able to sleep with girls consistently on the first date.

But then after that… well… you will find yourself spending more and more time with this particular girl which is BAD.

The more time that you spend with this girl, the more invested in her that you become, the more serious and romantic that she begins to view her relationship with you, and the more sooner or later that the ultimatum will come (and if you refuse ) the sex WILL stop.

She will begin to give you demands, tell you to stop seeing other women, and begin monitering your entire social life. And… she will want you and her to begin spending a LOT more time together with each other.

So how do you avoid and stop this all of this from happening with the girls who you have sex with?

Simple: You limit how often you see a girl to a maximum time of only ONCE per week. And… you make sure that every time you guys hang out… sex occurs.

This is how you create and maintain open relationships with the women in your life. You ONLY hang out with a girl if sex is definitely occurring.

You DO NOT hang out with a girl just to party, just to go dining together and eat out, or to go shopping or clubbing.

You only see a girl for ONE reason and purpose only: Sex

What you must avoid doing under ANY circumstance is coming across as a good potential boyfriend or husband candidate. You must avoid coming across as a provider or even a guy with lots of wealth. You must avoid helping her out whether it is financially or for more personal reasons.

You are only good to her for only one thing: Giving her lots of amazing sex and orgasms. Making her scream, making her cum, helping to unleash the inner slut buried inside of her.

See, the problem that most guys run into is that they allow girls to get too attached to them early on in the relationship and on top of that most guys fail to set any boundaries.

Most guys let their relationships with girls unfold naturally without any sort of strategic planning or thinking ahead into the future. Most guys simply choose to just follow and go along with their emotions and “hope” for things to go as they want.

Well… hope is not a strategy. You must set boundaries with the women in your life. You absolutely, undeniably, crucially MUST.

So what are some effective rules and boundaries that you can set that will enable you to smoothly transition to an open relationship with the women in your life?

Limit the amount of times that you see a girl to only ONE (1) time per week.

Never deal with any drama from women who you are dating and sleeping with. (Drama always stays outside your front door of your house and never enters it).

Always be busy. (And as an attractive successful man you really should be busy anyway).

Never focus all of your energy and efforts on only 1 girl. (You should always be sleeping with a minimum of at least 2 girls at any given time.)

But… what if you do find yourself ending up in the same situation that our reader is currently in? What should you do then?

How to Take Any Woman and Create a Long-Lasting Open Relationship With Her.

If you have been successfully having sex with a girl and she immediately demands a relationship from you what exactly should you do then?

Simple. Tell her the truth.

Here is exactly what you should say to her:

Baby, I understand that you would like to get into a serious relationship but I made a promise to always be very honest and open with the women I see in my life.

And at this time, I am not yet at the point in my life where I am ready to settle down and get seriously involved with a girl just yet. It would not be fair to you if you was devoting 100% of your energy into trying to make a relationship work and I was only investing 50% and could not give you my all.

So at this time I am not yet ready for a serious relationship but… I do enjoy spending time with you, I do enjoy making you smile, I do enjoy giving you pleasure… and I would prefer for you NOT to leave my life.

When you talk to women in THIS type of honest manner (and it really IS best to simply be honest) they respect you more.

Women will see that you are a man with a backbone. Women will realize that you are a guy who stands up for what he believes in. And they WILL continue to have sex with you because they will be able to understand specifically exactly where you are coming from.

How to Create and Maintain Open Relationships With Women

When you approach dating and relationships as a skill… the results you achieve will be remarkable and more importantly repeatable.

When you are able to have sex with a girl and then smoothly transition the relationship to one that is filled with all sorts of fun, excitement, passion, and NO drama… you experience a very remarkable and enviable dating and sex life.

Women WILL respect you MORE because you are honest, you simply say what is on your mind and more importantly, you express how you are feeling.

Girls will be eager to keep on seeing and pleasing you because your sole purpose in their life is to provide them will great passionate, hot steamy, raunchy sex.

YOU experience less stress, less heartache, and yes… less ultimatums.

So the key to having sex with girls while simultaneously avoiding getting sucked into a monogamous relationship with a girl is to approach dating and women with a strategy and more specifically, a game plan in mind.

Limit the amount of times that you see a girl to only ONCE per week.

Do not tolerate and accept any drama from the girls you date and sleep with.

Keep the relationship focused strickly about sex with each other.

And if all else fails and she still gives you the ultimatum… be very honest and watch her respect for you grow even further.

So you are allowed to have female friends but ONLY if there is a very REAL tangible benefit for you.

– Malcolm Thomas

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