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How to Communicate With Women Effectively: 10 Tips

jqHow do you communicate with women more effectively?

How do you define Communication?

Don’t grab a dictionary now to find a definition, and methods – because you simply knew about it since you were born-

When you were born you cried a lot  – proclaiming to the world – yes I am Born!! –

And since then you’ve found many ways to say things to people, ask questions and reciprocate to them.

Now if You were to define communication in the simplest and most effective terms it would be  –

It’s just a way to convey your message to the person so that they can understand what you want to say and what you need to conclude.

I believe all things should be expressed in simple terms and not with complexity – so to ease out the process I am just briefing out the matter.

The basic thing while communicating is that “you talk to others in a way that you yourself want others to communicate with you”.

Whether you talk to the same sex or the opposite sex this simple law can be applied in generalat ALL instances of life.

Now… how do you want others to speak to you?

Do you want to listen their bullshit? No!

Do you want to see their anger reflected on you? No!

Or do you want them to talk and talk and talk and mess around with you completely? Hell No No No No!

So you already know how others should talk to you – follow the same rule when talking to women.

That’s the simplest and most powerful way to communicate with women more effectively.

While communicating with women – these 10 tips will help you make a better first impression and bring the game on your side…

The 10 Tips to Communicating With Women More Effectively

1.) Approach and Start a Conversation With Women

About anything, as the topic is NOT important – only the way you communicate is (Malcolm Thomas already cleared this point briefly in THIS article).

Because you are not afraid of anything, the only thing which you are afraid of is QUITTING, which you NEVER want to do.


2.) Be Presentable 

Dress nicely not fancy, smell good, be confident, walk straight.

This shows confidence and sexy body language, because you are a MAN and not a little boy.

To tell the world you are unbeatable you have to show it by your ACTIONS.

3.) Everybody Loves Respect and Humor 

Don’t be disrespectful never ever, even if you get a rejection by women at any point of your life, even if they hurt you by their harsh words – because by being disrespectful it means being OUT OF CONTROL and hence means NOT being strong – which shows a lack of manliness.

Secondly keep the conversation light by using humor. You don’t need to crack ultimate jokes to become a humorous man – sometimes smiling is very much fine in this way you can control your environment and can mend situations easily.

4.) Follow the 80/20 rule

Listen 80% in the whole conversation and only speak 20%.

Yes this point is very important if you want to keep the conversation fluent, easy and informative for your own use, as people love talking about themselves.

So why don’t you just give them a chance to describe themselves, because people want to speak but NOBODY wants to listen.

So improve your listening skills and be a person with 80% listening trait – and while doing so – you will get AMAZING ideas to initiate more topics to talk about with them.

So always focus on bringing out the things they want to talk about and then reciprocate with the 20% share you have to speak out.

5.) Ask General Questions to Women and Avoid Contempt’s

Women are very much interested in general topics.

They don’t want to discuss how the NASA launches it’s satellites, how the jet engine works and all those techno shits which they don’t prefer to talk and which don’t excite them.

They are more interested in talking about people, places, experiences, leanings, situations in life – which makes it easy for them to participate and contribute to the topic and they feel confident and proud about the topic and their reciprocation.

Also never indulge yourself in criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt because these are very destructive and reduces your chances to impress women.

6.) Appreciate and Complement Them 

Appreciate and complement them on a genuine note and by being generous.

Not just useless and ineffective pic-ups in a very boring tone, be descriptive on a genuine note as to what you really felt of the thing you are appreciating and WHY.

By being generous and clear with a good tone and pitch of voice. this lets women know that they are attractive and exciting and who does not want to be a queen.


This one is indispensable.

Eye contact itself can convey a lot of your messages which your verbal words can’t.

It simply can show to a woman: “Yes, I am interested in you and want to sleep with you”.

Your eye contact can convey the WHOLE message directly and it shows your comfort and your confidence level at the same time.

Simply put, a man is incomplete if he cannot talk with his eyes.

8.) Say “We” Not “Me”

if you say “me” – it includes ONLY you, and when you start saying “we” it includes THEM too, which makes them feel like they are already a part of your life or events.

9.) Why Would Anybody Want to Listen to You? 

Answer this question to yourself every time you communicate with anyone.

Why would they want to listen?

What’s in it for them?  

It simply requires you to take care of THEIR interest and gains.

So the reason for them would be: You want to get to know them and gain something, love, sex, pleasure emotional exchange- which will benefit them.

10.) Be Clear of Your Goal 

Your goal is to approach the woman, set up a date, and GET LAID!

So don’t just communicate in a way that will take you off from the direction of your goal and bring you to the friend zone – Brother Zone (In india it is very famous :D ).

Be clear of your goal and apply your efforts to reach for it.

Don’t beat the bush around – let them know why you are there.

Because you are very much interested in getting to know them, hanging out with them, and eventually having sex with them.

These points are important for the long lasting impressions and also not limited, when you are out and handling women and conversing with them you will be learning a lot with your experiences and experiments.

So keep on learning and improving.

Be “AWARE” and Communicate With Women More Effectively

Use the  “AWARE” strategy to improve your communications with women:

Aware – You should know the difference between the way you talk to men and the way you talk to women so adjust accordingly.

Wonder – Find out what they are interested in talking about, what makes them happy and enthusiastic, and then continue letting them speak and carry on the conversation – while you continue being the controller of the conversation.

Ask – Ask questions relevant to them, and if you are not clear of what they’ve said earlier clarify it initially so that no miss communication takes place and you go to the right path in succeeding with them.

Respond – Respond affirmatively and truly.

Exercise – While communicating be flexible so that you can adjust to the different tempers of theirs and again bring the conversation to equilibrium.

How to Communicate With Women Effectively

Always keep on approaching women and experiment and learn simultaneously to improve your skills to communicate with women.

You will be considered one of the smartest people in the world if you are able to communicate well because women will feel understood!

Make the message important and the action relevant.

You will succeed in life for sure.

Because you have taken that initiative to learn and you can learn and do whatever you want because You are a Man with Spirit and You are the Leader of your life.


– Risky

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