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How to Cheat On Your Girlfriend (and Never Get Caught)

,,Let’s face it… men cheat.

Women like men who cheat.

However… some men would prefer to cheat on their girlfriend in a much more discreet way, without getting caught or busted.

Because really, let’s be honest, if you are going to cheat on your girlfriend, the least you can do is do your best NOT to get caught.

So in this article I am going to give you some tips on how to cheat on your girlfriend and make sure that you NEVER get caught.

The Reasons Why Men SHOULD Cheat

Every man should cheat… at least ONCE in his life. There I said it.

Men Are Conditioned to Want to Fuck a LOT Of Women

We are men… it is in our nature and biology to want to have a lot of sex. Our bodies are specifically programmed to have sex with beautiful attractive women.

Well… the more women who you fuck and sleep with, the more happier of a man that you are going to ultimately be and the more better your sex skills will improve as a result and mere side effect.

Men who cheat are able to quickly develop an abundance mentality and this makes them more attractive to all women which will allow them to continue cheating even further.

Your Ability to Attract and Seduce Women Will Improve

Statistically, you game and skill set with women will improve because you will spend more time interacting with them and more importantly their emotions.

When you are able to cheat with multiple different women, you become better at controlling and manipulating a girl’s emotions, you become more calmer and poised because you have already dealt with any particular situation so many times in the past, etc.

Your Ability to See Girls For The Sluts They Are Will Increase Remarkably

All women are sluts… That is a fact.

Women LOVE sex just as much if not more than men do. The difference is that women are more better at hiding their naughty more sensual side from the outside public.

Women will only reveal their naughty side to “certain” men, the men who understand them, connect with them, and know deep down what they really want and crave (which is lots of sex).

You Will Never Feel Like You Have to Settle in Your Relationship

The men who are always quick to get into a relationship with a girl are almost always the men with the least amount of “girl getting” skills.

In other words, most men don’t get married because they want to… most men get married because they feel like they have to.

Most men are so eager to get a girlfriend for the very same reason. Most men are so eager to get a girlfriend because they fear they cannot find another woman as good as the one that they currently have.

Most men settle in life. Most men settle with the girls they date. Most men settle settle with the jobs they have. Most men have a very limiting belief and settle.

So those are SOME of the reasons why men should cheat. Now I will go into more detail on how to successfully cheat on your girlfriend and ensure that you never (and I mean never) get caught.

How to Cheat On Your Girlfriend (and Never Get Caught)

Here’s the fun part… me showing you how to successfully cheat on your girlfriend and never get caught.

Here are the simple tips for successfully cheating on your girlfriend and making sure that she never catches you or finds out about your infidelity.

Only Date and Sleep With Girls Who Are NOT in Your Girlfriend’s Social Circle

What you want to do here is prevent the possibilities of you, the girl you are currently cheating with, and your girlfriend bumping into each other.

And the best possible way to avoid this accident from ever happening is to NOT see any girls from your girlfriend’s social circle.

Only sleep with girls who are out of town (or preferably who are visiting though this is not always possible). Also do NOT hang out with girls from around your town or your social circle also.

The reason why so many men get caught when they cheat on their girlfriend is because one of the girlfriend’s friend’s ends up seeing him at “so and so cafe or restaurant” and informs her girlfriend about it.

To avoid this, only sleep with girls who live far away from you. Do NOT frequent her regular hangout spots.

Discard Any Phone or Text Message Conversations That Could Potentially Lead to Your Girlfriend Finding Out About Your Affair

Most men get caught cheating because they are too sloppy and clumsy and their girlfriends pick up on this fact.

ALWAYS delete your text message conversations and clear out your calls to the other girls you are seeing before you see your girlfriend.

Basically, when you reply to a girl through text message, delete your conversation every single time. This way in case your girlfriend wants to see your phone because she suspects something is up, you will be covered and her unfounded suspicions will quickly go away.

Another tip is to rename the contacts of the girls you are seeing in your phone to guy names just in case and to be on the extra safe side.

Preferably, try not to give your girlfriend access to your phone or computer to begin with. Also do not give any hints of your cheating on Facebook or the various other social media sites.

You want to cover all of your tracks as effectively as possible.

Always Give Your Girlfriend Great Sex Whenever She Asks or Demands It

One thing that you want to avoid doing is acting different around your girlfriend when you are cheating as this could lead to her thinking that something is up.

Always act like your same old self. Deliver great sex to her so that she continues to be sexually pleased and satisfied. Continue to take her out on dates every now and then… and if you really want to never get caught cheating, surprise her with a beautiful gift or trip to someplace special.

You want to make your girlfriend feel special and give her the false impression that she is the ONLY girl in your life. Never stop connecting with her, ask her how work is, etc. Do EVERYTHING in your power to come across as genuine and sincere.

Do You Have to Cheat On Your Girlfriend?

No… cheating on your girlfriend is not necessary.

Truthfully: Most men cheat on their girlfriend because something in the relationship is lacking. Whether it is sex, emotional support, etc. Most men cheat because one (or more) of their needs are not being met.

But if your girl is providing you with everything you want and need then do not cheat. This article was only written for the guys who want to cheat, have no choice but to cheat, and prefer to do it WITHOUT getting caught.

If that’s not you… continue doing whatever you are currently doing to have a healthy relationship.

If you’re a man who wants to cheat and NOT get caught… happy cheating!

– Malcolm Thomas

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