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How to Change Your Life in 30 Days

i[Today, I am going to share with you what it takes to achieve REAL success in life and transform your life.

I am going to reveal what you can do starting TODAY to systematically improve your dating life, improve your income, and improve your personal success.

When I share with you my “SECRET” that is responsible for ALL of my success… with women, with business, with making money online, you will discover the truth.

The truth about what it takes to attract women, become a successful entrepreneur, build a better body, it can ALL be done and achieved IF… you master and really comprehend this ONE simple secret.

The ONE Secret to Changing Your Life in Just 30 Days

Here is the secret that is responsible for all of my success and could be responsible for all of yours.

MAKE THE DECISION to do whatever is necessary to change your life.

That is the secret to achieving true success in life. And in ALL areas of your life.

Once you STOP wasting time doing stupid activities that get you nowhere and you START doing whatever is necessary to get the RESULTS that you want, positive things (and changes) start to happen.

And in order to really follow this step so that you indeed do actually change your life within the next 30 days, you will have to begin looking at your ENTIRE life objectively.

You will have to observe all of your habits as if you were a stranger and figure out what things you are currently doing that is getting you NOWHERE and what you can begin doing that will allow you to change your life and get SOMEWHERE.

So if you currently SUCK with women and CAN’T get laid, you will have to begin developing a strategy and plan of attack that will help enable you to improve your dating and sex life TODAY!

So, if you currently suck with women (or want to improve), what could you begin doing RIGHT NOW, to help you either get a girlfriend or get laid?

Well, for one thing, you should definitely be approaching much more women than you currently are now. You should ALSO make it your business to learn how to talk to girls so that they will become attracted to you.

So you implement this advice and the following week you find yourself easily approaching women and starting conversations.

What exactly can you do next to improve the romantic side of your life even further?

Learning how to get a girls phone number would be something that you could begin working on. Mastering text game could be something else that you practice and seek to improve on.

You see what we are doing here?

We are essentially FORCING you to TAKE ACTION so that you can dramatically change your dating and sex life within the next 30 days.

If you simply keep on attacking the woman side of your life using this systematic approach, you will find yourself unable to NOT date and have sex with multiple beautiful women.

And… you will also learn much faster too. You will literally change your entire dating and sex life overnight. And, it will all seem SO easy.

How to Change Your Life in 30 Days: Increasing Your Income

Solving the financial side of your life and changing it for the better within the next 30 days is similar to how we changed your dating and sex life.

You must look at the entire financial side of your life objectively as if you were a stranger and figure out what you are currently doing that is screwing you up financially and what you could be doing better to improve your income.

So, first determine if your current job is underpaying you based on the amount of work that you do for them. Is your company profiting given the amount of work and tasks that you complete for them?

Do enough thinking and you will eventually figure out that the answer to that question is “Yes”. Of course your company is making a profit based on the kind of work that you do for them. And I am willing to bet that they are MASSIVELY underpaying you.

Now, ask yourself is your boss or manager that much smarter than you?

Does your boss or manager work as hard as you do?

Does your boss do as much WORK as you do?

Of course NOT! They hire and pay YOU to do the REAL work while THEY sit back, relax, and collect ALL of the profits.

In one sentence: They are hustling you. As a matter of fact, they are legally swindling you. You do all of the work and they receive all of the rewards and benefits.

So upon looking at the work side of your life from the outside in, you discover that working a 9-5 job is keeping you broke. Working a 9-5 job is keeping you poor. Working a 9-5 job is allowing you to stay just above poverty level.

Now the important question is: what are you going to do about it?

Are you going to continue clocking in every morning at your crappy 9-5 job and getting paid crap?


Are you going to develop a strategy to start your own business and make yourself rich?

Which do you prefer…

Having FREEDOM to do whatever you want or feeling as if you are STUCK in some sort of prison?

Having financial abundance or being financially strapped?

Do you prefer to be happy or do you prefer being sad?

So after you have realized that working at a crappy 9-5 job is not the KEY to success or wealth, you have to begin thinking about ways in which you can start your own business.

What knowledge do you currently possess that other people would be willing to PAY YOU money to learn?

What skills to do have that could be used in a way that could help to enhance another person’s life or at least make it more convenient?

Perhaps you are excellent at a certain type of service or trade and people LOVE the work that you do for them?

Now… here is the MOST IMPORTANT part: Start your own business.

Read different business books, learn about other companies in your industry, find out what the market needs, wants, and demands are.

And then… QUIT your 9-5 day job and never look back.

Invest all of your time and energy into turning this business idea into a SIX FIGURE company. Focus on working hard AND smart. Develop a good reputation among customers as a guy who provides excellent customer service and work.

And then… watch the amount of sales, revenue, and PROFIT that you bring in continue to GROW. Higher and higher. Month after month. Day by day.

And then you will have realized and discovered that quitting your 9-5 day job was the BEST thing you could have done.

Take Action TODAY and You WILL Change Your Life in 30 Days

Changing your life is all about taking action. Doing what is necessary to get results. Not letting any excuses get in your way of achievement.

To change your life, all you must do is look at your life from an objective perspective and determine exactly what must be done to start getting results and seeing some positive changes.

I am NOT saying that doing all of this will be easy.

Quitting your former bad habits that has sabotaged your success in the past will not be fun. Working harder and smarter is always much more difficult to do than standing around being a 9-5 zombie. And approaching women when you don’t want to WILL require a HUGE amount of willpower… at first. 

BUT… If you just STICK WITH IT and you continue to persist, chase after your dreams, and achieve your goals, then you WILL succeed in whatever endeavor you decide to partake in.

… And you will positively change your life for the better in the process.

– Malcolm Thomas

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