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How to Build Muscle, Get Ripped, and Get Jacked

building muscle Today I am going to tell you the simple secret to building muscle,  getting ripped, and getting jacked.

I am going to cut out all of the bullshit, destroy all of the myths and the lies, and show you the incredibly easy and simple way to get into top-notch shape.

What I am about to share with you is the REAL secret on how to build muscle, get ripped, get jacked, and attract women to you like magnets.


And you wont have to use ANY supplements, take ANY drugs, buy NO fancy weight machines, etc.

Once you discover this astonishly simple secret, you can immediately begin putting this information to use starting TODAY.

In other words, this is the no-nonsense guide to building muscle, getting ripped, getting jacked, and building a sexy male body.

The ONE Key to Building Muscle Like CRAZY

Here is the ONE key to building muscle like a mad man: Use Free Weights and Focus on the Compound Exercises.

“Is that really the secret to building muscle fast and easily?”

Yes really, that is the simple secret to building LOTS of muscle mass in a very short amount of time. Using free weights and focusing on using compound exercises is the KEY to building muscle fast, especially if you are a beginner and have spent less than 2 years time total in the gym.

Heres the cold hard (and yes, sometimes dark) reality truth: Using machines at your local gym is a total and complete waste of time.

Yes, its true. Relying ONLY on machines to build muscle will leave your body stagnant, never improving, and in NO good condition.

In other words when you attempt to use machines to build muscle you are better off sleeping in bed the whole day and never even leaving your house in the first place. 

But Why Is Using Machines At the Gym So BAD and Pointless?

Because they don’t help you accomplish your fitness objectives and goals. For most men that includes building bigger arms, broader shoulders, thicker backs, and a ripped and tight stomach.

When you use machines, you don’t really give your body enough resistance and stress in order to make any REAL substancial improvements and progress.

In retrospect, machines should be left to the amateurs who are all “trying” to get into shape.

Using free weights and focusing your workouts on doing compound lifts is how you build some thick and solid muscle to your body fast.

The heavy lifting will force your body to adapt fast and GROW. When you focus on using free weights and doing compound lifts, your brain tells your body that it HAS to grow.

So we have established that using free weights and doing compound lifts is the KEY to building muscle at a very rapid pace.

What about your rep range? How many sets should you do?

In my experience when using free weights you should aim to lift in the  5 – 8 rep range using very HEAVY weights. You should aim to do about 5 – 6 sets per exercise. This builds muscle in the shortest amount of time because lifting very HEAVY weights along with doing 6 sets per exercise pushes your body to the max and to its limit.

When you workout in this manner, you give your body NO choice BUT to grow.

So what type of specific exercises should you focus on doing?

Compound exercises: This includes exercises such as bench pressing, squatting, deadlifting, dips, and also bodyweight exercises such as pushups and pullups.

But What About Your Diet?

Now… diet IS important but once again, the bodybuilding industry greatly overcomplicates the process.

If your goal is to gain weight and build more mass, eat MORE calories than your body is used to eating and taking in.

If your goal is to lose weight and get more ripped, eat LESS calories than your body is used to eating and taking in.

Supplements, protein powders, and all of that other non-sense is a waste of time nor is any of it necessary to build a good decent looking body.

Simply focus on eating reasonable healthy natural food such as chicken, peanuts, eggs, milk, etc and you will be fine.

As long as you are lifting weights and working out the way that you SHOULD be and you are also eating how you SHOULD be eating according to your goals you will be fine. 

You WILL build muscle, get ripped, and get into top-notch shape.

How to Build Muscle, Get Ripped, and Get Jacked

Working out, getting into shape, and building an attractive male body isn’t rocket science.

All that building muscle requires is dedication, commitment, focus, and discipline.

Really… that’s all thats needed to succeed at ANYTHING.

The guys who go to gym for 2 weeks and then GIVE UP because of lack of results or motivation are the exact same guys who go out to approach women and after their FIRST  rejection, give up on talking to women altogether too.

Success is all about having the correct mindset. If you think you can do something, then you CAN do it. If you think you cant do something, then you CANT do it.

Building muscle, getting ripped, and getting jacked is a goal that ANY man can accomplish IF he never gives up, keeps his eyes on the prize, and keeps things simple instead of overcomplicating the process.

Now get out there and go build some muscle.

– Malcolm Thomas

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