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How to Become Successful With Women

becoming successful with womenWhat if there was a shortcut to getting better and improving with women in a hurry? 

What if you learned ONE simple tip that would dramatically improve your dating and love life instantly?

Would you be interested in learning this ONE simple secret?

There is a shortcut to becoming successful with women. Learning and understanding this ONE simple key will allow you to attract and seduce more hotter women.

If you can just learn and understand this ONE simple key then you won’t ever again struggle trying to attract and seduce the women whom you desire most. 

You will begin dating and sleeping with more attractive women automatically.

How to Become Successful With Women Fast…

You Must Eliminate Your Fear Of Rejection Because Rejection Does NOT Matter.

Yes that’s it. Facing rejection and Getting rejected by women does NOT matter.

If you are able to fully grasp this ONE simple concept then you will never again have to chase a woman or struggle to find a date again.

Here’s why…

The #1 thing that prevents most men from approaching women is the fear and thought of getting rejected, criticized, or insulted.

That is the #1 thing that holds most men back from ever achieving success with the opposite sex.

They fear getting rejected.

But here’s the problem with that fatalistic mentality and an easy way to overcome it…

“If you’re not getting rejected, then you’re not getting laid”.

The first time I ever heard this statement was from a natural who I ended up befriending during my conquest to get better with women.

This guy was a natural, a smooth and charasmatic ladies man, he knew exactly what to say to a girl to get her interested,exactly how to touch a woman to get her aroused, and even he often got rejected by women.

One night, he and I was at a club and he spotted this attractive brunette who happened to catch his interest. He being his smooth and suave self immediately approached the woman and opened her direct.

His demeanor was calm and on-point. He spoke with confidence and conviction. And before he could finish his very first sentence, she turned her back to him and ignored him.

She simply was NOT interested.

Now my friend is a very successful, smooth guy and she rejected him.

What do you think he did?

What would most guys do?

Well, I can tell you exactly what almost 99% of men walking this earth would have done. 

They would have gotten bitter, resentful, depressed, and angry.

They would have taken the rejection personal.

And they would have probably given up approaching women for the rest of the night fearing that the same exact thing would happen again, and more than likely they would have given up approaching women altogether forever.

But what my friend did was something totally different and unique. Instead of becoming angry, hostile, or bitter…

A grin quickly came across his face, he calmly wished her a good night, and he approached the very next woman next to her.

And guess what happened?

They immediately hit it off, shared a few laughs, connected and then he ended up taking her home.

Becoming Successful With Women Is All About Overcoming Your Fear Of Rejection…

The reason how come my friend was able to do all of that, was because he didn’t let rejection faze him.

As I said at the very beginning of this post…

Rejection Means Nothing…

If you have the confidence to approach and talk to one girl and she doesn’t respond as well as you may have hoped,

Instead of getting angry, or sad, or giving up, Do This Instead…

Approach Another Woman.

Because when all is said and done, and when you really get down to the facts… 

Meeting Women Is A Number’s Game.

And as the law of averages goes, the more women whom you approach, the more success you are likely to find.

But it gets even better, 

The more women you approach, the more and better refined your approach and fundamentals are going to be, which means that by you beginning to approach more women within a short amount of time, in the long run you will only need to approach a few women in order to hit it off with the right one and find your dream girl.

By approaching more women and learning from trial and error, attracting women will become more easier and simple.

Stop Letting Rejection Faze You and instead Begin To Welcolm Rejection…

Because the guys who are good with women and know how to take girls to bed realize that you will sometimes have to hear a few “No’s” in order to eventually hear a “Yes”.

I am now at the point in my life where whenever I approach a woman and I can tell she is not interested and it will not turn out successfully, I want to be rejected quickly.

How come, you may ask?

Because then I don’t waste time on a girl who wasn’t interested in me sexually or romantically, and I can instead focus all of my time, energy, and effort on approaching the girls who ARE interested in me sexually and romantically.

The less time that I personally spend talking to a girl who is uninterested, the more time I have to spend on women who ARE actually interested in me sexually and romantically.

Stop Letting Rejection Faze and Worry You…

and instead, think of rejection as a good thing (which it IS, because it saves you wasted time and effort on uninterested women).

Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection and Start Getting Success With Women…

If you can master and fully understand this one simple concept and tip, then you willl become a man who is able to attract and seduce hundreds of different women, date and sleep with the women whom you most want and desire, and ultimately find your dream girl.

Overcome Your Fear Of Rejection…

because in the long run…

Getting Rejected By A Girl Doesn’t Really Matter At ALL.

– Malcolm Thomas

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