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How to Beat Procrastination and Overcome Laziness

lazinessProcrastination eats at us all.

Knowing how to beat procrastination, overcome laziness, and take action in your life to get stuff done is one of the keys to living a very successful life.

Great men are good at managing their emotions, looking at the bigger picture, and taking the necessary steps to enhance their life.

In this post I am going to share with you some tips on how to beat procrastination, overcome laziness, and start taking action in your life.

Why Do We Procrastinate?

Why do we as humans procrastinate?

Why do we continue to put off on doing important tasks that can help make a difference in our life?

In my opinion, the reason why we procrastinate is due to us visualizing all of the necessary work required in the future. Think back to once you was still in high school whenever the teacher used to give you projects to complete and she used to give you 2 weeks to complete them.

What do most kids and people do?

They wait until the very last minute or day in order to complete the assignments. The teacher will give them an assignment to complete and most people will rationalize to themselves “I have 2 more weeks to complete this project, what is the rush?”

And then once 2 weeks comes around and goes on the very last day the assignment is due, most people will take action and take the necessary action in order to complete and finish the project.

Why do most people wait until 2 weeks to start and complete a project?

Because at the end of those 2 weeks there is a deadline and they MUST get the project done and complete the task.

And that is the first tip to help you beat procrastination and overcome laziness…

How to Beat Procrastination and Overcome Laziness: Begin Setting Deadlines for Your Important Tasks

Setting deadlines for yourself is one of the keys to beating procrastination and overcoming laziness.

When you give yourself a certain time-limit to complete a particular task, you force yourself to begin taking action more quickly and effectively.

Having NO deadline or time-limit produces the opposite effect. With no time limits or deadlines you give yourself permission to fool around, waste precious time (that you can NEVER get back), and not get accomplish any real meaningful work.

I am now at the point in my life where I set a timer and give myself a literal time limit to complete a certain task. Doing this FORCES me to work harder and faster, think more harder and clearer, and not waste any precious valuable time.

So how could you apply this advice to picking up women?

Leave your house and give yourself only 1 hour to start a conversation with 3 new girls.

After you get a girl’s phone number, give yourself only 3 days to text her and set up a date. If after 3 days you STILL have not set up a date with her, DELETE her phone number.

When you invite girls back to your place, give yourself only 15 minutes to begin making out and getting sexual with them.

Setting deadlines and time limits for yourself FORCES you to take action. And not only that, but once you begin seeing the profound positive effects that this has on your life, you will begin timing yourself in every area of your life.

You will give yourself only 10 minutes to kiss a girl after you first meet her.

You will give yourself only 5 minutes to make a girl orgasm in bed.

You will give yourself only 2 hours to get an important business task done.

THIS is how you enable yourself to beat procrastination and overcome laziness.

You simply force yourself to begin taking action no matter what. You begin to hold yourself accountable to complete important tasks and turn your life around. Eventually you will become a true workaholic, a guy who sets goals for himself and accomplishes them.

How to Beat Procrastination and Overcome Laziness

The key to beating procrastination and overcoming laziness is to simply reprogram your mind and FORCE yourself to take action.

Begin setting deadlines and time-limits for yourself and watch the amount of work that you accomplish and results that you achieve SKYROCKET.

Your overall dating and sex life will improve using this tactic, your business and financial life will improve using this strategy, and you will become a much more disciplined and powerful man.

– Malcolm Thomas

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