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How to Be Your Own Boss (and Get Rich)

getting richEvery man who I have ever spoken to wants to have the ability to work for himself and be his own boss. Every single one.

I have never met a man who instead of starting his own business, preferred to take orders, be a chump, and continue working at a crappy 9-5 job.

Want to know the #1 thing that working for yourself and being your own boss gives you? FREEDOM.

Freedom to do whatever you want (legally of course).

Freedom to take a vacation whenever you want.

Freedom to make as much money as you want.

Freedom to spend time with your family and friends as much as you want.

Freedom to get paid and wake up whenever you want.

When you run your own business, you are the captain at sea steering the ship, you make all of the decisions, and YOU receive all of the rewards.

And freedom is not the only reason why every man should aspire to work for himself. Being your own boss affords you ONE more opportunity that you can NEVER acquire working at a 9-5 job.

When you become your own boss, you give yourself the opportunity to GET RICH.

How to Become Your Own Boss (and Quit the Rat Race)

Step #1: In order to become your own boss, you will have to become your most harshest critic. And I mean that literally.

At the beginning stage of you trying to become an entrepreneur, you will have to work hard like hell. But you will also need to work very efficiently.

But right now, the question you are probably asking in your head is “Work at WHAT exactly?”

Good question but there is not an easy or simple answer. Since I do not really know you personally, I cannot actually answer this question for you nor can I recommend a certain method for you.

I do not know what you are good at (or in reverse, what you are BAD at). I do not know how hard of a worker that you are, or if you’re a person who QUITS at the first sign of difficulty.

Since I do not know you personally, I can only make some very general broad assumptions…

#1: You have a very strong desire to make a lot of money.

#2: You do not want to work very long, grueling hours.

With those assumptions in mind, I am going to show you the blueprint to becoming your own boss and making yourself filthy rich in the process.

How to Be Your Own Boss (and Get Rich): Ditch the Employee Scarcity Mindset

The first step to becoming a man who makes his own income is learning how to ditch the harmful employee mindset that money is scarce.

This is a myth fed to you throughout the media and by all of your family and friends. And this type of thinking and mindset is FALSE. As a matter fact, nothing could be more further from the truth.

The simple truth is that people are willing and eager to give you their money IF you can provide them with something of VALUE. Whether this is a product, service, coaching, or whatever. The fact is that people do not mind spending their money on something IF that certain thing will add lots of incredible VALUE to their lives.

And 95% of employees who are stuck working at dead end 9-5 jobs have this harmful mindset that money is scarce or that making money is HARD.

The truth?

What I do to make money online is actually quite EASY. Compared to my previous jobs dealing with construction, fixing roofs, sweeping parking lots overnight, What I do to make money online is actually VERY easy.

So easy in fact, that anybody with a brain that is reading this article right now is capable of doing the exact same thing. And it does NOT take years of hard work. It only takes a good amount of effort and consistent work.

My Personal Story of How I Left the Rat Race

Many years ago back when I still worked at my crappy 9-5 job, I told some of my co-workers that I was going to quit and start own my business working on my website full-time.

Do you know the #1 response that I received from my fellow colleagues?

“Are you sure? Just quitting your job without putting in your 2 weeks notice will look bad on your resume and you may struggle to get another job again. I think you are taking a HUGE risk”.

I laughed in their face and immediately quit my job anyway. And I quit my job with the mindset that I was going to make this entrepreneurship thing work for me NO MATTER WHAT. Failure to me was NOT an option.

And guess what ended up happening?

With my back fully up against the wall, I simply HAD to make things work. I had NO CHOICE. If I wanted to eat, my business HAD to succeed. If I wanted to make rent, my business HAD to succeed.

And do you know what else ended up happening?

Willfully placing myself into a do or die situation FORCED me to take action like never before. It made me work more harder than ever before. I worked as hard as a dog as if there was no tomorrow. And in the end, my hard work and can’t die spirit ended up paying off BIG TIME.

Today, I own and run several profitable online businesses, I make well over 6 figures per year, and I am totally FREE to live life as I want. I am consistently always happy and I am definitely satisfied with my life.

And what about all of my former friends? What are they currently doing with their lives?

Well, most of them are STILL working at that crappy 9-5 job and STILL getting paid only $8 per hour. They are slaves trapped in their own prison because they don’t have the balls to say “screw mediocrity” and chase after success.

They would all prefer to copy LOSERS (who are all broke and miserable) instead of copying WINNERS (who are all successful and rich).

You Have a Very Important Decision to Make

In life, we all possess the ability to make choices. That is one of the greatest things about living in the modern 21st century. We human beings are free to do whatever we want (within legal constraints of course).

Here is your choice (and only YOU can honestly answer the question for yourself)…

Do you want to live a life full of FREEDOM, wealth, and happiness?


Do you want to live a life full of regrets, what if’s, and sadness?

That is what your choice ultimately comes down to. You can either spend your most valuable commodity (your TIME) building your OWN business and making yourself rich


You can waste your life away getting paid peanuts, living paycheck to paycheck, and always staring jealously at the rich guy saying “Why can’t that be me?”

Well guess what… That rich guy CAN be you. You do not have to stay poor, unhappy, unsuccessful, or any of those things.

You can make the decision to change your life TODAY.

You can make the decision to become your own boss, you can GET RICH while you are still young, and you can live the life that YOU want.

– Malcolm Thomas

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