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How to Be an Alpha Male (and Be the Guy Who Gets The Girl)

alpha male Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to have big muscles, drive a fancy car, and be a millionaire in order to be an “Alpha” male. 

You also don’t want to seem like youre forcing yourself to become an alpha. 

An alpha male knows his flaws and accepts who he is. He’s not out looking around for someone else’s approval. He does what he wants… when he wants, and he has a very charming demeanor. 

There are many “false” alphas around in the world, many people who try too hard to appear alpha. Let’s go over the basic characteristics of an alpha male.

How to Be an Alpha Male (and Effortlessly Attract Women)

Leadership: A man does not keep people around who don’t make him feel like a man.

A leader doesn’t waste time complaining about how things aren’t going his way. Instead a leader looks for solutions to his problems. 

When he does fail, the leader examines why he failed and keeps looking for ways to succeed and better himself as an individual. 

Good leaders do not:

1.  Tear people down, a leader doesn’t need to tear people down to make himself feel better. A leader can motivate people through his words and demeanor.

2.  They are not fickle, they don’t hide their intentions from their followers and they’re very up front about what they want. 

3.  They are determined, people love a confident and capable leader. Women love a guy who can make a decision and who is able to follow through on that decision. 

Charming: An alpha male can just about charm anyone male OR female. 

The guys respect him and the women all love him. 

He has that sexy smile and amazing walk! He has that energy that just makes people want to be around him. He can make women drool and he’s a very smooth guy. 

Think James Bond if you need a visual example. James Bond isnt trying to win over friends, instead people just want to be his friend. 

If you saw James Bond trying to forcibly crack jokes, smacking people on the back, and trying to belittle people at every opportunity, you would think “The hell is this guy’s problem?” 

Women have the exact SAME reaction: Women hate when a guy is being fake, this brings us to our next point…

Sincerity: Women hate liars and they already know that you want to sleep with them. 

Women love it when a guy is up front about wanting to sleep with them and actually make a move. 

The alpha male walks over to his target, and makes a sincere attempt at getting with her.  The woman will either respond, and the alpha male will take action. 

He knows how to pass women’s tests and just thinks how silly and cute they are. When a woman tries to rattle his cage he stands firm, and doesn’t flinch.

Be a rock: You have to be a stable foundation to a woman when she’s being emotional. 

This is why woman love a man that can handle them and calm them down. Women absolutely LOVE a man who is balanced and has his emotions in check. 

This doesn’t mean be emotionless, it just means don’t overreact about things and let your emotions rule over you. 

An alpha doesn’t tolerate bad behavior from a woman, he tells her to either straighten up or get lost. He knows he is charming and capable of getting another woman. 

Woman are replaceable to him.

True Alpha: “A true alpha doesn’t have to say he’s an alpha as long as he knows it.” 

Again to be a true alpha you have to first and foremost accept your faults and learn to better yourself.   

When somebody tries to make fun of you with a snarky comment just ignore them and watch how silly they look.   

You have to stay cool, calm, and collected. 

A true alpha creates his OWN destiny and seeks his OWN path. 

When things start looking impossible he doesn’t give up, he finds a solution to his problem and follows the plan through sheer determination.  

He doesn’t get discouraged or give up on life if he fails because he views EVERYTHING in life as a challenge that he can overcome. 

When dealing with women an alpha male isnt trying to win a girl over, she’s trying to win him over. 

She thinks to herself, “Finally, I found a “real” man!.”  

Now she’s determined to keep him around, he’s leading the interaction and knows exactly what he wants with her. If she doesn’t give him exactly what he wants, she knows that he’ll vanish and she’s lost her chance. 

This is why women value strong and sexy men so much because it’s so rare to meet them.

Women don’t like it when men force THEM to lead the interaction because it just seems out of place and then the guy appears weak as a result.

How to Be an Alpha Male (and Always Get the Girl)

Becoming a “True” alpha takes time and patience from learning to mastering your fundamentals. 

You have to learn to stand on your own at times and not rely on people for every little thing. 

Remember an alpha male learns his plan and his able to follow his plan into completion. 

Spend time building people up and encouraging people and watch how much more people respect you and want to be around you.  

Women take notice on how people view you, but always remember that an alpha male cares more about how HE views himself.

– Just Dave

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