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How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 5

ll This is the final article in my series showing you how to be a real man who women are magnetically attracted to.

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How to Be a Real Man: You must stop acting needy, seeking approval and bragging right now! Stop trying to impress others, especially women.

Perhaps this topic should have been one of the first ones. But deliberately, this topic is one of the last ones, because I believe that by now you got to know yourself a little better, maybe meditated on some of the topics and have more clarity on the whole “being a real man” thing.

Consider this a “consolidation topic”. You now know that neediness and approval seeking are arch-enemies of attraction. Now let’s talk a little about “bragging”.

What’s with us men that we love bragging so much?

It’s almost a rule of thumb that men should brag about everything, especially women they’re banging or have banged!

The only thing that bragging does to you: lowers your value and makes you look like a needy and desperate loser. Especially to women!

A real man is so discreet that women love every discovery they have to make about them. They love his discretion and they trust that he will not tell his buddies that he banged her. That is “super hot”, put in chick’s talk.

Women instinctively know that a man who doesn’t brag is actually incredible and great.

Example: A wuss bragging about his alleged sex prowess is most likely a guy who can’t please a woman, probably cums super fast (again in chick’s talk) and probably has problems getting it up because he is so anxious to impress the ladies. When a person brags, it’s almost always safe to assume that the opposite is true.

A man who has his life and his masculinity together feels no need to brag or to put other people down so he feels superior. I used to be a dumbass and brag about everything. I would supersize facts to make me look cooler. I would lie in order to impress both men and women. All I did was repelling people and fooling myself. Stop trying to impress people! It’s worse than “you don’t need it”, it backfires and makes you look like you’re trying way too hard!

How to Be a Real Man: Any Low Status Behavior Must Cease to Exist

Low status behavior kills attraction effectively. You must avoid any sort of low status behavior.

Low status behaviors of the wuss: hunched posture, nervous ticks, fidgeting, tense facial expression, emotional outbreaks, jealousy, neediness, approval seeking, bragging, spending money in order to impress women, complimenting women all the time, trying hard, being part of any form of dishonesty, addictions, bad habits, childish behavior, having women take the lead, meek and soft voice tone, talking too fast, accepting second class behavior from yourself and others, following the herd (doing what everybody is doing just to look cool and feel safe), self-consciousness, procrastinating, submissiveness, afraid to speak his mind, cowardice and discourteousness, not knowing to say the word “No”, putting women on a pedestal, putting others first and neglecting self, etc.

I have a word that pretty much sums it all up and starts with “w”. Seriously though, it is no coincidence that the topics you have been reading overlap often. That is because basically one thing is connected to another in some way or in many ways. I just laid out to you a quick “not to do list” on behavior. It wouldn’t be fair not to list some high status behavior, even though you have been reading about most of them all along. Let’s do this:

High status behaviors of a real man: strong posture and body language, poise, slow movements, calm and relaxed facial expressions, emotional control, being self-confident, being self-sufficient, discretion, not spending money to impress women, not compliment women all the time or at all, being who he is and not caring about what other people think, brutally honest and sincere, taking care of self, good habits, masculine behavior, leading, strong, resonate and cutting voice tone, talking in proper rhythm and pausing for effect, not accepting second class behavior from self and others, having his own style and beliefs, not self-conscious, proactivity, dominance, not afraid to speak his mind and not caring about what people think when he does, bravery and chivalry, having no problem to say the word “No”, putting self on a pedestal, putting self first knowing that this is the right and healthy way to help others then, etc.

How to Be a Real Man: You Must Be Able to Motivate Yourself At Any Time

A real man doesn’t have time to feel down and get depressed. Besides, his life is mostly success and great times than anything else. I’m not saying that the real man never gets sad or upset. The difference between a real man and a wuss is that the real man is able to get himself up on his feet in no time, whereas the wuss plays the victim, evokes pity from others so that he can get a secondary payoff from people giving him attention.

The real man focuses more on his successes than on his failures. He does not evoke pity from others, he does not play the victim, he does not let it show so as not to burden others with whatever ails him. Whenever he is down, he pumps himself up by reminding himself of how great and successful he is. He believes he is the best and that whatever happened is part of life and he can and will get over anything!

Self-talk: One of the ways to self-motivation is self-talk. Most people engage in self-talk, consciously and unconsciously. I suggest you do it consciously. The book “What to say when you talk to yourself”, by Ph.D. Shad Helmstetter, can help you greatly with that.

In a nutshell, self-talk is about talking to yourself so as to motivate, improve yourself, and also to keep you focused on what is positive, on your goals. It is easy to be harsh on yourself when you fail by saying “you are such a loser!” or “you will never make it!”, but once you change this bad programming you will reap the rewards of being able to motivate yourself and stop playing the “victim of the world”.

Being positive: for the “average” person, it’s easier to be negative and blame external events for their “bad breaks in life”. But here’s the good news: positive thoughts are way stronger than negative ones!

I propose a commitment to you: every time you catch yourself being negative in any form, you will consciously think (or say out loud if possible): “I’m a real man, I don’t need this crap in my life!”. Do it consistently enough and in no time you will realize you really don’t need this crap and that being positive pays off better.

And by the way, you don’t need to watch the kind of sensationalist news that shows all kinds of negativity. Most people are negativity junkies and look at how their lives turn out in the end of the day and of their lives.

Meditation and breathing: No need to be a Buddhist monk for this one. Meditation is about relaxing and getting to know yourself better, about seeing things clearer. Meditation, especially in times of great stress, allows you to take a break. It’s like “pausing” your life for a while so that you can see and feel things you normally wouldn’t and do something about them. Meditating will help you find some answers and be more in control of yourself.

Changing the sub a little, do you breathe well? Do you take deep conscious breaths during your day? If not, start being aware of your breathing. Don’t deprive your cells of proper oxygenation! Also, remember what I said about real man quickly taking control of upcoming emotions by simply taking a deep breath and handling the situation graciously. I’m not a doctor and I’m not going deep in this one, but feel free to check the benefits online.

How to Be a Real Man (and Become Incredibly Attractive to Women)

In this article I laid out for you some topics on how to become a real man that attractive women must have.

It is a long journey but all you need is that first step. I guarantee you will no longer see the world the way you used to.

Once you evolve, there’s no turning back to your older self. It will feel like when Neo could see and understand the matrix for the first time.

Notice that even though our focus here is learning how to deal with women and dating, when you become a real man, every single part of your life will change for the best and being great with women will get itself handled as a consequence.

I believe you can do it. I believe it is worth every amount of energy and time you put into it.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with us and don’t forget to help other men when you get there!

– Logan

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