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How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 4

rrIn my previous article in the series on How to Be a Real Man, I shared some tips with you on how to become a leader and be more proactive.

I ALSO shared with you some tips on how to become more dominant, charming, and fun to hang and be around.

I also showed you how to develop interesting style and good taste (which is a quality that is very attractive to beautiful women).

This articles aim is to bring you more fascinating and insightful tips on what it takes to be a real man who women are magnetically attracted to…

How to Be a Real Man: You have to become an expert at something you love doing

Experts are universally attractive to employers and to women. A person who mastered a skill or a set of skills stands out in the crowd. I suggest you become an expert at something you love doing.

If you love history, master it. If you love cars and what makes them tick, master it. If you love comedy, master it. It doesn’t matter what it is, but, as a real man, it should be something you love doing, otherwise why would you be doing it in the first place?

“I love what I do and I’m damn good at it, in fact I’m the best at it. Sit down and relax because you are in for the best ride of your life”.

Sounds arrogant to you?

To me they sound like assertive firm beliefs, especially because you will never say them out loud like that. Guess what happens: people will come to you saying you’re the best and how much they enjoyed your expertise.

Become an expert at something you love doing, believe you are the best at doing it and people will not only follow, but also be sucked in in your reality. If you are already an expert at something, just make sure you know you are the best and that you love it.

Sex expert: May I also suggest you become an expert in sex?

I know you love sex and so do women.

A real man is an expert in sex and has no problems giving women orgasms, even though every woman is different.

Check out the article “How to Make a Girl Orgasm (and Become Sexually Addicted to You)” It will help you achieve mastery on the subject.

Nothing like a woman telling you how amazing you are and that they can’t get enough of you or that you were the first to give them a proper orgasm (or a multiple one)!

How to Be a Real Man: You cannot allow second class behavior from yourself and others

A real man doesn’t allow second class behaviors, primarily from himself and then from others.

Examples of second class behaviors: kissing up to people, approval seeking, neediness, whining/bitching/complaining, playing “the victim” overspending, overeating, giving power away in order to get something in return (especially attention and sex from women), lying, cheating (or any form of deceit), manipulation, procrastination, not taking responsibility (or blaming others), saying “yes” all the time for everyone, apologizing all the time, jealousy or any negative emotion, etc.

I think you got the idea.

Look at the list above and see if you have been doing ANY of these. If you have, it’s time to stop immediately!

A real man does none of the above and, if by any chance, he notices any of them coming up he takes a deep breath and shows them who is boss. If it is in front of other people, he apologizes for his behavior and carries on as nothing had happened.

Second class behavior from self: The wuss – Master of second class behavior (shocker huh?).

He is the master of it all and will try and do deadly combos of the list above. The wuss is the great manipulator, even though he thinks he is just being nice and friendly.

Here’s why the wuss is the master manipulator: he buys expensive dinner and gifts expecting that the woman will spread her legs for him afterwards. He complains and plays the victim in order to get others to feel sorry for him (a.k.a “secondary payoff”). He lies and does anything sneaky if he suspects he might get laid or might get some other form of compensation.

He says “yes” to everyone even when he wanted to say “no”. He apologizes for everything, sometimes in advance and even for his own existence. He blames people for his lack of success and he is secretly resentful of guys who are successful, especially with women. He even resents women, thinking that they are bitches for not seeing how “wonderful and willing to do everything” he is.

Enough of that, it’s giving me the chills and making me remember the “golden years” in which I used to be a wuss.

Second class behavior from others: a real man does not accept second behavior from others. He will either let people know by verbalizing it or by simply not being part of it. We live in the real world and I don’t want you to become a scapegoat where you work or study for example.

If you constantly nag people by saying they shouldn’t do this or that, they will scapegoat your ass, believe me. But as a real man, you can drive the conversations toward something constructive and positive or you can discreetly leave the scene.

When it comes to women though, I strongly believe you must let her know you don’t take shit or drama from them. It is your job as a man to tell her.

Example: your girlfriend or wife starts bitching non-stop about how terrible her job is and people hurt her today. The whole drama is rising and she starts losing control and mistaking you from one of her friends.

What do you do?

Be a wuss/therapist/girlfriend and let her get away with it?

Or show her she is dealing with a real man that does not need drama in his life and say: “listen, I can see you are upset and you have all the right to be, but if you are just going to complain and bitch, then you have your friends for that. I am willing to listen and maybe help you find a solution, but I am your boyfriend/husband, not your therapist and what you’re doing is doing nothing but hurting our relationship and the image I have of you. We will talk later when you are calmer.”

I know. It sounds harsh and insensitive, but believe me when I say that if you stop her from doing that, she will respect you more and love you more for that, as opposed to you letting her make you her wuss/therapist/girlfriend, which makes her attraction for you drops dramatically fast. Don’t be an emotional tampon for women!

Notice that the real man in the example above does not get sucked in by her reality and drama. He is willing to listen, but only on his terms and having HER as a guest in HIS strong reality.

He didn’t act like a jerk by telling her to shut up, nor was he a wuss who would have taken all the crap in with a smile in his face for hours (probably hoping he would get sex for sucking all her drama and pain dry…the big dreamer…).

Bear in mind that the example above was just a sample of what you can say, not a script to follow. The most important thing to remember is to NEVER get phased by her drama and to never get off balance, emotionally speaking.

How to Be a Real Man: You must share your gifts so that others can profit from your existence in their lives

A real man proactively makes a difference in the world around him. He does that by making a difference in people’s life, the place he works at and the world he lives in.

A real man has no problem sharing his gifts with other people. If anything, he is glad to help and to make people’s life better.

Making a difference in people’s life: You probably know a lot of other men. By now you know that most men have no game and don’t know how to interact with women.

Be a proactive real man and take other men under your wing. Teach them whatever you know. Even if you just got started, you can go and tell him about Malcolm’s material and website, for instance. Tell him there’s a way to get this area of his life handled.

Believe me: not only will you feel unique happiness from helping someone in need, but also you will learn quadruple the speed! Teaching is learning faster and more effectively! Not to mention that you will make great friends that will do anything they can to help you for the rest of your lives!

Help your family, be there for them when they need it. Realize that family and friends are the most important things in the world. Be selfless. Help without expecting things in return. You will be surprised by how people will value, respect you and be willing to do things for you, especially because you never asked for anything in return in the first place.

Making a difference at work: A real man takes his work seriously and professionally. Sure he is fun to be around, but he is really serious and passionate about what he does. That said, the real man will help other people realize how great they are, especially if he is a leader in the corporation.

A great leader makes sure he turns other people into great leaders. This way he has more able hands to help him and the company. Because he is a competent high achiever, he is bound to get higher in the hierarchy tree and his position will need to be filled; the people he prepared will take his place immediately. Because he is not afraid of losing his position to anyone, the real man will succeed and help others succeed. That’s just who he is.

When it comes to dealing with his superiors, the real man, even when he takes orders, he does so with dignity. Because he is naturally proactive and is not afraid to step up and speak his mind, becomes respected and trusted by his superiors, who will in turn recognize his value and invest in him.

I do know that some companies will never value you regardless of how great you are. 

My question, in that case, is: what the hell are you still doing there?

Quit the job that doesn’t value you and find one that does value you.

Making a difference in the world: you probably don’t know it, but you probably have made or are making a difference in the world. If you do the things we just discussed above, you’re on the right track and you’re changing the world around you.

In addition to what we have discussed above, you can: do volunteer work, donate to a trusted institution, create a business that improves people’s life, etc.

If you are an artist, say a singer or a writer, than you are changing the world with your work. If you’re a doctor, you’re saving people’s lives! If you are a teacher, you’re sharing knowledge that makes the world a better place to live in.

The same goes if you are a police officer, a fireman, a sales person, a cleaner, etc.

Think about it and maybe you are already making a difference and you didn’t even know about it. If you’re not, it’s never too late and you will love doing it, I guarantee you!

Another example: by reading this post and all of Malcolm’s, you are becoming a better man, thus making women happier, thus making a happy, healthy and solid family a reality, thus giving birth to great healthy kids (because they were raised by great parents) who will make the world a better place to live in!

By commenting on the posts and/or sharing your stories, you are helping other men who will be forever grateful for your selfless and courageous act!

Warning: just don’t feel like you HAVE to do any of these things! Do it because you want to, because you LOVE to!

In Part 5 (and my final article) in the series about how to be a real man, I will give you some powerful tips on how to motivate yourself to achieve success, how to stop acting needy and desperate around women, and I will sum up everything that you have learned in this series and give you a final takeaway message.

Until next time,


Update: The series continues in How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 5

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