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How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 3

man 3My last article in this series covered more tips on how to be a real man who women are magnetically attracted to. 

In my last article, I revealed the reasons why you must have a purpose in life, why your life must be filled with lot’s of passion, and why you must build a happy single life first if you want to become attractive to women.

In this article, I will give you more tips, guidelines, and rules to follow if you want to be a real man who women are magnetically attracted to.

How to Be a Real Man: You must become a leader and be proactive

Self-explanatory, I hope. Leaders are alpha, followers are beta. Women not only hate, but also resent men who can’t lead.

It hurts my eyes when I see women leading men around, while sporting a bored and unsatisfied face. I see women leading men by the hand, opening doors for men, choosing where to sit, what restaurant to eat, etc.

Women DO NOT want this power! They never asked for it in the first place. They want YOU to be the man!

They actually try giving you obvious signs by asking questions or by showing their dissatisfaction when you don’t take the lead.

They will say things like: “I’ll go wherever you decide”, “where do you wanna go?”, “What film do you wanna watch”?, “Do you think we should get pizza tonight?”.

It’s her way of saying: “take the lead and decide for me, because you’re supposed to be the dominant man, not me”.

Being a leader will help you in many areas of your life, so why not acquire this skill, if you already don’t have it naturally?

Be a leader at your job, your school, your community, the room you’re in.

Be proactive as well: do not wait on other people’s cues so you know how or when to act. Just go and do it! If you see someone littering, just go and fix it.

You see someone needing help and you can help? Just go and do it! No need to over analyze, bitch or complain.

Someone’s gotta do something, right? Be that man and I assure you everyone will respect you and value you much more for that.

And yes: attractive women will orbit around you!

How to Be a Real Man: You should learn to become dominant, charming and fun

If you’re none of the three, don’t panic: it is possible to learn and/or incorporate it all in your style and personality.

Dominance: there’s a fine line between being dominant and being domineering.

The first is an attractive trait of a real man that women love. The latter is considered abusive and bossy, turns women off and is a considered pushy.

A dominant man asserts his dominance over others (and especially women) with strong body language, eye contact, voice tone and his strong beliefs on himself.

Women can tell instantly if you are a dominant man or a wuss-pushover.

Learn the body language of a REAL MAN, become incredibly good at eye contact and make sure your voice is not that of a chipmunk or a little boy.

Believe you are strong and powerful and people will believe it too.

Charm: I’ll quote Malcolm here: “Charm is done pleasantly and lightly; Charm isn’t sexual, it’s just warmth; Charm is exerting strong confidence”. Make sure you check out his book for more depth into charm and other interesting insights.

Learn how to be charming and women will love having you around, as a lover and also as a friend. Also, as you have probably seen in one of Malcolm’s posts: The art of attracting women consists of 10% projection of success, 10% appearance, 10% intelligence and 70% charm. I’ll let that sink in for a minute.

When I learned to use charm properly, I saw my interactions with EVERYONE improve and I got the best results ever. That’s right, I said EVERYONE. Of course we want to attract beautiful women, but it is amazing how even men, especially high status and powerful men will feel better around you and even say good things about you to other women!

Learn the art of charm, believe you are super charming and you will see how people respond to you. You will see how women are charming back and how they flirt with you all the time.

Fun: as the song goes – “Girls just wanna have fun!”. Amen to that!

Guess what is the first thing most women say they look for in a guy? Fun!

Guess what they constantly write on their online dating profiles when it comes to looking for a relationship? Fun!

Girls are “fun junkies” and they can’t get enough of it. Observe how women are constantly bored when they are around not fun people or a non fun environment. Now observe how they light up and how they come alive when they are having FUN.

Don’t get me wrong though: I’m not telling you to be a non-stop comedian. No need to be an entertainment monkey. Being fun with a woman is about being pleasant and being witty. It’s about being playful with her, using the environment in your favor. It’s NOT about being a tight ass, super serious or logical guy.

Learn how to be fun by reading about it or by watching guys who are naturally fun and pleasant interacting with women. See what they do and how women respond to them. Humor is always welcome.

Remember that women have thousands of worries: from looking sharp to attract men, to the work routine, to whether they turned off the light before they left home, to what she’s wearing the next day in order to look sharp again. None of that is usually fun, so make sure you add fun to their lives!

How to Be a Real Man: You need become interesting, stylish and acquire good taste

Become Interesting: What is the opposite of “interesting”? I’d say it’s “boring”. “Boring” means “nothing interesting going on”.

Bearing that in mind, you have to become an interesting man. Read, travel, get to know different cultures and people, start talking to interesting people, see what interesting people are doing and talking about.

I haven’t traveled at all and I am missing out, I know. But I believe that you probably have and that alone already makes you incredibly interesting. Notice how people love to sit and hear the stories and differences about other countries and cultures. I myself LOVE to hear from travelers!

How to make a conversation interesting to a woman: ever noticed how women talk when they are together?

It’s all about feeling each other, interacting back, painting the pictures with a combination of words and emotions. They touch to emphasize points, they change the voice tone accordingly to the conversation’s momentum, they wave their hands, they change their facial expressions, etc.

If you want to make conversations interesting to women, start watching girl talk more often so you can pick a few things to use in your next interactions with them.

Warning: I’m not telling you to go overboard with this and become their best gay friend. I’m telling you to engage their emotions and keep them interested in your way of talking and interacting with them.

Works on first dates, works with your female friends (who will find you interesting and hook you up with their interesting single female friends), works for the rest of your lives.

Become stylish: every attractive woman is aware of fashion and what looks good in general and so does a real man. Stop wearing what everyone in the crowd is wearing, stop being generic!

Attractive women will not hang out with men that, for instance, can’t understand why the belt HAS to match the shoes. What will their friends think if they hang out with a guy that doesn’t understand style and fashion?

Clothing: If you don’t have your own style, time to get one. It’s OK to look around and even check what the male stars women consider hot are wearing.

If you have the means, hire a personal stylist, if you are like me and you can’t afford one, go to the stores and try out some new stuff, ask your female friends if you look good.

If you have gay friends, you definitely should ask them! I’m serious! These guys have a supernatural sense to what looks good for women!

Women love shoes so make sure you get cool pairs of shoes that look good with the rest of the outfit. And please keep those shoes shining and clean.

You will know you are on the right track when your friends and women start paying attention and complimenting you on your style.

Hairstyle: Again, stop being generic. The hair style that looks good on your buddies might not be the right one for YOU.

It pays to pay a little more for a haircut on a fancier place. I don’t mean to disrespect the female hairstylists, but I don’t get my hair cut by women. My suggestion is that you get a male hairstylist and that you ask for his opinion on what haircut would be better for your face type.

If you are not homophobic (which you shouldn’t), a gay hairstylist will want to make you look awesome. They like to make people look great and they will be brutally honest with you. Additionally, you can check magazines and the movie stars women consider hot for some cues on hairstyles.

Accessories and other: Women are accessories freaks. I personally don’t accessorize a lot, but I do like a nice looking watch. Get one with a cool leather wrist strap, or with a cool display. The silver metallic watch is super generic, so I don’t wear them. Plus, the impression I get from these types of watches is that it adds some extra years to my real age.

Get a nice perfume. Something masculine and/or musky. Spray a little on your shoulders (women love to lay their heads on them) and chest area (women love hugging and also touching the chest area of a man). She will love your smell and compliment you on your good taste. Not to mention that she will have your perfume on her and think of you in hot ways after you two part ways.

As for necklaces and wristbands, they are not my thing at the moment, but I’ve seen some guys with cool items lately and I might incorporate them into my style. Also, accessories are great for giving a chance to women to convey their interest in you. If they are attracted to you, they will comment on your accessories and might touch them while they’re at it. So think about it!

Tattoos: I believe that most people find a nice and cool tattoo very sexy. I myself have one on my right arm. It’s discreet and only part of it shows when I’m wearing T-shirts. That adds to my mystery and charm and gets women approaching me and asking me to show it to them.

Some come shamelessly touching my arm and trying to roll up my sleeve in order to see it, at which point I kinda bust their balls and say “don’t touch me” or “No” and I add that I’m not easy and not all women get to see it. It creates a challenge for them, amplifies the intrigue and mystery and makes them even MORE attracted to me.

Tattoos are daring, because they hurt like hell (mine did anyways), so it also makes you kinda brave for having them.

If you have one, how can you make it appealing for women?

How can you tell the story about your tattoo in an interesting way?

Think about it! 

If you don’t have one, try not to pick the generic tattoos everyone is getting. Pick one that has meaning for you and adds to your personality, so that you can talk about it in a passionate and interesting way later on.

Acquire good taste: Once you get your clothing and hairstyle handled, you’re almost there.

A real man has a set of preferences: things he likes, things he doesn’t like and he lets people know it in many different ways. Here’s some food for thought: the pickier you are, the more interesting and attractive you become to women.

That’s what being picky does for you: you and other people get a clearer picture of who you are and what you like.

You have an identity, a personality and style that is unique, even though most things are what other people do anyway. What makes it unique is that you are assertive and consistent about your tastes and things you don’t like.

As an “Identity exercise”, why don’t you go and make a “likes and dislikes” list?

It’s fun and you will have a stronger sense of identity, people will respect you more and women will feel more attracted to you, because you know what you want and what you don’t want.

In the next article in the series you will learn more insider tips and techniques on what it takes to become a REAL MAN.

Until next time,


Update: The series continues in How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 4

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