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How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 2

part 2Last time in Part 1 of this series, we discussed what it really means to be a real man who is attractive to women.

I ALSO gave you some tips that you could use to turn yourself into a man who is wanted and desired by attractive women.

In this article you will learn even more tips and secrets on how to be a real man who women are magnetically attracted to.

Lets go… 

How to Be a Real Man: You must have a purpose in life

If you don’t know what your purpose in life is, then it’s time to find out.

Women are hard-wired to support a man in his journey and help him raise his rank among other men. If you don’t have a purpose, then there’s nothing to support, right?

Women resent men who are not willing to become a better version of themselves everyday by pursuing their goals and careers and achieving greatness in life.

I’m not saying you should try and become a millionaire if that’s not your desire. I’m saying you MUST have something that drives you forward, something you are passionate about, something your dream woman can support and help with.

My purpose in life (I recently came to realize): improve myself constantly and help people achieve their dreams.

What’s yours?

There must be something that drives you, something that makes you happy. Something that not even the hottest women could get in the way of or stop you from doing. 

And by the way, once you find your purpose in life, be wary that women WILL test you on that too. Feminine energy can be very distracting and she will try and distract you (sometimes consciously, sometimes unconsciously) from your purpose.

Be ready to say “NO” to these distractions. Your woman might look offended at first, but she will respect you, want you and love you more for being a man on his path.

It’s damn hot to women when men don’t let them get in the way of his dreams and ambitions!

Counter intuitive, as most of what works in the game of attracting beautiful women by the way.

How to Be a Real Man: You must have a passion in life

A real man not only knows his passions but he is also very clear about them. In addition, one of the things that turn women on is a passionate man.

Women can’t help but feeling a strong gut level attraction for men who are in deep love with something he does in life, be it his job or a hobby. Women can’t control it.

It doesn’t matter if your passion is stamp collection, cooking, your job, helping people, doing volunteer work, animals or charity.

Suppose your job is your passion, then how you can tell women what you do in a passionate way? By the way, if you cannot talk about your job in an interesting way, then learn how to do it first!

I’m a teacher of English in Brazil and most people here dream of speaking English so they can achieve their dreams of working in better companies, travelling, getting better salaries and even watching a movie without subs!

I LOVE what I do and I let everyone in the class know it from day one. I say, after introducing myself and getting to know them a little: “You will realize that I love being here with you, I love sharing what I know and I will do whatever is in my powers to help you achieve whatever dream you have!” I say every single word with emotion and passion and people feel it!

When attractive women ask what I do, I don’t just say “I’m a teacher”. I usually say “I help people achieve their dreams”, which not only is true, but also sounds way more interesting and appealing to women.

Surely women can feel my passion when I say it and they want to know more and more, they want to get more of that passion I’m giving off. My students come to me and say that I’m the best and it’s clear that I love what I do.

Women make comments such as: “it’s so cool to see how passionate you are!”. Their body language towards me changes completely as they lean forward and start sending lots of attraction signals.

Enough about me though…

Be aware of what your passion is. If you love your job, than make sure you talk about it in an interesting, passionate way. That goes for any other passion you might have.

Malcolm has already talked about this in much greater detail in the article “Obsession: The ONLY Thing You Need to Be Successful In Life”, so make sure you check that article out too.

How to Be a Real Man: You must build a happy single life first

Before I delve into the topic, let me tell you what the wuss does when it comes to women and dating:

The wuss doesn’t have his life and emotions together, he is not interesting, has no passions or purposes in life. In order to be happy, the wuss believes he has to find a woman (any will do, by the way) to cling on to and suck her life energy dry, because she is his ONLY source of happiness.

Don’t be that guy!

A real man is happy regardless of anything or anyone. A real man is not affected by external factors and events, he is too strong for that. Sure the real man loves dating attractive, healthy and interesting women, but he DOES NOT need them to be happy. 

A real man understands that women are sources of pleasure and fun, of a great energy to complement his already great life.

If you want to make women happy or to have a lasting and happy relationship, make sure you have a happy single life first.

Don’t be a leech!

Don’t be a wuss!

Women feel when a man is sucking her energy and they know when the man is a lonely, resentful and unhappy chump. I know it because I used to be this kind of guy and because I have watched thousands of guys doing it.

Ever wondered why women put so much thinking in breaking up with this kind of guy?

They know that if they break up the guy will be unable to feel happiness on his own and that is a lot of pressure on her shoulders. I’ve seen and heard girls trying to make the guy break up with them so that they wouldn’t feel burdened.

Build a happy single life before going out on dates and before getting into a long term relationship. Save yourself and your woman all the hassle.

In the next part of this series I will show you some tips on how to be a leader (and become more proactive), how to become more dominant (and charming) to women, and how to become a much more interesting person.

Stay tuned.


Update: The series continues in How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 3

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