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How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 1

madHello again!

I’m Logan and I recently wrote an article on “What NOT to Do On a First Date With a Girl”. Make sure you check that one out so you don’t have any more hassles with first dates ever again.

Changing the sub, I’ve been talking to Malcolm and we both reached the same conclusion: men are not men anymore.

That is not only sad for us men, but it also causes great pain on women.

Women are starting to doubt that a man who has his life and emotions together, a man who is charming and masculine, who is dominant and yet can connect to her heart like no man has ever done, a strong man on his path, even exists.

It is up to us to evoke this “real man”! Yes, I said “evoke”, because it is already in us and all we have to do is draw it out.

But, the big question is: what is a real man? How does one become one? Why is it so important to become a real man?

In this article, I’ll lay out for you the steps to becoming a real man for whom women feel a magnetic attraction, in addition to answering all of the questions above.

I have read several books/materials on the topic and watched naturals (men who didn’t have to learn how to be a real man) and put it all into practice, thus becoming a real man myself after many years of being a wussy boy. So if you wish to be a man who is the complete package for women, you’re in the right place!

Spoiler alert: I don’t believe in pick-up lines or canned routines, so there’s none here.

How to Be a Real Man (and become incredibly attractive to women)

Firstly, check out the 14 topics you are about to read. Then, you’re going deep into each one of them.

In order to become a real man…

  • Your inner boy must be eliminated;
  • You have to learn to control your emotions (your inner game);
  • You must have a purpose in life;
  • You must have a passion in life;
  • You must build a happy single life first;
  • You must become a leader and be proactive;
  • You should learn to become dominant, charming and fun;
  • You need to become interesting, stylish and acquire good taste;
  • You have to become an expert in something you love doing;
  • You cannot allow second class behavior from yourself and others;
  • You must share your gifts so that others can profit from your existence in their lives;
  • You must stop acting needy, seeking approval and bragging right now! Stop trying to impress others, especially women;
  • Any low status behavior must cease to exist;
  • You must be able to motivate yourself at any time;

How to Be a Real Man: Your inner boy must be eliminated

If you have allowed yourself to be boyish for too long, then that has caused women not to feel attraction for you or to lose whatever attraction they might have felt for you in the past.

It is time to make a decision and commitment right here right now to man up, literally. The inner boy must be eliminated right now, or you will never be the real man attractive women desire.

In order to do so, you have to stop acting like a needy, desperate, quick fix seeking, approval seeking man and take responsibility for EVERYTHING that happens in your life.

Stop blaming mom and daddy for whatever happened, stop blaming your job and yourself and start taking responsibility and finding solutions that will make your life better.

And most importantly: stop being jealous of other peoples’ success and go get your own.

Eliminate all child-like behaviors now, internally and externally!

Do whatever it takes to get it handled: read books, talk to other real men if you get the chance, find good seminars/workshops, do therapy, whatever works for you.

Bad news is that if you don’t eliminate your inner child (or inner wussy), nothing you do or say will get you what you want in life and no attractive women will want to be with you. Good news is that once you do get rid of the little wussy boy dwelling inside you, you will have made room for the real man you have inside you to surface. And that’s when the magic really starts and that’s when attractive women start noticing how YOU stand out in the crowd!

How to Be a Real Man: You have to learn to control your emotions (your inner game)

The way you see yourself is the way you project yourself in the real world. It sounds a little far out, but it is the truth, like it or not.

If you believe you are confident, then people will see you and treat you as such, and so on. The opposite is ALSO true: if you see yourself as a loser, then guess what? I strongly suggest that you go work on your inner game before anything else, and you will find that the rest will pretty much take care of itself, so to speak.

There is a plethora of materials on how to evolve as a man, control your emotions and understand yourself and others. Malcolm has some interesting posts on the subject that you cannot miss. Also, if you haven’t read his book yet, you’re missing out.

Anyway, as you probably know by now, women test men constantly. That’s how they can make sure you have integrity and congruence, if you walk the talk, if she can still trust you (especially when she is in a long term relationship with you).

Accept the fact that women test you, that’s what they are hardwired to do. Get over it and learn how to deal with the tests effectively. That said, a real man is in control of his emotions all the time.

I’m not saying a real man never gets angry or frustrated or stressed. What I’m saying is that a real man KNOWS how to deal with them and keep them at bay so that people and situations don’t push their buttons or push them around.

Guess what happens if a woman tests you and you get some emotional reaction, or she gets you off balance? Her attraction will drop faster than you can say “I’ll masturbate tonight”.

Women need a centered and solid man they can trust, not a wussy boy that has a row of buttons in his body that everyone can push and control as they see fit.

One example of a real man in control of his emotions: The character Duncan Carlisle, an FBI agent from the series Hostages. If you have the chance, watch how he keeps his poise regardless of how tense the situation is (pretty much every second of the show and including at gun point). You will see that when he feels his emotions coming up and trying to get him off balance, he will take a deep and strong breath and balance himself, thus keeping his cool. It is a model that I carry with myself, along with James Bond and other cool and centered guys you see in movies and other forms of fiction. Another example I like is the character played by Denzel Washington on “Flight (2012)” when the plane is falling head on. Ok, I know he is severely stoned in that scene, but the way he got calmer when everyone else was panicking is pure gold!

If you know men with that kind of control in real life, make sure you learn from them. Realize that the characters I mentioned or the few mature real men out there DO NOT get affected by other people’s reality, because they have a much stronger one.

Learn how to control your emotions ASAP. Your life and interactions with anyone will change FOREVER and you will become very attractive to women.

Next article will cover more traits and characteristics on how to be a real man. Stay tuned.


Update: The series continues in How to Be a Real Man (Women Are Magnetically Attracted to), Part 2

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