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How To Be A Powerful High Value Man

high statusOne thing you will hear a lot of men talk about in the Pick Up Artist Community is a technique called DHV which means demonstrating higher value to the women that you meet.

The assumption is that by a man displaying higher value he will compel women to want and desire him. It’s sounds good in theory but in the real world, it just doesn’t stack up and actually get you results and in this article I will explain to you why.

Don’t Try To Demonstrate Higher Value, BE A High Value Man

The problem with the Pick Up Artists DHV theory is that it encourages men to pretend to be a high value man instead of actually BECOMING one.

It encourages men to fake being someone who can offer value to other people instead of actually being someone who can bring real genuine value to other people’s lives. It advocates the “fake it til you make it” approach.

This isn’t beneficial to you, at least not in the long term.

Becoming a high status man who can offer value to other people will allow you to attract and seduce women much more easily.

The key to becoming a man who is of high status is for you to focus on giving (value to other people’s lives) instead of getting (value from other people’s lives).

High value men don’t worry about trying to get things from people or win over the approval of others. Rather instead, high value individuals focus their efforts on offering and giving value to the people in their lives and focusing on building up other people around them.

You accomplish this by never trying to seek validation from others and instead by becoming a guy who can offer people wisdom of advice and who is able to build good connections with those around you.

So right now you may be wondering how does all of this relate to your success with women and dating?

How to Become a High Value Man Who Women Crave To Be Around

As a high value man you don’t focus on getting things from women just like most men do. Your goal and objective is to give to women, NOT take from them.

As a powerful high value man:

  • You don’t try to get girls to “like” you
  • You don’t try to win over a woman’s approval 
  • You don’t try to “trick” women into sleeping with you
  • You don’t complain whenever you are around women
  • You don’t try to brag and entertain women
  • And you certainly don’t try to demonstrate higher value to try and “impress” girls

I want you to pay attention to all of these but especially the last one.

When you try to demonstrate higher value to women you are in attempt, seeking validation. You are hoping to elicit a positive response from a woman by building up your “supposed value”.

The problem with this approach is that it doesn’t work.

As a general rule of thumb: People who feel the need to say positive things about themselves do NOT usually possess those positive traits.

For example: A man who has to tell women that he has an abundance mentality doesn’t really have an abundance mentality if he HAS to communicate this to a woman explicitly. Likewise, a man who has to tell women that he has confidence doesn’t really have confidence if he has to tell women this outwardly. 

How come?

Because his ACTIONS should already show and reveal his positive traits to women. Women pay more attention to your actions than your words. Women will recognize that you are really confident by the way that you walk, your posture, your voice tone, your eye contact, and the way that you touch and interact with women.

ALL of these things will show women how confident you REALLY are. 

Likewise, a high value man with an actual abundance mentality doesn’t need to state that he believes that women are abundant because his actions will already show and reveal this.

A high value man won’t excessively text a girl 20 times per day and a high value man will NOT chase a girl months after months trying to get with her.

What will he do instead?

A man with high value will drop and forget about her and he will begin immediately talking to other women because he realizes that there are millions of beautiful single women waiting to meet an attractive powerful man like himself.

He knows that he brings value to any girl’s life and can tell a girl things about herself that she hasn’t even realized yet.

This comes from a high value man’s mentality thinking of: He doesn’t focus on GETTING, He focuses on GIVING

The Steps You Must Take To Become a Powerful High Value Man

The key to being a man of high value lies in your thinking.

Do you believe that you have something of value to offer other people that has the potential to enhance other people’s lives?

Do you believe that you will impact a woman’s life for the better and NOT for the worse by being apart of her life?

Will you be able to leave a girl feeling better when you leave her than when you first met her?

The answer to these questions will indicate whether or not you can bring positive things into another person’s life.

And the reasoning for this is because: You are NOT trying to TAKE value from other people, rather you are looking to GIVE value to the people you meet in life.

And women respond very positively to men who is able to make them feel positive feelings and experiences. Women respond very well to men who put focus on pleasuring them instead of simply pleasuring themselves.

Become a man who gives value and you will see your interactions with women, your relationships with girls, and your communications in your day to day life improve substancially.

Being a powerful man isn’t about taking things that other people have to offer, rather it is about doing your absolute best to enhance the lives of those around you and making sure that you leave people feeling better and happier for having met you.

– Malcolm Thomas

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