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How to Be a Man Who is Fearless and Takes Risks

fearless Most people live very typical ordinary lives.

Most people are afraid to rock the boat, be different, and follow their own path.

In one sentence: Most people live their lives in fear and are dreadfully afraid of taking any risks.

Most people are afraid of failing, most people run from their problems or they spend all of their time complaining about their problems.

I am different. I am not anything like most people. I refuse to live my life like the “average man” who is afraid of offending other people or going after what they want.

In one sentence: I am fearless, I take risks, and I have absolutely NO remorse or shame about it.

I am going to teach and show you how to be a man who is fearless, takes risks, and achieve the things that he wants in life.

I am going to show you how you can live your life with NO regrets, no shame, no guilt, and get whatever it is that YOU want out of life.

Prepare yourselves…

How to Be a Man Who is Fearless

If you want to learn how to be a man who is fearless then you must become a man who is not afraid of failing AND you must also become a man who never ever gives up no matter what obstacles you might face.

How many hits can you take but keep on moving forward towards your goals?

How many times can you take the hits?

How badly do you want to accomplish your goals?

When the going gets tough are you going to simply quit and begin looking for excuses?


Are you going to keep on moving forward no matter what obstacles life throws your way?

I will get very personal with you: The past few weeks has been a real struggle for me and this site personally. Some of my competitors (other sites) are mad that I am giving away all of the information that I teach on this site for FREE. They are trying to get this site shut down, erased, they want me to quit…

But I won t. They can t stop me.

How come?

Because I am willing to take the hits and keep on moving forward. I am willing to keep on pushing forward despite the likelihood of my own personal success. I will not give in. I absolutely refuse. My determination and will to see this site succeed FAR outweighs their attempts to try and destroy my site.

I am NOT afraid of failing. I have no fear of success.

This is how you become a man who is fearless: 

  • You refuse to let the thoughts of quitting and giving up get in your head.
  • You refuse to let the thoughts of failing stop you from trying.
  • You refuse to whine, cry, and make any excuses.

All that you do is set your mind to accomplishing a certain task or goal and you make the COMMITMENT to achieve it.

  • No matter what obstacles life may throw your way
  • No matter what your family and friends may think or say
  • No matter how unlikely you are to succeed

You MAKE THE COMMITMENT to conquer your goals and you focus ONLY on achieving.

How to Be a Man Who Takes Risks

Becoming a man who has the ability to take risks is all about being able to see the forest for the trees.

Being able to plan, use foresight, and visualize for your future.

Why would a man want to take any risks?

Because when there is NO risk there is also NO reward.

Starting your own business IS risky, but do you want to know what the reward is?

A life full of freedom, wealth, and happiness. A life that you actually enjoy, cherish, and is proud about.

Learning how to become successful with women is ALSO risky… but do you want to know what your reward is?

Having the ability to meet and attract ANY girl that you want. Being able to get a girlfriend, date multiple women, and have an abundance mentality.

Men who always get “lucky”  take risks because they know, no scratch that, they are CERTAIN, that their rewards will FAR outweigh their risks.

This is how men who are successful think. They don t worry about failing, instead they place all of their focus and attention on succeeding.

Why should you be a man who takes risks?

Because taking risks will allow you to live an extraordinary life and not a mediocre one. Taking risks will help you develop true confidence not just in your skills but in YOURSELF. Taking risks is how you transform yourself from a no-getter to a go-getter.

Taking risks is how EVERY man should focus on living his life.

Is there a chance of you failing?

Of course… but so what?

What s more worse: Having a dream of starting your own business and putting in all of your effort but not exactly succeeding OR… working a minimum wage job 40 hours a week for the REST OF YOUR LIFE and always asking yourself “what if?”

The guy who at least tried will ALWAYS feel 100x more better than the guy who simply refuses to try. The guy who tried will have NO regrets, the guy who never tried will live his life FULL of regrets.

Which guy do YOU want to be?

The guy who never followed through on his goals or dreams?


The guy who at least attempted to become something better and accomplish his goals?

This very website is taking a HUGE risk: People don t want me to tell you the truth on how to truly succeed in life.

  • They don t want me tell the truth on “Why You Should Never Get a Job or Go to College” if your goal is to get rich and become successful.
  • They don t want me to tell you the truth on why being nice and paying for dates with women is a very BAD thing to do.
  • WOMEN themselves do not want me to reveal the secrets to succeeding with them and making them fall helplessly in love with you.

Just read the comments section for some of these articles:

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…and MANY other articles on this site which has not been received too well by lots of women and commentators.

Other dating gurus and pick up artists do not want me to reveal the secrets to attracting women for FREE. And women do not want me to reveal the secrets to attracting them for the fear of them subconsciously falling in love with you.

But despite all of the pushback that my site is receiving from these people I REFUSE TO BACK DOWN. My will and determination is too strong to let a couple of naysayer haters stop me and my site from becoming successful and helping other men out there

How to Be a Man Who is Fearless and Takes Risks

Stop listening to the haters and critics.

Stop taking advice from people who want to see you fail.

Stop letting the thoughts of doubt and quitting get in your head.

Stop worrying about failing.

Focus on the positives.

Focus on succeeding.

Focus on accomplishing.

Focus on living out your dreams and modeling yourself after other successful people.

Let your determination, your motivation, your will, and your obsession  keep you strong during your tough times.

How hard can YOU get hit and keep on moving forward towards your goals?

– Malcolm Thomas

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