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How to Be a Man Who Gets What He Wants

be a manAs I’ve said on this site many times before, in life there are winners and there are losers.

The truth is that life isn’t fair and the sad fact is that most men walking the earth are LOSERS.

Losers with women, losers with their careers, and losers at life.

Since you take the time to read this site, I already know that YOU are a winner.

And here’s one tiny little secret about winners in life: They find out how to get what they want out of life and make stuff happen.

They set their minds to achieving a certain goal and they put all of their energy into turning that dream into a reality.

A winner doesn’t make excuses, he doesn’t quit, and he doesn’t blame all of his problems on other people or external factors.

A winner accepts FULL responsibility for all of the results that he gets in life. He doesn’t procrastinate and tell himself that “one day I will do that”. All he does is set his mind to achieving a certain task and he conquers.

Here’s how you can learn how to be a man who gets what he wants…

How to Be a Man Who Gets What He Wants: ONLY rely on yourself

In order to be a man who gets what he wants you must first learn how to become very self-reliant. You can only trust and depend on yourself.

This applies not only to your guts and instincts but also to your income and how you make money. Never ever rely on some schmuck corporation to look out for you and do what is best in YOUR interest.

Never rely on your friends and family to motivate you to follow your dreams, start your own business, and get into shape.

Never rely on other people to give you advice, encourage you, or cheer you on. Become a man who is self-reliant, independent, and fearless.

Never rely on only ONE girl to give you sex (this is one of the MANY reasons why I do not do monogamy with ANY woman)

To be a winner, you can ONLY rely on yourself to get the things that you want out of life and you do NOT under any circumstances or exceptions rely on anyone else.

How to Be a Man Who Gets What He Wants: Don’t Ever Ask For Permission

Most people wander through their lives asking for permission.

In dating, they ask women if they can kiss them and get their phone numbers.

In business and their careers, they ask their bosses for a raise or for a promotion.

All they do is ask, ask, ask and what they don’t do is command, command, command.

It’s time for you to stop asking and start actually doing.

Stop asking girls if they want to go out with you and instead tell them “Lets hang out this afternoon and grab a cup of coffee”.

Stop asking your boss for a promotion or a raise and instead tell him “I believe that I put in valuable work at this company and I deserve to be compensated accordingly.”

If he refuses, leave and quit your job and go work for somebody who is willing to appreciate the work that you do for them (or simply do what I do and just start your own business and make YOURSELF rich in the process)

In other words, it’s time to stop asking and instead to start demanding.

Demand a better life for yourself, demand a better job or career for yourself, demand to date and sleep with more hotter women than you have in the past.

If you demand better, you will get better. That is how the law of attraction works and that is how you can become a man who gets whatever it is that he wants. To get more you must actually want more.

How to Be a Man Who Gets What He Wants: Persistence and Perseverance

Utilizing the power of persistence and perseverance is what separates the winners in life from the losers.

Losers give up at the first sign of difficulty and struggle. Winners keep on trying and they NEVER lose hope and give up… no matter what.

A winner, a man who gets what he wants, will keep his eyes on his objective and he will not stop until he gets whatever it is that he desires.

How does this apply to women and dating?

A winner, a man who gets what he wants will keep on approaching beautiful girl after girl until he eventually meets one who is willing to have fast sex with him.

Will he get rejected by SOME of the women who he approaches?

Of course, but that’s just how pick up and the dating game works. NO man can get EVERY girl and truthfully you don’t really need (or want) to.

Eventually you WILL meet a girl who will find you sexy and alluring and handsome, and you will equally find her just as amazing and pretty as well.

This is what happens when you approach women and dating with a long term view. You are able to recognize the forest from the trees. You never lose sight of your objective and because of that, you have much more success than the average man has.

Persistence and perseverance is the most POWERFUL tool that you can have in your arsenal when it comes to women, dating, business, making money, and life. Use it to your advantage and you will undoubtedly get whatever it is that YOU want.

How to Be a Man Who Gets What He Wants

Becoming a man who gets and goes after whatever it is that HE wants is a mindset.

Your mindset dictates your actions and your actions dictates your results.

Change your mindset, Change your thought patterns, Change your life

Go after whatever it is that YOU want, chase after and pursue your dreams, ignore the naysayers and doubters, and keep your eyes locked firmly on the prize.

If you can do all of that, then you will not only get whatever it is that YOU want, but you will ALSO get a LOT more success in life than you have ever dreamed possible.

– Malcolm Thomas

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