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How to Become a Great Seducer (and Attract the Girl of Your Dreams)

layguideDo you want to know why I am SO confident that you will achieve your long term goal of seducing and getting laid by the HOTTEST women in your life?

It’s not because I have a sixth sense neither am I a ‘seduction prophet’ if you can put it that way.

It’s because I am one of those lucky bastards who managed to be a Women Attracted success story, and what I am about to tell you is very potent material that will help you join the ranks.

You can read this ENTIRE website if you want (Trust me I have) but all that you will read can be summarized into these two KEY points:

1. Read Women Attracted

2. Apply what you read (TAKE ACTION NOW!)

That means that what you have in your possession are the two greatest tools you will ever need to be successful!

Women Attracted is a BANK OF KNOWLEDGE and I am going to add to it by giving you my own guide to how you can replicate my success and accelerate your speed towards your OWN success.

I will discuss in detail the mistakes I made, and how you can avoid them and provide my OWN PERSONAL GUIDE, a tactic of getting women that most men who already apply it would rather you not know.

But first off, who am I too make such wild claims?

For you to get my message, I need to take you to the beginning.

Who am I?

My name is Dylan Simeon, and life has taken away more from me than it has ever given me. Or so I thought.

Why do I say so?

For years, I walked this earth a skinny ass loser, insecure, needy, a people pleaser, and shying away from everyone who dared to look at me twice!

Somehow, “MIRACULOUSLY” (might I add), I managed to catch the interest of four attractive females in my life but as a result of my mediocracy, I squandered all opportunities I got!

After my last blunder, I slipped into long-term depression and considered suicide very many times.

Then something happened that would change my life FOREVER!

While surfing the internet one day, I stumbled upon Malcolm Thomas’ site, WomenAttracted.com

I don’t know if you’re gonna believe this or not it’s up to you, but … I read all his articles in ONE DAY!

What I learnt SHOCKED me! Everything I thought I knew about women was DEAD WRONG!

So what did I do?

I wrote down and mastered Malcolm’s articles on how to build rapport with women, how to have sex on the first date, and how to use the direct approach effectively!

The Results?

I got myself laid for the first time by a woman named Alex who was a perfect ten!

I remember getting home late that night (it all happened at her place 😉 ) and just repeating these words over and over in my head…


“I did it!”

“That shit actually WORKED!”

Well, stupid me, I managed to slip into old habits again (my needy self appeared) and finally the chick dumped my ass and I was back at square one.

So I went back to Malcolm’s site, this time with a new improved plan.

I was going to draw myself a clear map on how to approach girls, create rapport, get their phone numbers, set up dates and fuck them, in that exact order.

So again, I read all the articles concerning all these areas and I was able to come up with a nice clear idea, of what to say and how to lead the entire seduction process and this time KEEP the girl.

I approached again, this time it was some Italian chick who was extremely beautiful.

Nothing could have prepared me for what was about to happen next, since it caught me completely off guard!!

“Son of a slut!”


What is more, I got bitch slapped and humiliated in front of a crowd!

What the fuck just happened?

Maybe the information I got from Malcolm was wrong!

So I searched for other websites and any person who called them-self a seduction master. Yet, all their advice paled in comparison to what was on Women Attracted.

So for the next few months, I did NOTHING.

I stagnated, I didn’t approach and slipped back into depression. But the ONE thing I NEVER stopped doing was reading Malcolm’s articles. I realized my errors and points that I needed to improve on.

Eventually I decided to give the “approach women thing” another try. This time the woman I approached was a proud blonde vixen who knew she was good looking which made her full of herself.

I don’t know how I always manage to pick out these types of women with consistency 😉

Now I know I had no right to, but this lady really pissed me off and after what happened with the Italian chick I was going to let her get a piece of my mind.

So after she rudely told me to fuck off even before I could unwrap my opener.

I replied with …

“Oh, did my good looks frighten you!”

I said it in a way that it almost sounded like I was seducing her.

She gave me a look of disgust before rolling her eyes.

“Hey, honey, are those fake lashes bothering you? (I sighed) I knew they were to good to be real!”

Okay, now I had got her attention and not in a good way.

I knew I had outlived her patience, and that I wouldn’t like to be around when she opened her mouth.

So I put her in her place!

“Listen bitch, I don’t take bull shit from anyone! When you’re done with all this (I gestured at her dramatically) come find me then we’ll talk!”

I walked away without saying another word.

Now, believe me when I tell you that the reason I did all this was because I was pissed with myself and what happened with that Italian girl.

So I went and bought myself a drink, and looked for some other girl to talk to.

After some time I really started enjoying myself. I found this pretty brunette, and I actually got her phone number. Then out of nowhere comes the vixen and FORCES a kiss.

“No one has ever talked to me that way,” She told me.

I was in a state of shock and confusion!

I honestly expected her to spit on my face, and squeeze my balls so mercilessly that all that was left were apologies to my children and grandchildren who would never exist.

I looked around for the hot brunette girl I was talking to, but her cockblock friends were dragging her off somewhere else.

The vixen still undeterred from her mission, tossed me her car keys.

“You wanna drive!”

Long story short, I drove her to some rich part of town where she lived. It turns out she was some spoiled brat tired of getting laid by losers who only cared about her money.

Well, I couldn’t believe my luck! Blonde vixen rich girl! Wow!

The next day I found out that I still had the brunette girls number, so I thought what the hell.

I called her and CONFIRMED the date.

Surprisingly she showed up, but with a LOT of questions!

I decided to be honest about it all and told her that I had hooked up with the blonde!

I couldn’t tell whether she was disappointed or pissed when she questioned why I had called to have a date with her.

Again I honestly replied that I found her extremely attractive and that I knew she felt the same way too so she should stop wasting my time and fuck me already.

After saying that I decided to make my exit since my heart was beating really hard and I didn’t exactly know what to do next!

Well I’ll tell you what happened…

The girl paid for the date and chased after ME.

I swear, seeing her running after me screaming my name was not only SCARY but at the same time very SEXY. I think I almost blew my load just there.

I took her to my place, and don’t think I have ever had such mind blowing kinky sex with a woman in my life!

As we lay cuddled in bed she told me she had never in her life come across a more sexier man in her life!

Though she admitted I do a lot of crazy shit, she made me her boyfriend there and then and when she left I struggled to think exactly HOW I had accomplished all of this.

Of course I broke off the relationship since I wanted to have sex with multiple women at the same time and when I put that out there she respected my decision.

Ever since that day, I have not paid for ANY dates or approached any girls unless I wanted to and… I have received the BEST sex life a guy could ever ask for.

My mail box is filled with presents from secret admirers and I had to LOSE my old number since I was getting all these many random calls from women I didn’t even know.

I still had NO IDEA what caused my success with women.

So I spent the better part of my time reviewing all my past actions and mindset and I finally give you ‘How to get women attracted to you “Flip the Table Method”!’

Look out for this article coming soon …


– Dylan Simeon

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