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How to Be a Great Man: 5 Essential Traits to Becoming More Successful

greatIn today’s society, learning how to be a great man is not very easy.

With the media every day giving men false information and feminists trying to teach men how to be real men, it can be very difficult and frustrating sifting through all of the bullshit.

With more and more men struggling to make money and pay their bills…

With more and more men unable to attract the kind of women that they truly want…

With more and more men becoming obese and physically unhealthy…

It is becoming more and more clear that most men don’t have a darn clue about what it takes to achieve success and truly become successful.

Have you ever sat down and asked yourself:

Why is it that some men make a LOT of money, date and sleep with the most HOTTEST women, and always succeed at accomplishing their goals?

And by the same token…

Why is that some men eternally struggle to make a living, can’t get laid to save their lives, and never find any true success?

Well… the men who manage to succeed at doing all of these things are all great men. And if you want to start getting the kind of success that great men get, there are some very important and essential traits that you simply MUST live by.

Adhering to these 5 simple traits is the absolute KEY to unlocking all your true potential in life, getting ahead in life, and living a much more satisfying life.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Be Self-Disciplined

Self-discipline is what makes a man great. Self-discipline is how you achieve great things and achieve true success. Self-discipline is the defining trait of a man.

Developing and maintaining self-discipline is what will keep you grounded, it is what will keep you motivated, it is what will keep you taking action in those times of laziness.

If there is one thing that ALL successful people have in common, it is that successful people are all self-disciplined and self starters. They don’t need anyone to babysit them and hold their hands. They don’t need anyone to encourage them and keep them focused.

How does this relate to picking up women and making money?

If you want to become successful with women, then you have to learn how to become self-disciplined.

Approaching a girl only ONCE every 2 days is not going to make you improve as fast as you possibly could. Getting rejected by a girl and then giving up and going home to play video games is ALSO not going to help you improve with women.

So how does a man who is self-disciplined approach the art of picking up women?

He gives himself a goal of approaching at least 10 girls PER DAY and he STICKS WITH IT for as long as it takes him to begin seeing some results. He vows to himself that no matter what, he WILL approach and talk to at least 10 different girls every single day.

It doesn’t matter if he approaches girls and they make fun of him, it doesn’t matter if he tries to say “Hi” to a girl and she immediately rejects him. NONE of this matters to him. All that matters to a man who is self-disciplined is accomplishing his goal which is to approach and talk to at least 10 different women every single day.

This is how you get better and improve your skills with women at a remarkable speed. You stop making excuses, you quit feeling sorry for yourself, and you just take action. In other words, you shoot first and you ask questions later.

When it comes to making money, a man who is self-disciplined will work on his business from sun down until sun up. He WILL sacrifice some hours of sleep. He WILL say “NO” to people that only want to hang out, party, and waste his time. He will invest in knowledge and in himself in order to ensure that he has a much better and brighter future.

He will do all of these things because he is a great man and he is self-disciplined. When you are a man who is disciplined, all of your excuses go out the window. When you are a man who is disciplined, feeling sorry for yourself and crying everyday takes a back seat. A man who is self-disciplined only has one goal every day and that is to kick some ass.

If you want to be a great man then learn how to develop better self-discipline and you will achieve more success in your future.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Be Self-Reliant

Depending on other people to improve your life is for weaklings and cowards.

It is for cowards who are too afraid to push themselves and take action on their own.

It is for weaklings who are too scared to leave their comfort zones and push themselves to their limits.

I will say it again: Men who depend on other people in order to get what they want in life are weak and cowards.

A real man doesn’t complain about his problems. he only focuses on fixing them.

A real man doesn’t procrastinate on doing the things that need to get done, he takes action and he simply does them.

A real man doesn’t depend on other people, he depends on only himself and he only needs himself to accomplish his mission in life.

If you want success, REAL success, you have to make your own way. No two ways about it.

Remember these words: self-discipline, self-confidence, self-reliance, initiative, self-sufficiency.

These powerful words are responsible for making a man great and accomplishing great things.

Men who are self-reliant are men who are winners. They refuse to settle for mediocrity, only success.

Learn how to become more self-reliant and you can also become a great man.

How to Be a Great Man: Dress For Success

How you look affects how you feel. This is a simple fact of life.

A man who dresses sloppily like a bum will be treated as such by other people. A man who dresses like a million bucks feels that way, displays confidence which matches how he feels, and is treated with great respect.

How you look affects how people perceive you. I can’t stress this enough. If you want girls to be more attracted to you on the spot instantly, start dressing the same way that an attractive man would dress.

Wear clean clothes, never wear wrinkled shirts or pants, pay close attention to the shoes that you are wearing, etc. (Note: The first thing that a girl usually notices about a man are the shoes that he is wearing, so do not wear any dirty looking shoes because if you do then women WILL reject you instantly on the spot).

Always dress for success. Everyday dress like you are going to a highly important business meeting with high stakes. Dress to impress.

You can tell everything about a person by the way they dress. Successful people care about their image. Unsuccessful people don’t. It is as simple as that. Always dress for success.

How to Be a Great Man: Build a Business

Building a business will teach you more about life than all your schooling and work experience combined.

You will learn how people operate and how they think. You will learn how to push people’s buttons to make them do what you want. You will learn about sacrifice, long-term thinking, and strategic planning.

Not to mention that building a business will also help you build a better financial future for yourself. Eventually you will be able to quit your job and work on your business full-time doing something that you love every day instead of something that you hate.

Not only that, Building your own business will help you develop unwavering confidence in your own abilities. Your confidence level will skyrocket because you have managed to do the ONE thing that most men are unable to do: Work for himself and be his own boss.

Begin making strategic plans to start your own business and then take MASSIVE ACTION and get to work. Because that’s what a great man would do.

How to Be a Great Man: You Must Never Give Up

I saved this one for last because it is the most important. Finding the motivation to succeed and never giving up is what will make or break you in your quest to become a great man and accomplish great things.

“Giving Up” is the reason why so many people fail in life. They try something for a couple of days or maybe even a couple of weeks, and then as soon as things don’t go as they had planned or “hoped”, they immediately quit, throw in the towel, and move on to the next shiny thing that captures their attention.

Having the will power to never give up is the most important thing for becoming successful with women, making more money, and improving yourself for the long term.

If somebody was to ever ask me what is the most important ingredient for becoming successful, I would say 3 magic words to them: Never Give Up.

As a matter of fact, that is the exact advice that Winston Churchill gave to a group of entrepreneurs about a topic dealing with success. He was suppose to give a speech to men and women who traveled miles just to hear him talk. They stood in line, waited hours, and finally they was going to hear Winston deliver a powerful speech about success. And in that speech, he only told them 4 words: Never Give Up. Ever.

Yes, that was the speech and Never Giving Up is what Winston (a man who was successful not only in business but in every facet of life) attributed ALL of his success to: Never Giving Up.

Never give up on your dreams and your goals and you can do anything that you want to do. Yes, you are bound to experience some times of struggle. Yes, you will sometimes want to quit and throw in the towel. But never ever ever give up. That is how you become successful and accomplish great things.

How to Be a Great Man

Notice a common trend about all of the traits of a great man listed above?

They all have to do with improving yourself. That’s because becoming a great man has NOTHING to do with other people. Becoming a great man has EVERYTHING to do with working on yourself.

This means working on yourself and improving yourself daily. This means taking action every day to better your life. This means that you should always be constantly reading and learning new information. This also means that you must put all of the knowledge that you acquire into action.

Becoming a great man is NOT about thinking…. It is about DOING.

So as soon as you are done reading this post, ask yourself:

What can I do today to better my life?

What action can I take today to further me closer to my goals?

Ask yourself these questions, and then TAKE ACTION because that is the only way that you will ever get ahead in life and become a great man.

– Malcolm Thomas

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