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How to Be a Good Lover (and Please Women in Bed)

loverrToday I bring you a topic that we all should love to talk about: pleasing women in bed and keeping them wanting more.

I believe that no matter how much you know, it never hurts to add more to your game and knowledge.

If you don’t have a lot of experience with sex, you’ll find this article mind blowing and you’ll learn a lot of things that will most definitely separate you from the rest of the guys who think they are too good to actually learn a thing or two.

If you’re already great in bed, come along, read and share with us your impressions and your tips. Get ready for some great tips and insights!

Here’s what you are about to see:

·         Women love and want sex

·         Touching like a pro

·         Talking dirty and building anticipation

·         Licking and smelling – your primitive instincts in action

·         Being unpredictable

·         Rough sex

How to Be a Good Lover (and Please Women in Bed)

Women Love and Want Sex

As Malcolm said before, all women are sluts and crave for sex. I believe they love sex as much as (and maybe more than) we men do. Notice how women moan and scream when the sex is good. Watch how they twist their bodies and start not making sense when they are about to come and if you get them to have a multiple orgasm.

They want sex. They want you to lead the interaction toward sex. Women love talking about sex. I have many female friends, straight, lesbian and bisexual. They are all different and have their own preferences and tastes.

But one thing overlaps: their desire for sex and how much they love talking about it. If you’re cool about the topic and women feel comfortable around you, they will share with you their stories and fantasies, things they like, you name it.

The girls you have sex with, for instance, if you’re good enough in bed, if you make the difference, they will share stories about other guys who sucked in bed, fantasies they have, and what they liked most about what you just did to her, without you even asking them.

Bear in mind at all times that women love and want sex. It makes them happy, it’s good for their skin, hair and mood, provided we do a good job and keep them wanting more and more.

Touching Like a Pro

Escalating touch is an art. Women are so sensitive to touch that some guys out there actually say that you should touch women like they were a giant clitoris! Take a minute or two to read about women’s erogenous zones. It will blow your mind!

There are moments to be gentle and moments to be rough. It all depends on what is going on. If you’re having a more romantic time or starting out slow, you should touch gently and then you escalate. There are times where things start out wild, then let the roughness take over!

Regardless, learn to learn about the woman you’re with. Experiment different places to touch, vary the intensity and watch how she responds. I like to touch their arms, back of the neck, legs and back so barely that it is as if they are just feeling the heat coming out of my fingers and hands, slightly touching their skin just enough to make them bite their lips and start dripping wet.

If you guys don’t know how to massage, learn it! It’s gold and virtually every woman loves it! Plus, you can change the intensity of touching all the time, you will make them a lot more relaxed and it will make them see you as different, as a guys who gets them and knows how to touch them. Of course, don’t do it every single time with the same girl…or it will get old and predictable. Instead, give them a sample of your powers and wait until they ask you or surprise them after some time.

Dare! Women like different things and you can discover by daring. Don’t ask for permission, just do it. If she doesn’t like it, it’s her job to let you know. Also, it’s ok to ask where they like to be touched the most, provided you don’t do it like a wimp.

Talking Dirty and Building Anticipation

Never be afraid to talk dirty to a girl! They love it! No matter what they say, it turns them on so much so that it drives them wild in bed.

Say things like: “show me how you suck my cock”,”I love to suck your pussy”, “grab that cock now”, you name it.

I myself have said so many things to many different girls just to find yet another overlap: they love it. The only difference is that for some of these women it was something new that their nice guy  boyfriends never dared to say and it took them a few minutes to adjust. For the others, I always got a kinky smile, or some lip biting as they obeyed my commands.

Talk dirty to them and let them know it is ok for them to do so. Women love saying “bad words” and to be free in bed, as long as the men they’re with creates this intimacy right off the bat.

If that sounds way hard core for you than I suggest you change your views on the matter, because that’s one of the topics women often talk about when they get together and sometimes they will give you feedback on how they love it when you say those things in bed.

Smelling a Girl – Your Primitive Instincts in Action

Women love when you go wild because of them! It makes them feel desired and attractive, makes them feel hot and sensual.

One of the things that I learned while searching for materials about sex and turning women on is the power of smelling a woman. Man…it is powerful, I tell you that!

I’m talking here about really smelling and sniffing a girl. One of your most primitive skills put into action and separating you from the herd!

Try this: when you’re making out, kissing her neck, take a moment to sniff their necks deeply. As you finish it, say something like “I love your smell” as you get ready for another sniff. Try her hair too and tell her hair smells great. She’ll feel things she never felt before because and she’ll melt! Probably you’ll be the first to be doing that to her.

Another variation: sniff her neck (and mean it!), as you finish it, hold her face, look her in the eyes and say you love her smell. If she doesn’t kiss you it’s because she’s in trance, so you go and kiss her. At this point she will probably be soaking wet and then you can proceed to escalating touch. Remember what I said in my last article about “Two steps forward, one step back”.

When you get to her pussy, don’t just go diving there! Hold your horses and take a moment to admire her beautiful lingerie and smell her there as well! Let her know and see that you appreciate being down there, that this not just a chore to you.

Smell her pussy and smile slyly and lick her pussy over her panties.

Remember to be a multi task man: caress her tits as you kiss her pussy, press her thighs as you circle her pussy area with your tongue. As you remove her underwear, lick around her pussy for a while, sniff it, pass your tongue slightly, expose her clit, and open her pussy. She will be bagging for you to start sucking it, that if she doesn’t beg you to fuck her right away. Don’t fuck her now, of course. Not until she has gotten a taste of your licking skills.

Start licking slowly, from top to bottom, in the area between her pussy and anus, her anus (most women love it and go crazy when you do it), expose her clit and start licking it. Forget about some bullshit about “drawing the alphabet with your tongue”. Change the pace and intensity and watch her reactions, if you realize she’s moving a lot, moaning a lot, and giving all the signs she’s loving it, than keep at it. Look at her eyes while you taste her and show her how much you love eating her pussy. Tell her: your pussy is delicious…I can’t stop eating it. Believe me, she’ll love it because she will see that you mean it and that you know what you’re doing.

A side note: Some women will cum while you suck, others need penetration, masturbation, etc. Don’t feel frustrated if you don’t get her to come while you’re eating her. Eating her well, however, makes it a lot easier for her to come later, because women need to be completely relaxed and feeling a lot of pleasure to have an orgasm.

Being Unpredictable

Being predictable in bed is a huge turn off for women. If she already knows you will just repeat every single thing you did the other times, she will be less likely to want to have sex with you.

Some guys actually have this 6 step formula: make out, suck her tits, eat her pussy, have her suck me, proceed to penetration, come.

Don’t be that guy! Be creative and start things differently. Move from one step to another differently. If you usually start eating her, have her suck you before. Stand up on the bed and have her suck you. Tell her to bend over while you suck eat her pussy from behind. Sit behind her and have her sit in front of you, with her back to you. This way you have full access to her tits, you can finger her all the while sniffing her neck, kissing her back and doing all sorts of multi-tasking which women love and crave for.

Say that to her, casually: “let’s do something we’re both good at, at the same time”. Then you put her into the 69 position. Women love spontaneity and unexpected things.

Don’t remove her bra. Say how much you loved it and this time you will keep it on. In fact, don’t remove her panties either. Eat her pussy while you pull her panties to the side. Fuck her while you pull her panties to the side.

Also, you don’t need to be a contortionist and you don’t need to do all the positions known to men in one night. Some female friends of mine actually told me they find it silly and exhausting at times. There’s nothing wrong with old missionary, especially because you can do a number of things with her body while she’s in this position. You can put both of her legs on your shoulders, or just one of them. You can spread her legs, or close them tightly. You can put a pillow behind her back, thus changing the angle. You can tilt her a little to the side.

What does that do to her?

It changes the way you hit her on the inside of her pussy. Depending on how you position her, you hit her differently inside, and she’s the one feeling all of these sweet variations given by you.

When you’re about to cum, tell her you wanna do it in her mouth. Most girls love it and will tell you to go ahead. Otherwise, just take it off of her and cum all over her body, her etc., depending on the position.

Whatever you do, remember to be unpredictable and to spice things up every now and then.

Rough Sex

Many a time, I had my female friends and women I’ve had sex with talk about guys who were to gentle with them in bed. All of them talked about it with frustration and said these guys were too nice and boring.

Women love rough sex, they love to be taken by a dominant man. They love to be ravaged! You read that right my friend!

As I stated earlier in this article, sometimes sex just start out rough. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t make it rough later. Actually, I suggest you make it rough, especially if you want to give women orgasms and sensations they’ve never had before.

Some of them actually said these exact words: “when a man is rough in bed and slap me it makes me fall in love with him.”

Spank her ass, pull her hair, call her names (slut, bitch, kinky, naughty, hot), don’t be afraid! It’s your job to try and hers to let you know if she doesn’t like it. Just be dominant and confident about doing it, don’t ask her permission!

If you read my last article, I mention a 21 year old girl. She had told me that no men would ever slap her in the face. Call me “no men” then! I slapped her in the face when she was moaning and going wild from the sex.

Her reaction: she bit her lips, smiled and returned the slap!

My point is: dare to no end! You have a lot more to win than to lose, plus the risk is minimum if you compare it to the benefits of driving your woman crazy and wanting you more and more.

How to Be a Good Lover (and Please Women in Bed)

I just shared with you things that I’ve learned and tried out myself with many different women.

I only share with you things I have tested, things that work. It is up to you to try them out more than once and adapt them to your reality and skills.

I believe that when we share our experiences and things we have learned, we are actually helping people and saving them time by compacting it in few words.

I hope you found this article useful and that you got something interesting out of it!

Always glad to help you! You are always welcome to share your stories and knowledge!

Thank you Malcolm for all the interesting articles that have inspired and helped so many people in the world!

– Logan

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