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How to Be a Good Debater (and Win Arguments)

Lindsay-Wagner-hot-women-20011311-334-500I can already hear the questions running through your head…

Why the hell are you writing an article about winning arguments and becoming a good debater?

I visit this site to learn things such as how to attract women, develop better confidence, and become a good lover in bed. I do NOT come to this site to learn how to win arguments and become a good debater”.

What the hell is going on?

I almost hesitate to write this article but after reading various comments from multiple readers, this article simply MUST be written. There is no better way to get the point across more clearly.

What inspired this article was reading lots of different comments from a bunch of different people from ALL of the articles that I have written to date. And this simply MUST be said…

Most people (both men and women) absolutely SUCK at winning arguments and getting their point across.

It seems that most people are unable to argue AT ALL. They prefer to simply spout their opinion, ignore all of the facts, and “hope” that other people will somehow just decide to agree with them.

Needless to say, using this form of debating is a very ineffective strategy and gets you the opposite results than what you were actually hoping to achieve.

It is my hope that after reading this article, you will NEVER again make the same mistakes (or arguments) that all of these other people continuously make.

How to Become a Good Debater (and Win Arguments)

Step #1: Shut the Hell Up and Learn All of the Facts

The first step to becoming a good debater is learning how to shut the hell up and learn all of the facts first.

You should NEVER attempt to debate a topic that you lack knowledge or personal experience in. Without possessing knowledge or personal experience to debate a given topic, you stand the chance to be made to look like a personal fool.

Which is most evident in THIS comment left by a female in the article “Why To NOT Pay For Dates

Meredith: HA HA HA HA. This entire article reads as a satire. It’s sad that it’s not. If a guy tried to get me to pay for HIS part of the bill, let alone mine, on one of our first few dates, I would be leaving my portion of the bill on the table and walking out of the restaurant without him. Firfet about a second date or a good night kiss… and SEX?? NO WAY, not with a cheap, girlie man. This is terrible advice!

So she is claiming that EVERY man who she has ever had sex with had paid for her to eat at an expensive restaurant? She has NEVER had sex with a man due to there simply being just mutual attraction?

And then she goes on to say that if a man somehow did NOT have any money on a first date and left her with the bill, she would just walk out of the restaurant.

Does she really believe she can do such a thing and NOT go to jail? She thinks she can just go to any restaurant and get a free meal just because she is a girl?

Also, another question comes to my mind…

How does she actually KNOW that these tactics do not work? Has she personally taken hundreds of different girls on dates and tried to have sex with them? Is she really a closet lesbian?

Again, she could only know that this is terrible advice if she actually TRIED IT or if she was a man. I’m guessing that our little friend Meredith is neither one. She never took hundreds of girls on first dates and tried to sleep with them AND she isn’t a man.

This is the type of arguments that most people make when they visit a site like this. They don’t speak from personal experience or knowledge, instead they speak from how they believe the world “ought to work” or SHOULD work. Which again, is not a very effective debate strategy.

My article on “How to Get Sex On the First Date” is another article that seems to be very popular with the ladies…

Let’s examine THIS comment…

Jane: “Wow, you must pick some really dumb women or that is exactly what they wanted. I would and never have fallen for that game.”

This is such a brilliant comment because part of it is factual and she does not even realize it. Yes Jane, you are correct, there ARE women out there who are looking to have sex with an attractive man and are only after SEX.

But in the sentence before that one, you state that a girl seeking sex is DUMB? I don’t know Jane…

Is it dumb for a girl to want to have sex, listen to her biological urges, and go HAVE sex? Or is it more dumb for a girl to WANT to really have sex but instead LIE to herself, ignore her biological urges, and stay bitter and resentful on the inside?

Also why does 2 human beings who both share a mutual attraction and want to have sex on the first date have to be playing a game? Why can’t 2 human beings who both like each other and want to have sex with each other, be ALLOWED to just have sex with each other?

Again, another comment left by a female commentator that makes absolutely NO sense. And this happens in at least 70% of comments left by visitors. I just don’t have time to personally respond to ALL of them.

How to Win An Argument (and Be a Good Debater)

The lesson in this post is to convey the message that before you (or anyone) attempts to ever argue about a certain topic, you would do yourself a great service by first actually LEARNING extensively about the topic.

I happen to have a great deal of personal experience being a debater. Back in the day when I attended high school, I was always on the debate team. And to me it was FUN, because I got to learn about a bunch of different topics and it taught me how to speak well and remain calm and composed.

All of this helped me greatly when I first started approaching girls wanting to succeed with women.

But this article is not about women or dating. This article is about becoming a good debater, being a good listener, and learning how to argue with FACTS.

If you can do that, then you will avoid making yourself look like a fool in public, on the internet, or anywhere else.

Good luck to your future debates 🙂

– Malcolm Thomas

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