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How to Be a Consistently Happy Man

happy manLet me tell you a little secret: Most successful men are consistently happy men.

You see, most unsuccessful men are constantly bitter, whining, and complaining.

The more successful that you are, the more happier that you are on average. The more unsuccessful that you are, the more inconsistent your happiness levels will be and the more stressful your life will ultimately be.

I am a VERY happy man. I am ALWAYS happy. But not only that, I am a very consistently happy man. But I was not always like this…

Back in my past, I was always very bitter and depressed. I felt lost and my life felt hopeless. My emotions would range from being happy for one moment and then my emotions would immediately shift to downright sadness.

I felt this way because I was not in control of my life and I felt like there was NOTHING that I could do to change the course of my life around.

Eventually I ended up realizing that life is what we make of it and that we all have the choice to live the life that we want. We all make choices, and the choices that we make affects our future results, and we are all ultimately in control of our lives (even though you may not always feel like it).

How to Be a Consistently Happy Man

I am (usually) always happy.


Because I know that I am in complete control of my life. I decide how successful (or unsuccessful) that my day is going to be and my thoughts dictates my actions.

Men who feel depressed and are always feeling down in the dumps don’t feel like they control their life which is why these men experience so many different types of mood swings. They don’t control their life, their life controls them.

And this is a big reason why I NEVER get mad. Why should I?

Why spend all day being mad and complaining about my situation and problems when instead of complaining about my problems I could be out there fixing them. Instead of using all of my energy to be mad or sad, I can use all of my energy to turn my life around, find solutions to my problems, and take massive action.

Why spend all of your days feeling sorry for yourself and whining all day when instead of that you could be out approaching beautiful women, improving your financial situation, and reading new and interesting books and getting smarter.

Why spend all of your days being jealous and hating on other successful men when instead of doing that, you could be reverse engineering their success, learning the traits that helped them become successful, and approaching life with a much better attitude.

Why do so many men voluntarily choose sadness instead of happiness?

Why do so many men choose to complain about their problems instead of simply fix them?

Why do so many men choose to continue working dead end jobs that keeps them broke instead of starting their own business, making themselves rich, and becoming their own boss?

Because all of these men made their choice. They voluntarily and intentionally chose to stay broke and continue living paycheck to paycheck. They voluntarily chose to stay miserable and pity themselves. They willingly choose to spend their days arguing, complaining, and watching TV as opposed to starting their own business, making themselves wealthy, and building something of VALUE.

All of these men made the choice to be a loser (and remain one).

I am here to tell you today that choosing to be a happy man is a choice. Its a simple “Yes” or “No” decision. It’s a choice that YOU make and it’s a choice that ONLY YOU can personally make.

Losers choose to remain losers.

How do I know this?

Because they never take the necessary steps to become winners. Losers settle, get complacent, and then they eventually always end up complaining.

Winners NEVER settle.

Winners are always striving to improve and better themselves. Winners are always seeking ways to make more money, winners are always chasing money as opposed to simply chasing women, winners are always planning ahead in life and doing everything in their power to reach their goals.

Losers quit, Winners keep on persisting.

Losers are always mad and depressed, Winners are always happy and relaxed.

Do you want to learn the secret to becoming a man who is consistently always happy?

Strive to be a winner in life. Strive to keep on improving your financial life, your dating abundance, and your personal life.

Keep yourself looking nice and sharp, get in the gym and continue to build muscle, keep on bettering and upgrading yourself.

And more than anything else, know that you have the choice (and all of the power) to be a very happy and successful man. You have the choice to be a fixer instead of a complainer. You have the choice to be a great man instead of a weakling.

You can choose to make yourself rich and fire your boss.

You can choose to build muscle, burn fat, get jacked, and make a girls panties get wet before you even open your mouth to say something to her.

You can choose to follow unconventional advice, take the road less traveled, and make millions before you reach an old age.

The only thing that can ever hold you back is YOU.

The choice is 100% up to you:

Are you a winner or are you a loser?

– Malcolm Thomas

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