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How to Be a Charismatic Man

how to be a charismatic man Becoming a Charismatic Man is something that can help your approaches and seductions run much more smoothly.

In fact, if you are interested in knowing how to be a charismatic man you will come to realize that with a little confidence, it can be incredibly easy.

Follow the basic guideline below and you can virtually find yourself surrounded by beautiful ladies and success ( and attracting the girl of your dreams ).

You Must Have Confidence to Be a Charismatic Man

Although there IS a difference between charisma and confidence; one cannot have charisma if you are self conscious. Self confidence can help you believe in your abilities and inspire those around you to feel confident as well.

You cannot fake confidence. You have to feel confident. Otherwise it can blatantly show that you are a fraud and you won’t really seem charismatic.

Always try to remain positive, even if you are in a difficult situation. Don’t find yourself always criticizing things; but rather, pointing out and discussing about the things you love.

Remember, always love your self and speak with conviction. However, be sure you are confident, not arrogant. Their is absolutely NO charisma in an arrogant man.

A Charismatic Man Has Good Body Language

You would be surprised by how much a person can read your personality by your stance and body language.

Always move in a lively manner by looking confident and engaged in your surroundings. Always wear a genuine smile and have a sexy and commanding walk. Steady your footsteps, do not stumble around.

Always have a perfect posture; practice in your spare time so that you don’t look like you are trying too hard.

A Charismatic Man Smoothly Compliments His Companions

When you are talking to someone, try to make them feel incredibly special by charming them with compliments and making them feel as if they are the most fascinating and wonderful person in the world.

Begin to show true interest in other people’s lives.

Also, ask more questions about their lives instead of gloating about your own and become a very good listener as well. 

Treat everyone like your equal, even those you aren’t fond of. People watch, so if you are being rude to a foe, people will view you in a very bad light.

A Charismatic Man Has Very Good Humor

Everyone enjoys a witty banter. Cracking jokes and being sarcastic will lighten the atmosphere around you.

People love to laugh and they especially love those who can MAKE them laugh. Although, don’t try too hard to be funny because people will only see you as being socially awkward. 

Learn how to tease girls and get them laughing and opening up to you. Not only that, build getting girls to laugh will allow you to more easily transition to building an emotional connection with them as well, which will make you come across as much more attractive.

How to Be a Charismatic Man (and Attract More Women)

So, if you really are wanting to learn how to be charismatic, follow this simple guideline and you will find yourself charming crowds.

The most important aspect of being charismatic is having self-esteem.

So do what you deem necessary to boost your confidence and you may just end up being the most charismatic person your friends know.

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