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How to Be a Boss Gentleman and Overcome Anxiety Around Women

anxiety nowYou’re Taking Yourself Out of the Game Before it Started.

A lot of the stress men face when approaching women can be attributed to the amount of foreshadowing they do right before the approach.

They plan an entire future involving them and the women they are about to approach, in the blink of an eye.

No interaction with this woman, no idea of what her name may even be but they have already visualized a life and long-term relationship with this woman.

This is what causes anxiety in a lot of men and used to be one of my own personal downfalls. I subconsciously ran through the idea of this girl in front of me being the next “one.” Maybe I even saw her as the very “one.”

Gentlemen, that is pussy shit.

Think about it, you are running the idea of this women possibly birthing your children and meeting your family the SECOND before you approach her. That has ANXIETY written all over it.

How nerve racking is that?

As cool, calm and collected as I consider myself, this gave me bouts of anxiety before I learned better.

If this is how you think, you need to change this, NOW.

You may not even realize that this is how you think but take a step back and analyze your last second reluctance.

During that last second after you have gathered up all your courage to talk to that little hottie, why are you freezing now?

You got too far ahead of yourself.

A simple solution to this last minute resistance is to simply be in the moment. Not in the moment that has you balls deep in your own ego and planning your first child’s name. I could not think of a quicker way to scare a woman.

Be in your moment right there, as it presents itself, while you make your way over to her. You do not even need to know what to say or have a canned routine. Personally, I find canned routines to be played out.

Stop investing in a girl that may be a complete bitch. We all know women in our life who deserve zero attention. We have women in our lives that we have known for years and experienced tons of crazy shit with.

We would have no problem stepping up and speaking our mind and doing what we want with these women but lose our balls when it comes to a complete stranger.

You do not even KNOW THIS PERSON.

Her thoughts, emotions, responses and expectations are completely irrelevant. The women in your life in any facet are lucky to be there, this stranger would be lucky to make the rotation.

That is a boss mindset.

What is the worst that can happen?

A complete stranger tells her complete stranger friends that a guy came up and tried to hit on her?

Good, you boss ass gentleman , you.

– Playboi

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