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How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation

rapingAlright, so enough guys have wanted to know my thoughts and opinion about this subject and so I felt it was time that I finally did talk about it.

And make no mistake about it, this IS a problem that has been running rampant throughout the entire world (and mostly in the United States).

As a matter of fact, many guys have came out and told me that they are flat out SCARED to sleep with girls nowadays just due to the sheer possibility of this happening to them.

Scared of exactly WHAT happening to them?

Getting falsely accused of RAPE, that’s what.

The story and theme usually goes somewhat like this:

Boy meets girl and likes her

Girl meets boy and likes him

Boy and girl both have sex together

Boy wakes up the next morning feeling great about the experience and what he was able to accomplish

A few days (or weeks) later, girl accuses boy of raping her (aka forcing her to have sex with him).

As a result of this happening, boy either ends up in jail or has his ENTIRE reputation DESTROYED and tarnished. Usually he will also get kicked out of whatever school he was attending too.

Let’s face it, it is situations like the one described above that ends up scaring most men about what might happen to them if they ever do sleep with a girl. And sometimes, the thought of being falsely accused of rape can stop a man from ever trying to learn how to seduce a woman and get her into bed.

Well, it is time for me to end this madness once and for all. Today I will show you how to avoid a false rape accusation so that you can feel more confident, better, and safer whenever you manage to sleep with a new girl.

By the time you are finished with this article, you will NEVER have to again worry about a false rape accusation getting thrown or tossed your way.

I Have NEVER Been Falsely Accused of Rape

It’s true. I have never been falsely accused of raping a girl and it is unlikely to ever happen in the future. There is a very specific reason for that.

I always cover all of my tracks, I always give myself some extra protection, and I always keep evidence.

That last part is the clue and the secret ingredient to NEVER getting a false rape accusation thrown your way.

How to Avoid a False Rape Accusation: The Morning After Text

The most important text you’ll ever send to a girl is the morning after text message. This text message is your insurance policy and is meant to help you cover your tracks.

With a whole bunch of girls nowadays being very flaky and flighty it is imperative that you keep “Proof” that a girl and you both had consensual sex.

The truth is, many girls are afraid of getting judged by their friends and other men about sleeping around. Many girls don’t want the whole world to know that deep down inside they are really SLUTS and enjoy having sex. And because of this, some girls will flat out LIE and sometimes, falsely accuse you of RAPE in an effort to protect their reputation.

This is what the morning after text was specifically designed to protect you from. The morning after text is your concrete and explicit PROOF that you and the girl AGREED to have consensual sex and most importantly, that you both WANTED to.

Here is the EXACT text message that you should send to girls the morning after you and her both have sex to prevent a false rape accusation getting thrown your way:

You: I had a lot of fun last night beautiful. What about you?

Her: I had lots of fun too :). We should chill again sometime next week.

Now what you MUST do is get 2 screenshots of both of these text messages. With ONE screenshot showing her phone number at the top of the text message and the OTHER screenshot showing her FULL NAME at the top of that text message.

Next you want to email BOTH screenshots to your email and SAVE it in a specially named folder for all the girls you sleep with. Think of this as your PROOF folder in the special case that you may one day need and have to use it.

If all of this seems like extra work just to sleep with a new girl, well… that’s because it IS. But as they say, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Why Do Girls Falsely Accuse Men of Rape?

Girls will sometimes falsely accuse men of rape for all sorts of different reasons. Like the reason mentioned above, sometimes girls do not want her friends and social circle to know that she likes to sleep around. Girls are all about keeping that perfect reputation among their friends and family.

But sometimes it is equally the guys fault. Many guys do not know how to act after they first sleep with a girl. Sometimes guys will sleep with a girl and then act RUDE to her, kick her out, ignore her, or flat out BRAG to their friends about sleeping with her.

This is not how you should act after you first sleep with a woman. Check out this article if you have to: “How to Leave Girls Feeling Great After Sleeping With You

You should ALWAYS treat a girl with respect after you first sleep with her. And you should always leave a girl feeling better after you left her than when you first found her. You should make a girl feel GREAT about making the decision to sleep with you.

This is how you really avoid getting a false rape accusation thrown your way. You make girls feel special, respected, and cherished. And in the process, doing this make girls WANT to sleep with you again. 

So don’t go bragging about all of the girls you sleep with, don’t disrespect women after sleeping with them, and definitely don’t make a girl feel like a slut.

On top of this, you want to always keep concrete PROOF of your sexual conquests in the form of text messages saved to your email so that should she ever one day decide to falsely accuse you of rape, everyone will know that you and her both had consensual sex.

Do all of these things, and getting falsely accused of rape will be something that you just laugh at.

– Malcolm Thomas

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