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How To Attract Women: The Definite Guide (With Actionable Tips)

The definite guide to attracting any women naturallyThere are many men out there who still struggle with attracting beautiful women into their lives.

These guys lack the ability to overcome approach anxiety. They fear the mere thought of being rejected by a woman which usually causes them to avoid approaching women entirely.

Attracting women is easy. The problem is that most guys make it hard.

Most men make dating and seduction more difficult than it has to be and this is why attracting women is what they consider really difficult.

Attracting women is something that should be effortless. It should be natural. Dare I say it should be easy.

Your Mindset is your greatest asset…

Many men are afraid to approach the women they find attractive because they fear being rejected by those women. This is a terrible mindset to have for various reasons such as…

  • No Guy can “get” every girl no matter how attractive he is. Some women just won’t find you attractive.
  • Being Needy and having to “get” one girl makes you come across as desperate and unattractive
  • And if you’re not getting rejected, then you’re also most likely not getting laid either.

These are just some of the crippling effects that fear of rejection can have on you.

Trust me, I know from experience.

I used to be terrified of approaching women.

I used to have all types of negative thoughts run through my head whenever I spotted an attractive woman whom I wanted to talk to.

And, experiencing these negative thoughts was what held me back from approaching all of the cute women around me.

All types of questions would run through my mind if I even thought about approaching a woman.

What do I say to her?

Will she think I’m a creep?

What if her boyfriend is around nearby and beats me up?

All of these negative thoughts was what clouded my judgment and made it impossible to talk to women.

But, I also knew deep down inside that if I was going to conquer this area of my life and learn how to get women that I would have to first change my mindset and belief system.

I want to arm you with a few tips you can implement to begin attracting more women today.

1. Positive Thinking Helps You Attract Women…

When you go through life constantly hearing negative thoughts that run through your mind, it hinders your growth not only as a seducer but also as a human being.

And, I recognized that the first thing I was going to have to change about myself if I wanted to become more successful with women was going to have to be my mindset. I was going to have to reprogram my mind to think more positively. I rationalized to myself that I had already

I was going to have to reprogram my mind to think more positively. I rationalized to myself that I had already went through life with a negative attitude and it did not get me anywhere.

So, I began to think more positive not about women but life in general. And the moment I began to focus on the brighter side of everything my success and women and life took a turn for the better.

And that’s the first step you must consciously make if you want to learn how to attract more women into your life. You MUST believe that women should enjoy being in your company. You MUST believe that women find you attractive.

You MUST believe that women should enjoy being in your company. You MUST believe that women find you attractive.

Success with women all starts with your mindset. I repeat, success with women all starts in your head. If you don’t view yourself as an attractive guy, then you shouldn’t expect women to either.

The most successful ladies men I know are all guys with great self-confidence and a very positive attitude.

If this advice sounds too cliche well then so be it. Understanding this crucial tip is very important if your goal is to learn how to get women.

2. You Must Be Focused To Attract More Women…

Staying focused on your main objective and goal is crucial if you want to attract women.

What do I mean by focused? Set objectives whenever you leave the house to pick up women. And when I say set objectives, I mean concrete, crystal clear objectives.

For example, if you’re going to a nightclub to pick up women your goal may be to get 2 phone number tonight. Or your goal may be to invite 2 women home tonight.

The goal is to set clear specific goals that you can accomplish and to don’t leave and go home until you do accomplish them.

This will force you to work on your weakness and sticking points and inevitably allow you to meet more attractive women. Remember STAY FOCUSED.

Staying focused is crucial if your goal is to attract more women into your life.

3. You Must TAKE ACTION To Bring More Women Into Your Life…

Nothing happens until you choose to take action(this not only applies to seduction but to your business and career as well).

The guys who experience the most success with women tend to be the one’s who consciously choose to take Massive Action.

What do I mean by taking Massive Action?

Setting aside one day per week to work on strictly picking up chicks. This could be on a Weekday such as Tuesday or it could be on a Weekend such as Sunday.

The point is you dedicate one day a week to learning how to get women.

Until you actively make an effort to learn how to approach women, you will not reach your full potential.

If you want to learn how to become great at basketball you dedicate a couple days a week to playing basketball. If you want to build a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger you must dedicate 2 or 3 days per week to working out.

And likewise, if you want to learn how to pick up women you must dedicate a couple of hours per week to learning how to approach and talk to women. But it all starts with you choosing to take action Today.

4. You need to start approaching lots of women

This tip is crucial for many reasons, the main one being that as a man you always want to have options in your choice of women.

A man with no options is a man with no women. Period.

In case you haven’t already noticed, women are attracted to men who other women want. That means that if you have few or no women in your life, other women will not want to be around you.

What this means if you must begin approaching and interacting with lots of different women.

By doing this you will begin to develop an abundance mentality, date more women, and more importantly, sleep with more women.

5. Recognize the signals that women give you

This is a big one.

Many men still can not notice when a girl is interested in them. Here’s how you tell:

  • She will begin to hover around you and give you a chance and opportunity to speak to her.
  • She will begin playing with her hair and fix her clothes.
  • She will try to make eye contact with you and smile in your direction.

Here’s the truth: Most women will not make the first move. The onus is on you to make the first move, but… women will give you hints and suggestions about whether or not they want you to approach them.

Now if you claim that you don’t get many signals from women, then all that means is that you must work on your fundamentals some more.

This means dressing better, developing better hygiene, fixing your posture, and growing some sexy facial hair.

You must turn yourself into a more attractive man.

Women spend hours working on how they look and developing their sense of fashion. Now it’s time for you to work on yours.

6. Screen out the women who aren’t interested in you sexually or romantically

This is another mistake that most men are guilty of.

They will spend hours and hours talking to a chick who isn’t interested in fucking them.

Warning: Women love to talk.

Women also love attention.

If you’re cool with being a chick’s platonic guy pal and courting her and listening to all of her problems, then sure give her a lot of attention and don’t make a move.

But… for the guys who are interested in having lovers and girlfriends, screen out the women who aren’t interested in you sexually.

This means not beating around the bush when you first approach a woman. This means getting a woman’s phone number and setting up a date quickly. It also means bedding her fast also.

Guys who move slow with women are guys who also don’t get laid. If you ask a woman out and she refuses and shows no sexual or romantic interest in you, here’s my advice: Screen her out and talk to other women.

How To Get Women Attracted Finally…

Becoming a man who can attract women is a skill that most men don’t have.

Most men simply do not have the balls and the willpower to get the woman side of their lives handled. This news should not discourage you but should rather encourage you.

When you begin implementing my advice, you begin to realize that attracting women IS EASY.

Because you have made a conscious effort to become more attractive, women will begin to recognize this.

They will notice that you aren’t “average”. They will sense that you’re not like the usual guys they come across.

You will be different. You will be intriguing.

Women will simply become attracted to you.

It’s only difficult for the guys who don’t have a solid process down yet and are hitting on a woman after woman without working smart.

You can either choose to approach women and to date the smart way or the hard way.

Which way do you prefer?

Tired of being content in your average skills with women? Change that here.

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