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How to Attract Women Non-Verbally Without Even Talking

non-verballyOne of the biggest lessons you are bound to learn during your journey of trying to succeed with women, is that complimenting a girls appearance is a very BAD idea.

You will realize that trying to stroke a girls ego and make her feel good, will LOSE you sex opportunities. And it will make women raise their defensive guard and walls around you.

But why is this?

Shouldn’t complimenting a woman on her appearance be a GOOD thing?

Shouldn’t complimenting a woman’s appearance make her WANT to have sex with you more?

In this article you will learn the answer for why you should NEVER compliment a woman’s appearance and then I will show you systematically how to attract women non-verbally without even talking.

Get ready to learn the SECRETS how to arouse girls using nothing but sexy body language.

Why Complimenting a Woman’s Appearance is Always a Very Bad Idea

When you compliment a woman on her appearance, you instantly give ALL your power away.

But not only that, whenever you compliment a girl on her appearance, you instantly place yourself into a box of every other typical horny guy who is desperate and wants to have sex with her.

When a girl is young and she hears a man compliment her it is very flattering and original. But by the time a girl reaches the age of 19 (and usually MUCH younger than that) she has already heard 9,500 other men compliment her on her appearance and tell her she was “pretty”.

So whenever you spot a cute girl and tell her that she looks hot or is pretty, you are shooting yourself in the foot and literally telling this girl that you are just like every other guy.

Which will definitely make her reject you.

Never compliment a woman’s appearance. I cannot stress this rule enough.

Doing so only causes the women you like to play more harder to get, test you more, and lowers your value in their eyes.

So if you aren’t allowed to compliment a woman’s physical appearance, what can you do instead to attract them to you and reveal your sexual intent?

How to Attract Women Non-Verbally Without Even Talking

Obviously complimenting a woman’s appearance is a very BAD idea but you probably already knew that I would not leave you hanging dry. So how we will sub-communicate our attraction to women is non-verbally.

That is, letting women know that we like them and want to have sex with them without flat out coming out and directly SAYING IT.

And sub-communicating your attraction to women in this manner is very attractive to women for all kinds of different reasons.

Displaying non-verbal interest flat out works MUCH better.

It is ambiguous. She doesn’t 100% KNOW that you’re into her sexually or romantically which means that she can maintain that uncertainty, which is VERY attractive.

Telling a woman she’s beautiful is EASY. Any man can do that.

Actually SHOWING a woman that you find her beautiful and attractive is a completely different thing and it takes MUCH more balls and courage. Not every man can do that. 

Most women already KNOW that you find them attractive and want to have sex with them anyway. Girls are not stupid. Why else would you ask for her phone number or go out on a date with her?

What do all women want? Validation and attention.

Complimenting a woman’s appearance gives her BOTH and after that she has no use for you.

Now that I have listed the various reasons for WHY displaying non-verbal interest works much better than the alternative, I will show you how to actually ATTRACT women non-verbally without even talking.

Techniques You Can Immediately Use to Attract Women Non-Verbally

First off, read the article “How to Get Sex on the First Date Every Time” if you haven’t already. That article gives you a blueprint on how to achieve sex on the first date almost every time WITHOUT relying on verbally complimenting a woman.

Here are some other techniques and strategies that you can begin using to attract women non-verbally…

Master Strong Eye Contact

You can tell a lot about a person by paying attention to their eye contact.

The key to developing great eye contact is to hold eye contact for a little bit longer than the other person (usually the girl).

Doing this communicates strength, confidence, and poise.

Think about something that you saw or heard that you found very amusing, and then whenever you’re making eye contact with a girl, just think about that.

This technique works like gangbusters.

Develop Great Body Language

If you’ve been reading this site for any length of time then you probably already KNOW how often I stress the importance of displaying powerful and sexy body language.

When you walk around displaying sexy and appealing body language, you allow yourself to attract women wherever you go.

There are some things that women find universally attractive, and powerful, sexy body language is simply one of those.

You could be in Asia, North America, Africa, or wherever. The man who displays attractive and sexy body language, is the man who women are going to find insanely ATTRACTIVE.

Basic Grooming and Style

You can tell a lot about a man and how he feels about himself based on how well that he dresses and grooms himself.

The rule is simple: Dress better than every single man and you’re sorted.

There have been MANY style and grooming articles written on this site. Here is a list of just a few:

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These articles should help to get your fashion, style, and grooming on point.

Lift Weights and Work Out

Listen to me, lifting weights is not only good for your health, it also helps you attract women indirectly.

All women love strong men. This is simply a FACT.

All women love masculine men. This is also simply a fact.

Women are magnetically attracted to REAL men. Guys who are going places in life and are not afraid to go after and get what they want.

Lifting weights and working out regularly will not only cause you to look much more attractive and sexier, it will also help you to develop great posture, walk more confidently, and become better disciplined.

Working out and lifting weights will help to improve ALL aspects of your life. From your looks and appearance right down to your body language and self-esteem.

Here are just a few articles to help you improve your results at the gym:

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Read these articles, implement what they teach you, and you will undoubtedly build the body of your dreams.

How to Attract Women Non-Verbally Without Ever Talking

Attracting women is less about what you say and more about what you do.

Never compliment a woman and give all of your power away. Instead show a girl that you find her attractive and sexy through your actions.

Taking action is what separates the winners from the losers. It is what separates the wimps from the warriors.

Stop trying to impress women, flip the table, and make women try to impress you. 

– Malcolm Thomas

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