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How to Attract Women in Less Than 10 Minutes

ten minutesToday I would like to let you in on a SECRET I use to get girls INSTANTLY attracted to me in less than 10 minutes!

You see, in my search to become a professional seducer, I stumbled upon many self improvement websites, gurus and even pickup artists.

After all the research and trial and error, I came up with my own PERSONAL FORMULA, to attracting hot attractive women who I once believed were OUT OF MY LEAGUE!

What am about to share with you is some POWERFUL STUFF, which has the power to make ANY woman fall head over heels in love with you!

If I find out the information in this article has been used for ill intentions then Malcolm will pull this article off the blog!

The following is a series of articles that will continue IF I receive positive feedback from you.

Ok, let’s get started:

How To Get A Girl To Fall For You in 10 Minutes Flat

Step 1: BREAK the Emotional Connection!

Yes you heard that right!

Most people who approach women will be seeking to create rapport, so you doing the same thing will make you look like John or Larry.

In short ‘same old, same old’.

If you opt to BREAK rapport, you will set yourself apart as a rare, attractive man who is in HIGH DEMAND!

Here is an example of how YOU can BREAK RAPPORT!

Kate: … Am a teacher. I work at St. Peter’s Nursery School.

Dean: YOU WIPE BUTTS FOR A LIVING!! Wow you’re brave, I’ll give you that! (with a wink)

I know, not what you were expecting.

To get the most out of it then you have to NAIL the deliver.

You’re breaking rapport in order to CREATE it.

But be careful, you don’t want to come off as a jerk!

Step 2: Pull her Into YOUR Reality!

From now on instead of you trying to attract women let them ATTRACT YOU!


Let’s first start with how this is going to help you?

By not trying to attract women you put it in her head that you are a high value man who has an ABUNDANCE MENTALITY!

Women love men who are in high demand and they will literary kiss your ass if they think that will help them get laid by you!

This is EXACTLY what you want!

Don’t go pouring out your feelings for her like cat’s milk!

By doing that you give her the upper hand, it’s like handing over the keys to the Ferrari!

You want to be the dominant man taking control of her and steering the relationship!

By her trying to attract you she hands over the steering wheel to YOU!

And I am sure that you understand that by doing this, all roads will eventually lead to your bedroom! 😉

Step 3: Boomerang Her Emotions

I am assuming you have played with a boomerang and if not you have seen someone play with it on TV!

Women love fun, and they get bored really fast if you are too predictable and well… BORING!

So, what you need to do is ‘Boomerang her emotions’!

Keep her on her toes and confuse her a little 😉 (it works trust me)

Think of it this way; the more comfortable she get’s in the conversation then the more likely you are LOSING her interest.

I’ll give you an example…

Kate: I know, (brief pause) I am crazy right? I totally could have been busted!

Dean: You seem like a crazy and fun girl, you’re good girlfriend material! (Boomerang in hand)

Kate: Oh, really?

Dean: but, I don’t think you’re a good fix for me (throwing Boomerang)

Kate: Ow … 🙁

Dean: Coz I’ll probably get you busted next time 😉 (Boomerang back in hand )

You brought her close, pushed her away, planted the idea of her being your girlfriend in her subconscious mind, in short you ‘boomeranged’ (I don’t know if that’s a word 🙂 ) her emotions.

Step 4: Destroy Her Social Conditioning

Do you know why many men will wait up until the third, maybe sixth date with a woman before trying anything physical?

It’s because society tells him to do so.

Society creates a nice pretty box and puts you inside. It tells you not to scratch the walls of the box and live by its rules.

That is, go work a 9-5 job, get a woman and if you aren’t handsome or wealthy then settle for what you can get, get married, have kids and be happy.

Guess what?


The worse part is that even women are under this spell!




she probably won’t because society will tell her she is too easy or worse, a SLUT!

How do you DESTROY her social conditioning?

By good observation of her, you will be able to make some truthful remarks like,

“Why is it that your pupils pulpate every time something nasty escapes my lips?”


“You seem like a sweet innocent girl, but I see the devil in your eye.”

What you’re trying to do is lay down expectations for her, so that her mind will FORCE HER to take action so that she can prove herself to you!

By complementing this with the previous three steps, then suddenly…

kiss after 10 minutes of the approach or sex after the first date, isn’t so crazy after all!

-Dylan Simeon

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