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How to Attract Women Fast and Easily

uncle Okay guy’s you may not have the big muscles, the car, the clothes and, you’re worried women won’t find you attractive. 

You get approach anxiety and wouldn’t dare try to start a conversation  with that attractive woman at the bookstore. 

Some days you don’t even want to leave the house because you think approaching women is stupid and pointless.  

You’ve received some bad advice such as “Just be yourself” or “Just be friends with women”. 

You’ve tried changing your style multiple times and STILL haven’t gotten results. 

Let’s review what women find most attractive in men and how to attract women step by step.

How to Attract Women Fast and Easily: Step-By-Step

1.  The most important thing when it comes to bringing beautiful women into your life is having your own life. 

Women hate it when they first meet a man and he tells her he’s looking for someone to complete his life. He comes off as a guy who doesn’t know what he wants out of life.  

Women like when a man have something else going on in his life. Yes, women like being the center of attention at times, but they don’t want to the center of attention at ALL times.

2.  Be warm, you may have had a terrible day at work, but if you’re able to smile about your life then women will find that attractive. 

Women like men who know how to laugh and smile, I’m not saying be a goofball like Jim Carrey, be more like Robert Downey Jr.  

Think James Bond, he may be serious at times, but he still laughs in the face of danger: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LE1evIbc3mw   

Women like a man who can give them a sexy smile and be charming. They love it when a man can pull them in and make them feel special. 

This means that your opener must be unique and make the woman feel special. Along with this remember to be fun and playful. You don’t have to or want to come off as a goofball. Too much fun with land you in the friend zone.   

However make eye contact and give sexy and flirty smiles over her way. Remember to be to receptive to what the woman is actually saying during the conversation.

3. Listening plays a huge part during conversation because otherwise how would you know how to respond to her. Women complain constantly that men just don’t how to listen. This why women find listening so attractive because it’s so rare to find a man who actually knows how to listen properly.  

Now listening isn’t just nodding your head and saying “Yes dear, sounds good, cool” you’ll come off as robotic. That’s when women will give men a test and say “Well, what did I just say?” Then you’ll look stupid because you weren’t actually listening to them.  

Now  let me help you guys out here, just repeat back some bits of what the women says back to her.  

Example:  Repeat

Girl:   And that’s why I’m here in Houston?

Dave: So basically you ended up in Houston to get away from your friends and family to get a new start, and find your own place in life.

Girl: Yes, that’s pretty much it.

Dave: You know what?

Girl: What?

Dave: I really admire how bold you are to want to seek your own life and live for yourself rather than other people.

Girl: Wow! Thanks!

Notice in my example, I repeated KEY points of her story back to her to make that sure she understood that I got the message. Next instead of just saying “Cool” and letting the conversation fade off, I gave her a genuine conversation about how I felt about her. 

Women already know men want to sleep with them, but they want to feel like a person rather than a piece of meat. Women want to feel like you understand them and have a genuine interest in getting to know them.  Women want feedback from you during a conversation. 

This means asking them questions and making comments. Women aren’t looking for a man to solve their problems when they talk to you. They want to vent and be heard.

Don’t over compliment! Women already have orbiters and guy friends who tell them how wonderful and pretty they look in their regular day to day life. She’s not going to be impressed if you say it because she’s heard it all before. They also have sleazy guys who come up to them and tell them how nice her ass is or how big her breasts are. Women hate this even more because they want a guy who wants them for more than just their bodies. 

Now what you could do is give a genuine compliment like I did in the example above. Now what you have to remember is to give women compliments when they’re deserved. You don’t want to give a woman a compliment if she’s not being receptive to you. 

Think about it simlar to you having a puppy. You’re not going to give a puppy a treat for peeing on your floor. Therefore don’t give a woman a compliment if she’s busting your balls and being difficult. Otherwise you just look weak and come off as a chump.

Now during conversation with women you SHOULD be a challenge to women and not talk too much. You want to keep the conversation on her and lead the conversation. Make it interesting for her, ask her about her childhood and find out what she cares about. You want to get her telling you all about her, and get her heavily invested in you. 

You need to ask her questions to build an emotional connection to set you apart from the other guys. Women will let you get in their pants if they feel like you understand them. They also enjoy it when you’re honest about your intentions. Women hate when men are insecure.

4.  Be bold and touch her, it’s extremely weird when two people find each other attractive and don’t touch each other. It fills the atmosphere with awkwardness so you must break that barrier. 

Sit close to her, stand next to her, and fill the void between you. When you are close to her, tell her how her perfume smells.  You need to touch her in a way that’s sexually exciting and liberating to her. 

Like I discussed in my article “How to Touch Women (and Make Them Horny)”, touch her during the high points of conversation. Don’t touch her in a creepy way, make the touch appear natural. Keep the touch fun and light, women are sensitive to touch so you don’t have to forcefully touch them.    

When you get her alone with you romantically touch her. Now women love to be touched, and they are more sensitive to touch than men are. Women will find you much more attractive if you touch them.

Along with this you must also make your attraction known. Not only through your words but also your actions. Women love when a man is confident in himself and admits to liking a woman. 

The context of confidence when it comes to dating centers around knowing you have the ability to make girls (and people in general) like you. When women and men say “Be Confident” they want a man to be sure of himself. This relates back to a man being a leader and being strong. They want a man who’s not afraid to find out information and doesn’t wait around for it to simply fall into his lap. They don’t want a man who speaks softly and hesitates to make a move on them. They want a man who goes after whatever it is he wants.

5. Leading and Sexy Body Language: Women love when men show confidence in their body language, by not slouching or fidgeting. You should be standing straight up with your neck parallel to the ground. You also don’t want to walk stiff or robotic, let your arms sway slightly as you walk. You’ll come off as more relaxed and confident. Look at old John Wayne movies or male runway models for examples of a manly walk.  You need to be able to have a sexy smile, walk, and posture.  

Now you must be able to lead and direct women because they are constantly looking to you for guidance. This is why they ask you “Where are we going, What do you want to do, etc . . .”, women hate the leading role. It’s not their natural role, and they hate being forced to lead men. They like it when men have direction and know what he’s doing. This comes down to making a move and making things happen. 

Yes, women will test you because they want to make sure you’re a strong man with direction. Otherwise a woman won’t want to be bothered with you in a romantic sense. They need a man who they feel can protect them.  Real men don’t wait for things to happen, they make things happen. They’re not afraid of rejection and approaching a woman.

How to Attract Women Fast and Easily

There are many different qualities that women find attractive, you have to blend yourself into a sexy man day by day. 

You have to learn to listen better, touch women in exciting ways, and lead the interaction. 

Women love when a man can sweep them off their feet. A sexy man with a great smile can accomplish this by being warm and receptive to women. 

Begin really taking the time to understand women and learn about how unique and special that they are and YOU will also be able to attract women fast and easily and without really even trying at all.

– Just Dave

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