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How To Attract Girls: The Guide

How To Attract GirlsLearning how to attract girls is something millions of men all across the world struggle with. And truthfully, that is sad.

With all of the millions of pretty single women walking this planet, you would think that taking the time to learn how to attract a girl would be something most men would put the most “work” and “effort” into.

When I first began learning how to attract girls, I didn’t know what actually caused a girl to become interested in a man. 

I didn’t know what caused a girl to chase and pursue a man. I didn’t even know what to do (and the right steps to take) if a girl was attracted to me.

Thankfully you won’t have to go through all of the struggles and frustration that I went through in my journey of learning how to attract girls because I have written for you today, the most in-depth article on how to attract and bring beautiful women into your life.

How To Attract Girls: What You NEED To Know…

Before I begin sharing with you all of my secrets and techniques on how to attract a girl, there are a few basic guidelines you NEED to know if you hope (and plan) to become successful at attracting women. They are…

  • Attraction is something that a woman subconsciously feels, it has nothing to do with “logic” because attraction happens on a purely “emotional” level
  • You can NOT make a girl who is uninterested in you sexually or romantically BECOME interested in you sexually or romantically
  • Attraction is NOT about making a woman “like” you, being “nice” to women, or being a “gentleman”

These are what I consider the 3 biggest “myths” about attracting girls that most men are guilty of having. Below I will explain to you why and how believing these 3 terrible “myths” can destroy your chances of ever attracting a girl into your life.

A Girl Has To Feel Attraction In Order To Be Attracted…

Possibly the #1 biggest thing most men do wrong when trying to attract a girl, is trying to attract girls from a logical perspective and point of view. That is they try to attract girls by using logic instead of emotion.

How do most men go about trying to attract girls?

They brag about what type of job that they have, or how much money they make, or what kind of car that they drive.

This doesn’t work.

How much money you make does NOT cause a girl to become attracted to you, and likewise the type of car that you drive also does nothing to attract girls.

Remember this: You Can NOT Attract A Girl Using Logic. That Doesn’t Work.

How do you attract a girl if you can’t use logic?

You attract girls by speaking to their emotions.

I will explain in greater detail how to do that below, but first let’s continue destroying the most common “myths” that most men have about how to attract girls.

Is It Possible To Attract Any Girl That You Want?

I know you would love for me to say that “Yes, you can attract and seduce any woman that you want” but I would rather not try and insult your intelligence. 

No Man Can Get Any Girl He Wants. 

There will always be a certain group of women who will not be attracted to you. Always.

Even Brad Pitt can’t get any girl he wants. There will always be some girl out there who is not attracted to Brad Pitt. Maybe he just isn’t “her type”, maybe she isn’t physically attracted to his looks, maybe she doesn’t like the way he dresses.

The point is there will always be women who are not attracted to you just like there will always be women who are not attracted to Brad Pitt or George Clooney.

Hearing this news shouldn’t discourage but should rather encourage you because…

While It Is Not Possible To Get Any Girl That You Want, It IS Possible To Date, And Sleep With Any Kind Of Girl That You Want

All you have to do is find out what it is that attracts a “type” of girl that you like, and then go BECOME that man.

In addition it is foolish to waste precious time pursuing and chasing women who are NOT interested in you sexually or romantically instead of focusing your time, energy, and your efforts on pursuing the women who ARE interested in you sexually and romantically.

Now, let’s continue destroying these terrible “myths” that most men have about attracting girls…

“Making Girls “Like” You And “Being Nice” And A “Gentleman” is the KEY To Attracting Girls”

Yep, this one is a myth also. Perhaps the biggest myth that most men believe to their great detriment.

Here’s the truth: Trying to get girls to “like” you, and “being nice” to a woman, and being a “gentleman” does NOT create attraction in a woman. In fact, doing these things most of the time destroys attraction.

As I said in the post on “Why to NOT Pay For A First Date”, trying to “impress” women, buy them gifts, and throw compliments in their direction does NOT attract a girl. It only makes them think less of you.

The reason “nice guys” finish last all of the time is because they constantly shower women with so much attention that she never worked for or earned. Most guys think that this is the key to attracting girls, but they are wrong.

Subconsciously, women read this as “Wow, he doesn’t know anything about me at all and he’s already buying me things and giving me all of this attention, he must be desperate”.

And truthfully, she is right. Only a guy who IS desperate tries to “buy” a woman’s attention, give her compliments that she did not earn, and try to “impress” her without knowing anything about her. A true “Alpha Male”, A guy who actually gets laid and has plenty of options would never do such a thing.

A guy who actually has “options” doesn’t try to “impress” women, instead he qualifies women and gets them trying to “impress” him.

A guy who actually “gets laid” doesn’t buy a girl a bunch of gifts or pay a girl a bunch of compliments until she’s “earned it”.

A guy who’s “The Prize” doesn’t pay for dates, and instead gets girls chasing and pursuing him.

So yeah, trying to get women to “like” you, trying to “impress” them, or being a “gentleman” isn’t the secret to attracting girls.

But Then What Is?

How To Attract Girls: The ONE Secret That You Didn’t Know…

There is a secret that most men do not know about attracting girls and not knowing this ONE secret is why most men FAIL at attracting girls.

The reason why most men fail at attracting girls is because most men try to attract girls with words. Most men (falsely) believe that the key to attracting girls is saying the right thing, having the perfect pick up line, or memorizing the best opener.

NONE of these things will help you attract girls. Focusing on saying the right thing or saying the perfect opener has nothing to do with attraction.

What does have something do with attraction?

Focusing On How You Come Across…

Earlier in this article I stated that the key to attracting girls is by speaking to her emotions and focusing on how you come across to women is how you actually talk to her emotions.

And words have nothing to do with it. What does have something to do with it is

  • The body language that you exude 
  • The tone of your voice 
  • The speed at which you talk
  • The way that you walk,
  • How you touch her  
  • How she feels when she is around you 
  • The emotions that you cause her to feel while she’s talking to you.

Perception Is Reality…

And how you make a woman view you and the emotions that you are able to make her feel while she’s speaking to you is what she will remember most when she thinks about you.

That means this:

You want to come across as a cool, confident, charming guy who is able to make great conversation with a woman and have her talk about her past, her future, what she values most about in life and finds interesting, what she’s afraid of, her passion, her childhood.

You want to bring out her feelings and get to the bottom of who she is as a person and what she values and considers the most important about life.

Most men don’t do any of this. Most men speak to women in a logical manner and ask boring questions like:

“What do you do for work?”

“What do you like to eat?”

“How long have you been working at that job?”

Boring… Is it any wonder most of these guys don’t know how to attract a girl?

You can’t attract girls using logic, you simple can’t.

You attract girls by speaking to their emotions and by focusing on how you come across.

How To Attract Girls

Most men will continue going through life trying to say the right things to a girl, master the “perfect routine”, get girls to “like” them, but all of these men will continue to fail at attracting girls.

Attracting girls is not about the words you use, it’s about how you make a girl feel.

Attraction has nothing to do with logic, it has everything to do with emotion.

This is why guys who go around trying to read and learn “pickup lines” and “routines” still fail and why guys who are “naturals” and focus on bringing out the good feelings in women always succeed.

It’s because these guys (the naturals) know exactly what it is that turns a woman on, what it is that makes a girl tick, and exactly what it is that causes a girl to become attracted to them.

– Malcolm Thomas

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