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How to Ask a Girl Out (and Get a “Yes” Every Time)

asking You guys want to know a secret: I don’t ask girls out on dates, but I still go out on a lot of them. 

A lot of you guys are probably scratching your heads right now trying to figure out how that’s even possible. 

The thing about “asking” a girl anything is that you’re asking her for permission. She becomes confused, “Why is he asking for my permission to take me out?” 

She begins thinking that she had you all wrong and that you’re not really a strong and powerful man after all.   

When you ask a girl out, you force a girl to make a logical decision. 

You force her to evaluate whether you’re worth her time or not. 

Then a lot of guys get told “no”, and they’re left scratching their heads. They begin questioning if the girl was really into them or not. 

The thing is the girl probably was into you, but you went about asking her out in the wrong way.

Let’s start with the most common phrase, “Will you go out with me?” This has been heard in so many movies, TV shows, songs, etc . . . Here’s the problem, it sounds way too formal! 

The generic image of “dinner and a movie” come to mind. With that said it sets a standard of a romantic date. Girls begin thinking that you’re interested in them as a potential girlfriend.  

When woman start thinking you want them as a girlfriend, they will put the brakes on sex. The reason being is that women want to fulfill your expectations.  

They believe you want them to be a “good girl”. The “good girl” is the girl who’s going to sleep with you first night. You want to bring out a woman’s naughty side.  The “Will you go out with me?” doesn’t make women want to drop their panties.  

Now if you have a hard time believing this, please recall every time you used this line. Think deeper into how many times you have actually slept with a woman on the first date using this line. Needless to say it’s not a panty dropper. More to it than that, a lot of guys pick the wrong times to ask girls out.

Guys will wait weeks, months, and sometimes even YEARS before ever asking a girl out on a date. You may feel attracted to a woman for a long time, but her attraction fades the longer she’s known you WITHOUT sleeping with you. 

This is why I encourage guys to move fast and not to wait too long before ever asking a girl out. Because the more longer you wait to ask a girl out, someone else will have already asked her out.  

“He who hesitates is lost” – Joseph Addison.  

There’s nothing worse than letting an opportunity pass right by you. This is why women place men in the friend zone.   When you don’t act upon a women’s hints, she believes that you aren’t attracted to her. She will have moved on to someone who actually understands her hints. 

This why when you do try to ask girls out after their initial attraction has faded you get rejected.  They become confused and say that you’re playing games with them.

 Now some of you guys may be wondering when the right time is. The right time to suggest a meet up is during a high point in the conversation.

Example 1: Meet up at a later date

Sarah: *just finished telling story*

Dave: Wow, you never took as the type of person to do something like that.

Sarah: Oh really?

Dave: Yeah, but I have to get going soon.  Let’s meet up in a couple days so I can learn more about you.

Sarah:   Yeah that sounds good.

Dave: Awesome, let me grab your number *gives her phone to put number in*

Sarah: Cool

Dave: Alright so you mentioned you were free in the afternoon right?

Sarah: Yeah right after 5.

Dave: Cool, so let’s meet up at this place around 6.

Sarah:   Sounds good to me

Dave: Perfect, I’ll see you then *exit Dave*

Notice in my example I didn’t ask the girl out in a formal way. I just suggested a meet up, when you say “Let’s meet up” it comes off as very assertive.  

You can also say “We should meet up”, but then you’re going to want to state your reason like I did. You don’t want to make yourself sound desperate or needy either. Remember you want to leave a girl with a “I want you but don’t need you” feeling. 

Now my statement works because I mentioned I wanted to learn more about her. I’m clearly stating my interest in this woman. This lets the woman know I’m not interested in her romantically but in a casual way. This takes a lot of pressure off of her now because I’m not expecting her to be a “good ” girl. 

Also in the example above, I suggested a meet up after she told me some things about herself. I established an emotional connection  with her. 

When you meet a girl you want to make crystal clear what your intentions with her are. Women love when a man is honest and knows how to get what he wants.   

I get results because I don’t ask girls out, I suggest we meet up. When people suggest things they normally sound like they know what they’re talking about. When you ask something you tend to come off as unconfident. 

Now there is also something known as a “yes” ladder that you can try too.

Example 2 : Yes ladder

Dave:  So Jen, you like ice cream right?

Jen: Yes.

Dave:  And you like getting ice cream right?

Jen: Yes

Dave: And you’re free this afternoon right?

Jen: Yes

Dave:  Then we should get ice cream this afternoon right?

Jen: Yes! of course!

If this looks easy that because it actually IS. 

Now in my example above, I used a yes ladder to get the girl to go out with me. I asked her some trivial questions that she would say yes to. Then I ended the game suggesting that we meet up, and it worked. All because I phrased it around something she liked and she was also feeling my vibe. 

Now you don’t want to make your request too demanding. You want it to be something fun and light. A lot of times girls are just looking for some fun. When you come off as a fun guy women will want to spend time with you and go out on dates with you. 

Now you don’t want to make the dates too fun early on.  You want the date simple enough that it’s not officially even a date. 

I mean ice cream or coffee dates can lead back to your place easier than dinner and movie dates. The reason is because ice cream or coffee dates don’t take several hours. You can grab coffee and chat with a friend in about 30 minutes. Most movies run roughly about an hour and 30 minutes. 

When women are considering going out on a date with you they think of the amount of effort and time consumption. 

How to Ask a Girl Out

Now let’s review:

Don’t make asking a girl out a big deal because it’s NOT a big deal. 

Don’t force women to fit into a “good” girl mold or that you’re after a relationship. Do ask a woman out as soon as possible though, this way she’ll know you’re interested. 

Remember to keep dates fun, simple, and light. Be a leader and suggest meeting up rather than asking. It’s okay to ask her schedule and what times work best for her, be considerate.

Remember when asking a girl out to be sure of yourself and avoid stumbling over your words. The more confident you are in your words, the more likely she is to go out with you. 

Asking out girls is easy and isn’t a scary task. Remember to have fun and keep it simple. Make it sound like something casual and you’ll be fine.

– Just Dave

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