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How to Approach Women: The Right Mindset is Key

approach womenWhen approaching a woman, most men will try to figure out the perfect pick up line or the perfect joke to make her laugh; forget all that.

The ONLY thing that matters when you are approaching women, is that you have the right mindset.

Women can sense when you are being fake and what you are saying is not exactly what you are thinking.

When you say a pick up line to a girl it sounds fake and it says you don’t have the courage to be who you truly are.

You must believe in yourself if you want to succeed with women. Trusting your abilities as a man and who you are as a person is ALL you need to succeed with women.

I never use pick-up lines or anything that may come off as creepy; most of the time all you need is a smile and a hi.

Trusting yourself and your abilities to seduce a woman is exactly what “game” is.

Before, when humans did not have computers or any electricity, there were always seducers.

There was no secret way to get women or to excel in social situations. Most of you guys reading this article may wonder; how did they do it then?

You don’t need to be taught seduction and the ability to talk to women when you already have it. There is no point in learning something that you already know.

Men and women have natural urges to bang each other’s brains out so there is no need to learn all these complicated methods and techniques to sleep with a girl;

its time consuming and really gets you stuck in your head. How do you think men had sex with multiple women in the stone ages when there were no methods and barely any languages?

How do you think “naturals” do it?

One thing all natural born seducers all have is a good mindset.

Whenever you have confidence in yourself it shows through your body language. If you observe an alpha, you will notice that he stands very upright with a proud look on his face.

There are also some alphas that fit the bad-boy category. The difference between these two is that the normal alpha will be confident without being a cocky asshole, while the bad-boy will make sure everyone knows who the alpha is in the room.

The cocky alpha will usually have a smirk on his face and will usually resort to insults and cocky funny humor; he is usually considered a douchebag.

The real alpha will have a warm smile and will usually give out genuine compliments; he is known as a charmer but he’s not to be considered a pushover.

The main thing both of these alphas possess is extraordinary body language. That is what makes them naturally good with women.

Since game is mostly subconscious, body language just puts subconscious thoughts into the girl’s mind.

The reason why some men are really successful with women without even knowing about the pick up artist community is because of their body language.

Body language is a result of the proper mindset when it comes to succeeding at life in general; there is no right or wrong mindset.

Some men have a mindset of being first and competing for the first place prize but some don’t mind coming in 2nd or 3rd. But the men who crave the spotlight of being first are usually the alphas and the runner ups are usually the betas.

Remember, betas also get laid in their lives but not as often as the alphas. But since everyone wants to get laid, why aren’t the betas getting laid as much as the alphas?

The reason for this is because being an alpha male is extremely tiring and requires HARD WORK.

Most alphas spend many years perfecting their craft so their confidence develops not only in what they specialize in but also in their general life. Their mindset now becomes “I have conquered this, what’s going to stop me from perfecting myself in other areas of my life”.

Body language is not only about your posture and how you move your body; it also involves a lot of facial expressions.

Whenever a confident man talks to someone, the man will hold strong eye contact. This may appear threatening if done wrong (constantly staring the other person down) but if the confident man breaks eye contact a few times to release the tension and take pressure off the other person, it becomes welcoming and comforting.

To me, eye contact with a girl turns me on more than any movement or action she may do.

People who have the right mindset usually end up with the perfect amount of eye contact when they talk to someone; all of this happens subconsciously because of their mindset.

When I go out with the mindset of ‘I am god, bow down before me’ and if a girl insults me my mindset is ‘Your opinion of me is not worthy because you are not worthy’, at that moment everything that comes out of my mouth is instant gold.

People are constantly stressing about the perfect line or how to make people laugh when they haven’t fixed up their mindset first. Once you fix your mindset, you will not have to worry about what you say because it is congruent with your confident mindset; congruence is what allows you to get away with what you say.

Now your mindset and your frame may not be really strong the first time you approach women but the more you approach women, the stronger it will get.

You can start strengthening it by listing down all the accomplishments and the things you are on your way to accomplishing. After this you read them out to yourself and actually absorb and believe that those things are who you are. Now go deep down, really deep, and ask yourself, “Am, I confident?”

Now the answer must be true and not something that you are supposed to believe. Everyone will tell you that you are supposed to be confident so your answer will automatically be “I am confident”, but look deep inside you and find the answer.

Confidence ultimately comes through acceptance.

– Flamingace

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