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How to Approach Women in the Daytime

daygameYou step out of your house in the daytime to go to the gym because you made a commitment to get yourself into shape.

On your way to the gym, you go to the supermarket to do some quick grocery shopping.

While you are in the supermarket getting what you need, you notice an attractive woman with an extremely sexy body.

And that’s not all, you ALSO notice that she has beautiful long hair, she is wearing some sexy, revealing clothes, and she has a smile that is very warm and vibrant.

You say to yourself “Man I wish I had the balls to approach her”, and then you say to yourself “But even if I DID have the balls to approach her it would only make me look weird and desperate”.

Following those 2 statements you say to yourself, “She would probably reject me anyway so what is the point”.

While you are saying all of these things to yourself inside of your head, your anxiety is building up, you are beginning to get more and more nervous by the second, and sweat is beginning to form across your entire face.

The girl who you had your eyes locked on ends up walking out your view of sight (and out of your life permanently) never to be seen again!

You become mad at yourself for letting a good opportunity slip by and missing your chance to bring a new and interesting woman into your life

ALL of this has happened to you because you did NOT know how to approach women in the daytime and attract them.

In this article, you will learn how to approach women in the daytime, get their phone numbers, and get them out on dates with you… FAST!

How to Approach Women in the Daytime (and the Truth About Bars and Clubs)

Here’s a little insider secret that I simply MUST share with you: It is actually easier to approach and talk to women in the daytime than it is at bars and clubs at nighttime.

Yes, it’s true… If your goal is to get a girlfriend, or even if your goal is to simply get laid, you should be approaching women during the day and NOT at night.

How come?

Because when you approach women in the daytime, their guards will be lowered, you will display a great amount of confidence, and also in the daytime girls will usually be alone and by themselves.

When you try to approach women in bars or clubs, the exact opposite occurs…

When you try to approach women in bars and clubs, their guards will be up and on high alert, their egos will be much higher because all of the other guys in the room are trying to “hit on them”, and most of the times in bars and clubs, you will usually find most of the girls who you actually like in groups and with their friends.

But when it comes to approaching women in bars and clubs, the trouble doesn’t even stop there.

When you approach women at bars and clubs, you will be competing against LOTS of other men, many of whom are taller than you, more handsome than you, more richer than you, and even have more “game” than you.

When you try to ONLY approach women in bars and clubs, you have ALL of these factors working against you.

So in bars and clubs, not only do you have to deal with lots of ego from stuck up women, you ALSO have to compete with other men and try to (somehow?) come out on top.

How can you overcome these insurmountable odds?

Answer: You learn how to approach women in the daytime

How to Approach Women in the Daytime (and Why It’s Easy)

As I have already said, it’s FAR easier to approach and talk to women in the daytime than at a bar or night club.

But if that is really the case, why does only a small amount of men actually do it?

Answer: Fear of rejection, fear of the unknown, and their fear of uncertainty.

Most men just straight don’t think that they are allowed to approach women during the daytime, they ASSUME that because no OTHER guys approach and talk to women in the daytime, that women don’t WANT men to approach and talk to them during the daytime which is usually NOT the case.

Women LOVE to see men approach and talk to them during the daytime which is why they go through the effort of fixing themselves up, dressing nice and seductively, putting on their makeup, wearing tight and sexy push-up bras, etc.

Women do ALL of these things (which takes a LOT of effort) in order to look more sexier with the hopes of attracting a very powerful and sexy men.

I will repeat this point because I really want to pound it into your head: Women WANT men to approach them in the daytime. It’s usually why they choose to leave their houses in the first place.

Here’s how you can begin approaching them successfully in the daytime…

How to Successfully Approach Women During the Day: The Easy 10 Step Process

  1. When you spot or notice a beautiful attractive woman who captures your interest, immediately begin walking towards her, in her direction, and approach her.
  2. Walk confidently, with your head held up parallel to the ground, keep your back straight and maintain good, strong posture.
  3. Open her with a direct opener and make sure to say it with conviction, for example “I saw you walking her and had to tell you that you have the most beautiful sense of style that I have seen all day long”.
  4. After you deliver your opener make sure to smile and look her directly in the eyes.
  5. State your name and offer her a handshake and DO NOT LET GO of her hands until SHE does first (this is a compliance test in order to find out whether or not she is sexually attracted to you). 
  6. Continue talking to her and getting to know her while simultaneously touching her and getting her comfortable interacting with you physically.
  7. After you have established some rapport with her and built an emotional connection with her, get her phone number.
  8. Follow my text messaging strategy in order to secure a date with her… FAST.
  9. Follow my simple first date blueprint and invite her back to your place, have sex with her, and give her multiple orgasms.
  10. Rinse and repeat and obey this simple process.

How to Approach Women in the Daytime Successfully Every Time

Successfully approaching women in the daytime is ALL about following a simple process that WORKS.

It is about following the path of least resistance and coming across as a man who is charming and also STRONG.

It is NOT about thinking but DOING.

It is about overcoming the lame excuses that you tell yourself inside your head and facing your fears instead of running away from them.

Stop ONLY focusing on night game fellas and start using day game to meet and attract beautiful women.

– Malcolm Thomas

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