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How to Approach Groups of Women

qwwHave you ever asked yourself how to approach groups of women?

In case you are at a beginner’s level and approaching a woman with a direct compliment is absolutely scary for you, you should first learn how to approach single women, before you venture on groups of girls.

However, if you are already confident enough to walk up to any girl, no matter how hot she is and to introduce yourself to her, it is finally time to take the next step and to have the courage to try to handle more than one woman at the same time.

For the majority of guys out there walking up to a girl who is alone is already scary. Doing the same with a group of girls is often regarded as impossible. The result of destroying this limiting belief is that you automatically set yourself apart from the bulk of men who can approach one girl but who can’t do the same thing with two or three girls.

Why is the ability to approach groups of girls so important and do you even need to learn it?

Why You Should Approach Groups of Women

Well, if you want to become a real seducer who experiences all the success with women that he dreams of, you should definitely learn it. If you, however, want to stay average and have no interest to ever accomplish amazing results with women, you can close this article now. If you really want to be able to choose the girls you attract into your life, there is no way around learning how to approach groups of women.

The nasty truth is that most really hot girls are nearly never alone. Those chicks have usually a very big social circle, a lot of friends who only want to be there friends because they want to be seen with them and a lot of bumlickers who constantly follow them around.

This means that the likelihood that you meet a hot girl in a group is at least twice as high as the likelihood that you meet her alone. Isn’t that a good enough reason to learn how to conquer groups of girls?

No matter if you are in a shopping center, on the street, or in a park. You find groups of hot girls everywhere. When it comes to approaching those groups you can basically do two things. The two methods that you can use are closely related to your personality.

Are you an extroverted or introverted guy?

How to Approach Groups of Women: The Extrovert

Are you an extroverted guy? Do you love to be in the center of attention and do you enjoy being the life of the party?

Great, then it is really easy for you to approach groups of women. You can use your extraversion to your benefit and give the whole group positive emotions. Just approach the whole group by telling them how pretty and amazing they all look and that you just had to come over and tell them that.

Wait for their responses and once you get a few smiles from girls who can’t stop giggling it is time to engage the whole group in a conversation. Make them all feel comfortable with you. Once they integrate you in their group you can start to pic the one girl you like the most and focus on her.

The big advantage this way of approaching groups of women brings along is that you can decide which girl you should choose, when you already know how the individual girls reacted on your approach. Of course you should choose the one who smiles and giggles the most. Nevertheless, you have to remember that it is very hard to entertain a whole group if this collides with your personality type.

How to Approach groups of Women: The Introvert

I know that the seduction community wants to make you believe that you HAVE TO become an extroverted guy to approach groups of women and that you HAVE TO entertain all the girls in a group in order to seduce one of them.

This is the biggest bullshit that I have ever heard.

I am a very introverted guy and the way I approach groups of women is totally different than the way I SHOULD approach them according to the paradigm of the seduction community. However, for me the method for introverts works brilliant and if you are an introverted guy I am convinced that it will also work for you.

All you have to do is to pick the one girl you are attracted to the most before you walk up to the group. Instead of approaching the whole group, you simply approach the girl you want to seduce. But before you approach her you turn to the group and ask them if it’s okay to talk to their friend for a second.

Most of the time they say “yes” but you don’t even have to run the risk to get a “no”. Just continue with the conversation straight after you asked the group this rhetoric question and pretend that it is okay to talk to her.

From there on you don’t have to focus on the group anymore. You can talk to her for a couple of minutes, before you get her number. By being this honest and respectful, her  friends will most likely help you to get her number.

– Sebastian

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