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How to Approach Girls in Groups

groupsSometimes you are walking down the street and you hear a shrill laughter that you recognize as a girl’s…

You turn around and, to your surprise, notice that there are three girls laughing and having a great time together…

Out of those three girls one of them hits you hard and you know that’s going to be a girl that you MUST approach

Right then, reality hits you hard like a train; you realize that they are in a group.

How to Approach Girls in Groups

Approaching girls in groups is much harder than approaching a girl when she is alone.

Even if you have approached many girls and have gotten over approach anxiety, the butterflies will start flying around in your stomach again but this time more restlessly than ever.

You will start getting doubts about approaching and you may get a rush like never before; this is perfectly normal because this may be something completely new to you.

But girls who are hot, and the ones that usually have guys staring at them, are almost ALWAYS in groups. So in order to sleep with them or even get one into a relationship with you, you are going to need to approach the whole group.

There are many ways of doing this:

Some people may recommend going and engaging the whole group in an interesting conversation and occasionally negging and playfully teasing the target (the girl you are aiming for).

The main goal of this kind of approach is to gain the group’s approval so they let you isolate the target. The problem with this is you may get too caught up with gaining the approval from the group. Sometimes you may even get cock-blocked by the mother hen (alpha female of the group) and she may pull her friend (your target) away.

You can even open the girl first by showing your true intentions and making it known that you are only going after her by addressing her first before the group and teasing her a bit. Then later on when you notice the group has been gawking and staring at how awesome you are, you let them in into your awesome world and make them feel comfortable with it.

This way they will be more open to allowing you some one on one time with your target. Problem with this is that you may get cock-blocked the second you address the other members of the group. From experience, sometimes it’s better to ignore the target’s friend’s altogether.

My favorite way of doing this is probably the easiest as well. Even though it is really easy most guys will not be able to pull this one off. It requires getting rejected multiple times and building up your confidence. After being rejected multiple times you develop this “Alpha” presence that radiates off of you and shows dominance to the other girls in the group.

The way I approach groups is, I ignore the entire group and just approach the girl that I’m going for. I’m not going to try and waste my energy over the other girls I’m not interested in and especially not the mother hen (she’s usually ugly and fat).

Almost always the rest of the girls will back away and some may even wet their pussies over how masculine and dominant you are. It won’t even matter if you did well with your target at the end of the interaction because the other girls in the group will be thinking about your masculinity and not how you messed up.

At this point your social proof goes up in the venue and you will become the center of attention for most girls. This usually works for me because I am introverted and don’t like talking to a large group of people. In this approach, even if the mother hen tries to cock-block you, she will do it half-heartedly and it will be more of a cry for attention instead of an attempt to protect her friend.

Opening groups directly may be a bit harder compared to getting their attention with an opinion opener that gets the whole group involved into a conversation. An opinion opener works much better since the group will not think of you as some creeper who just wants to get in some girl’s pants but instead wants to get to know the people in the group before getting into their pants.

Direct openers may also work but only if you have really good body language and voice tonality. You must have a booming voice along with posture that imitates the alpha males in animal hierarchies. The other girls may try to steal their friend away from you but unless you allow them to enter the bubble around you and your target, they can’t do much standing outside it.

One opener that I use sometimes is “I have a crush on one of you, but I can’t tell who it is.” Then you can go on to teasing them and building attraction by pointing at one of them and saying “it’s obviously not you, I mean you dress kinda crazy”.

This statement must be said in a joking tone and with a large smile. If she doesn’t get the joke then she’s not worth the trouble and if she was your target you need to switch. When a girl doesn’t understand that you are teasing her, she is too much trouble and not feminine enough; she will constantly want to take the leading role in a relationship.

These are some of the basics that may help when you are approaching groups of girls but for these to work, the most important thing is body language.

– Flamingace

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