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How to Approach Girls and Create Instant Attraction

approach girlsAfter many years of me approaching hundreds of different girls, there is ONE thing that I have learned:

Girls want to be approached by a man who is present and is fully aware of his environment.

They want to be approached in a very smooth manner that doesn’t come across as try-hard and validation seeking. 

The truth is, most men who attempt to approach girls, do it completely the wrong way.

They approach girls in a very awkward manner, they don’t talk loud enough, and they fail to engage women and capture their interest.

Which is why I have written this article, the ultimate guide to show YOU how to approach girls and create instant attraction fast.

Why Most Men Fail When Trying to Approach Girls

Before I show you how to approach girls, I want to reveal the biggest and most common mistakes that most men are guilty of making when trying to approach girls. By you avoiding these mistakes, you will instantly increase your chances of approaching girls and having it go successful.

Mistake #1: Not Talking Loud Enough:

This is a very common mistake that I see a lot of men making whenever they attempt to approach girls. The mistake they make, is not talking loud enough. They speak too softly whenever they interact with women.

Not talking loud enough is a big reason why most men get rejected after approaching a woman.

Many men make the (false) mistake of thinking that a woman is ignoring them when they approach her when really, the reality is that they just do not talk loud enough when they approach girls.

To avoid this mistake, learn how to speak louder, with more conviction and authority. Women respond more better to commands than they do to questions, so begin talking more louder whenever you attempt to approach a girl.

Mistake #2: Not Observing and Being Aware of Their Surroundings

Here’s the simple truth: In reality, you do not need pick-up lines to be successful with women. All that you need to successfully approach girls is using the power of observation.

Here’s an example of what I mean:

You’re in a coffee shop and you’re standing and waiting in line and in front of you is this thin, beautiful blonde. Instead of trying to open her with some lame pick-up line such as “Who lies more, men or women?” you ask her, “what are you drinking today?” and a simple conversation can begin to naturally take place.

Which question seems more natural?

Which question would YOU be more inclined to respond to?

The answer is obvious, and this is why it is SO important to use the power of your observation to begin conversations with women.

Women are all about being “present” and “in the moment” and by you approaching women and opening them in this manner, you are showing women that you understand them and is able to relate to them.

Mistake #3: Not leaving the conversating on a high note

Most men if given the opportunity to, would continue talking to women for hours without even realizing it. This is bad for many various reasons.

Your goal when talking to women should be to always leave her wanting more. This is crucial in all aspects of how you interact with women but it’s especially important when you approach a girl for the first time.

You want to make a girl’s imagination do the seduction FOR YOU. When you leave women on a positive, high note, their minds will subconsciously “fill in the blanks”.

Her mind will automatically build you up inside of her head and this will will allow you to leave the interaction having a much bigger and more positive impact.

When you keep your approaches short, you leave a woman getting curious about you and wanting to learn more about you. This is how you really get girls chasing and pursuing you.

Learn how to exit the conversation once a girl is laughing and clearly enjoying herself and you will see your approaches and seductions run a whole lot more smoothly.

How To Approach Girls Successfully Every Time

Successfully approaching girls comes down to being able to do those 3 things:

  • Making sure that whenever you approach a girl, you always talk loud enough so that she can hear you and understand you better.
  • Always being aware of your surroundings and using the power of your observation to open women naturally and effortlessly.
  • And of course, being sure to always leave the conversation on a high and positive note to leave the girls you approach wanting more.

Focus on doing those 3 things and you will see your approaches and interactions with women run much more smoothly and without any struggle.  

– Malcolm Thomas

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