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How To Approach A Woman In 3 Simple Steps

How To Approach A WomanLearning how to approach a woman is something many men need to learn how to do.

Approaching women is something many men fail at because they don’t understand what actually attracts women to begin with.

Henceforth, this post which will give you all the tips and tactics you need on making every approach you do, a successful one.

Why Most Men Fail At Approaching Women…

There are 3 main causes for men failing at approaching women. They are…

  1. Approaching women in an unnatural manner.
  2. Coming across as too desperate or needy.
  3. Not stating their interest in women.

Let’s start with number 1.

Approaching Women In An Unnatural Manner…

This is a big one that destroys most men’s chances of successfully approaching a woman.

They worry about coming across as “cool” or “perfect”. Women are not attracted to men who are rehearsed. They are attracted to men who come across as “natural”.

When you are approaching a woman it’s always best to be “In The Moment”. “Be Present”. Don’t worry too much about what you’re gonna say or even what you need to say. Just focus on being there in the present. You worry about that stuff before you approach a woman, not while you’re approaching her.

So don’t focus on trying to be cool. Instead your focus should be on coming across as a guy who is confident. Women ARE attracted to men who are confident. So don’t be cool. Be confident.

Another mistake guys make is coming across as too stiff and nervous. When your body language comes across as nervous and stiff, women become nervous and stiff around YOU. It’s a natural human tendency. We imitate other people around us. If you become relaxed and calm around women, then women will become more calm and relaxed around you. And this is one of the main reasons why most men fail at approaching women. They come across as nervous tense, which make women nervous and tense around you.

Coming Across As Too Desperate Or Needy…

Neediness is the number 1 reason why men fail with women. Coming across as a desperate or needy man will cause women to resent you.

And this, believe it or not is what causes men to fail when approaching women. They try to impress women, make them laugh, and prove themselves to women.

But this is NOT how to approach a woman.

You must come across as a guy who HAS OPTIONS. Having options will allow you to approach women and come across as a guy who is smooth, suave, and attractive.

A man with no options feels he has to prove and validate himself to women. Because he feels he must do everything NOT to lose her, which will mean he will try to supplicate, entertain, and try to win women over.

A man “with options” doesn’t feel the need to win women over. To him, they must win HIM over.

Learning how to approach a woman means not caring how one girl reacts to your approach. You must remain outcome independent and know that there are ALWAYS more fishes in the sea.

Not Stating Their Interest In Women…

Many guys will approach women and beat around the bush. They will NOT state that they like a girl or why they even approached her to begin with. Their conversations usually end up looking something like this…

 Man: “What are you drinking?”

Woman: “Oh, just a vodka”

Man: “So where are you from?”

Woman: “New York City.”

Man: “So what do you do for work?”

Woman: “I’m sorry, I have to go find my friends.”

 Just reading this conversation should cause you to wince in pain.

The man leaves the conversation thinking to himself (Man: “What did I do wrong? Why did she reject me?”)

The woman leaves the conversation thinking to herself (Woman: “What a creep. What did that guy want from me?”)

How and why did this man cause this type of reaction? Because he didn’t state his interest.

And the problem is that most guys do this. They go around thinking and expecting women to read their minds and know the exact reason why their approaching them.

But here’s the problem with this type of thinking: Women DON’T ASSUME that every guy who approaches them wants to get into their pants. This is the cause of many men getting rejected whenever they approach women.

They don’t approach women in an honest, authentic manner and the women quickly become uncomfortable because they are trying to figure out what these guys want from them.

If a guy never lets a girl know the reason he’s talking to her, she will wonder what he wants from her and will end up trying to exit the conversation as quickly as possible.

So how do you stop this from happening when you approach a woman?

You open her direct and state your interest in her immediately. It ends up looking like this.

Man: Excuse me, I had to come meet you and tell you that you look gorgeous today. I’m Malcolm.

Woman: Thanks. Nice to meet you. I’m Megan

Man: So what brings you to this part of town today?

Woman: Oh, just doing some last minute Christmas Shopping for some friends.

Man: I can totally relate. Last week… (Conversation continues)

And Boom, immediately you are having a wonderful conversation with a new woman you’ve just met.

Is this hard to do? No. Will it require a little bit of courage to pull off? Yeah. But it’s a lot more effective and efficient that opening a woman with than opinion opener and “hoping” that she realizes your true intentions for talking to her.

Again, I’m a guy who believes that “Attracting Women is Easy.”

When you approach a woman focus on opening her direct and immediately stating your interest. This saves both you a lot of time (She knows you’re talking to her because you’re interested in her sexually or romantically) and her a lot of time (If you’re a guy she’s actually attracted to you, you come across as a confident guy who goes after what he wants.)

How To Approach A Woman (Successfully Every Time)

If you are able to avoid these 3 BIG mistakes that most men make, you will find yourself attracting a lot more women much more easily and approaching women much more efficiently.

Don’t make approaching a woman some insurmountable type of event that causes headaches and frustrations.

Make approaching women something natural that you JUST DO because you’re a suave, smooth, and very charismatic guy.

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