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How to Approach a Girl Successfully Every Time

gameI am going to reveal a crucial mindset that you MUST possess in order to be successful at approaching girls.

This crucial, extremely important element is what is responsible for allowing some guys to get lucky and have fast sex with girls consistently.

And… you can use this tip as quickly as TONIGHT to bring beautiful, gorgeous women into your life.

In a nutshell, I am going to show you how to approach a girl successfully every time and put the odds of success in YOUR favor.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully: One Tip for Massive Success

Whenever you approach a girl, approach her with THIS underlying mindset: 

“I am going to approach this girls and give her the opportunity to experience great sex with a very passionate lover like myself. If she accepts my invitation, then she has an opportunity to experience a very wonderful and sexual experience filled with passion and lot’s pleasure for her. If she declines my invitation, then she loses out on an opportunity to have fun and experience wonderful pleasure and joy.”

THIS is the mindset that you must have and possess whenever you approach a girl and begin talking to her. When you have this mindset fully internalized, women feed off of your positive energy, their attraction for you continues to increase until you and her are both alone and in bed somewhere together.

What makes approaching girls with this underlying mindset SO effective?

Because you are approaching girls not in the mindset of taking but rather of giving. You are approaching girls with the mindset that you want to ADD pleasure to their lives and make them experience their more sensual, naughtier, and dirtier sides.

Women want sex with NO consequences and once you adapt this mindset you will be able to successfully give it to them.

Most men take the opposite approach when they approach a girl who they like. Most men think to themselves as they approach a girl “I hope she likes me, I hope she is not mean or a bitch, I hope this girl gives me sex, I hope, I hope, I hope…”

STOP trying to measure up to the standards of any one particular girl and instead just focus on internalizing this mindset about giving women the opportunity to have amazing wonderful sex with you. 

This is how you develop a true abundance mentality instead of one made up of scarcity. You adapt the mindset that women want sex, love sex, need sex, crave sex, and you would like to be the man who gives it to them.

Girls are a dime a dozen, women are replaceable, and if any one particular girl refuses your invitation to have some amazing passionate sex… another girl right down the street is always eagerly waiting.

This is how you make approaching a girl super EASY. You stop placing pressure on yourself for not achieving any one specific result and instead you focus your efforts on finding and identifying the women who are looking to buy what you are selling.

Forget about trying to make girls like you, forget about treating women to a nice dinner, forget about finding the perfect girlfriend, and just focus on finding a girl who is ACTIVELY LOOKING to get seduced by a man like yourself.

How to Approach a Girl Successfully Every Time

Learning how to approach a girl is all about developing rock-solid confidence, displaying traits that all women find attractive, and being authentic and true to yourself.

Having the correct mindset is the KEY to successfully approaching girls and seducing them every time. Focus on giving rather than taking. Focus on HER pleasures instead of your own.

All women biologically NEED sex. If they ain’t getting it from you, they are getting it from someone else. Why not allow that someone else to be YOU?

Learn the traits of what makes a man attractive, develop rock-solid frame control, and focus on adding only value and pleasure to women’s lives.

– Malcolm Thomas

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