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How Men Act Around Beautiful Women (and How We Should Act)

klfA lot of men act around beautiful women as if the vagina would be the most precious thing on the whole world.

In case you think that this article will be a rant against women I have to disappoint you.

I absolutely love women, at least when they act in a respectful and empathetic way.

What I hate, however, are women who act bitchy, disrespectful and who think that every man has to dance to their piping.

Do you know what really annoys me about those kinds of women? That we men create them!

Most women who behave in a disrespectful way and who think that they are on the top of the food chain believe this, because men forced them to believe it by acting in a certain way.

I know that it might sound offensive but if a woman disrespects you, the chances are high that she only does it because you gave her the permission to do so. Of course you don’t do it on a conscious level but you do it subconsciously by the way you behave in her presence.

How men act around Beautiful Women

The way you act around beautiful women determines how they act around you. Unfortunately, a lot of guys don’t act in a way that is beneficial for their success with women.

Let’s have a look at how a lot of men (maybe you also) act around beautiful women, before we have a look at all the things you should do instead.

We Act Needy

The first crucial mistake that we men love to make is that we act totally needy as soon as we meet a woman who triggers more sexual hormones in us that we can possibly handle. This needy behavior has many faces but one very popular thing that guys like to do is to try to impress a woman by convincing her how great they are.

A lot of women told me that quite a few guys spend more time talking about themselves during a date than they try to actually get to know them.

Let me tell you a secret…

By trying to impress a girl with your DHV stories, your material possessions and your recent promotion you achieve the opposite than you want to achieve. Women want to date impressive men and not men who try to impress them.

By acting needy you will NEVER be impressive.

We Treat them like Princesses

Another thing we love to do is to treat women like princesses. But isn’t it important to treat a woman in a good way?

Of course it is but there is a fine line between treating a woman in a good way (which you should do) and treating her like a spoiled princess (which you shouldn’t do).

Let’s imagine you are on a date and you pay for her because she invested her precious lifetime to waste it with you. Therefore you have to compensate her, right?

During the date you always agree with her on everything, you order everything for her, you tell her every two seconds how beautiful she is and you promise her to drive her to a party at the same day.

This is too much!

By treating her like a princess you automatically behave like her minion and no girl dreams about fucking her minion.

We Forget our Values

Do you have values?

At least I hope you have some values.

For me some important values are honesty and respect. Now what does a woman do when she lets you wait on a date for more than 30 minutes without calling or texting before?

Is she honest?

No. Otherwise she wouldn’t be way too late, even though she promised you to be there on time.

Is she respectful?

No. She doesn’t respect your time.

If you still wait for her for half an hour without at least telling her afterwards that you won’t accept this behavior the next time she does that, you are acting like a typical nice guy and a weak plaything that is okay with getting kicked around.

The chance that a woman wants to bang a plaything is not really high.

How Men Should Act Around Beautiful Women

Now that you know what you shouldn’t do if you want to be successful with women we’ll have a look at all the stuff that you should do if you want to get some pussy.

As you will see, the things you should do are the direct opposite of what you shouldn’t do. Do yourself a favor and delete the three aspects I mentioned earlier out of your repertoire and replace them with the ones I talk about now.

We Should be Strong

Instead of acting needy around women you should be a strong man in their presence.

Thereby I don’t mean that you have to be physically strong, even if that can be a benefit. However, it is way more important to be emotionally strong and to show her that you are a man who has his shit together.

An emotionally strong man doesn’t feel the urge to be needy. He just says what he thinks without worrying if it impresses her or not. By doing this he is one of the few guys out there who are really impressive.

We Should Treat Them like Human Beings

Don’t treat her like a princess when she doesn’t do anything to deserve being treated like a princess. Remember that there are thousands of other women on this planet who would love to go on a date with you. Just treat her like the normal human being she is.

Only fulfill her wishes if you really want to and only do the things for her that you think she deserves. If she acts like a little bitch and disrespects you, you should be man enough to walk away. If she treats you with respect, you should be gentleman enough to treat her good.

We Should Represent our Values 

If a woman acts in a way that violates your values you should definitely tell her that.

If she comes too late, which some women do on purpose to test you, you should address this problem. Otherwise you not only failed her test, but you also betrayed your values.

No matter if you might annoy her in the moment where you tell her that you don’t tolerate such a behavior a second time, she will respect you for it. She will understand that you are a man who has values and who is willing to represent them.

This is one of the most attractive qualities a man can have.

– Sebastian

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