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How Important Do Looks Matter For Success With Women?

looksDo you have to be naturally good looking to become successful with women

One of the most common questions most men ask me is “how important do looks matter when it comes to achieving success with women?”

My answer is very simple: Looks DO Matter.

Yes, your looks do matter if your goal is to attract and seduce high quality women, but… NOT in the way that you are probably thinking…

Why Looks are Important if You Hope To Attract High Quality Women

Here’s the truth: Any Pick Up Artist or “Guru” who tells you or tries to convince you that looks do NOT matter at all when it comes to picking up women is LYING to you. Plain and simple.

Any “guru” who tries to convince you NOT to work on your appearance is simply trying to sell you snake oil and steal the money in your pocket.

Yes, looks DO matter and in the grand scheme of things, they matter a WHOLE lot.

But why are looks so important to begin with?

When you go out and try to pick up women, the very first thing a girl looks at is your appearance. The very first thing a girl notices is what you look like. 

And if a girl is turned off by your appearance, your chances of attracting her is DONE.

You could have the best pick-up lines, be the best most attentive listener, or be the most captivating conversationalist, but if a girl does NOT like how you look, she will immediately dismiss you and reject you. You will never have a CHANCE to show her how great of a guy that you are.

So… looks do matter… a whole lot. Caring about your appearance and how you look to the outside world is very important. So much so,  that a guy who is naturally good looking and keeps himself clean and fixed up but has very poor conversational skills will have a better chance of attracting and sleeping with a girl than a guy who doesn’t care about his appearance but has memorized the best pick-up lines and routines.

Take a guy who doesn’t look too bad and he may struggle to hold a conversation with girls and build an emotional connection with them, but because he looks decent women will be MUCH more forgiving. Yet, you take a guy who doesn’t care an ounce about how he looks and if HE is unable to capture a girl’s attention and hold an interesting conversation then women will be MUCH more likely to immediately dismiss him and deem him as unattractive and thus less likely to date or sleep with him.

But What If I’m Not Good Looking?

Here’s the part that most men get wrong when it comes to how you look according to women.

Yes, the naturally good looking men do have it much more easier than the average looking guys like us have it.

A man who is naturally good looking will have women be much more receptive to their openers, women will be much more likely to forgive them once they make mistakes, and guys who are naturally good looking generally have much higher confidence than most men do because of their previous successes, however…

You can turn yourself into a naturally good looking man. Yes it is definitely possible and here’s how and why:

Most men who are unsuccessful with women have what I like to call “ugly features”. That is, they have a very glaring obvious flaw in their appearance that is easy for women to notice but is ALSO very easy to fix.

Most men who are unsuccessful with women have “ugly features” such as:

  • They have terrible teeth and very bad breath
  • They possess terrible fashion sense and have terrible hairstyles
  • They are either overweight or extremely skinny

Did you notice anything similar about these “ugly features” that most of these unattractive men possess?

All of these unattractive features that these men possess are ALL very easy to fix:

  • If a guy has bad teeth or terrible all that he needs to do is visit a dentist and brush his teeth better.
  • If a guy has terrible fashion all that he needs to do is upgrade his wardrobe and learn how to dress better
  • If a guy is very chubby or too skinny all that he has to do is join a gym and begin working out regularly 3 times per week

The truth is, how you look to women when you pay attention to your appearance, your hygiene, and your fashion is naturally good looking.

It’s the same for us men: If we come across a girl who stays in shape and works out, dresses very well and stylish, and pays attention to her hygiene and cleanliness, most of us men would deem that girl naturally good looking. 

Women view us men the exact same way.

How to Get Rid of Your “Ugly Features” and Maximize Your Looks

Remember earlier in this article when I stated that looks are important if you hope to be successful with women?

Well, the good news is that becoming a man who is naturally good looking isn’t hard. Rather, it’s actually easy.

If you put focus on paying attention to how you dress, your body language, your personal hygiene, etc, then you WILL become a naturally good looking man.

So looks DO matter, but for us men that’s a good thing because most men do not care or pay any attention to their appearance. And women see right through this and reject them.

But for us men, the guys who care about our appearance and the way that we present ourselves to the outside world, women find us incredibly attractive. We are rare, scarce, intriguing men because we pay attention to our appearance and KNOW what women want.

And what women want is a man who is naturally good looking… and you ARE one.

– Malcolm Thomas

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