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How I Messed Up My Chances With A Beautiful Girl, Part 2

gioAs from my last article, I talked about how I messed up my chances with this hot chick in which I ended up learning a lot from my mistakes.

I learned that rejection is a good thing if you learn from it.

I know a lot of dudes are embarrassed about getting rejected in public and I went through the same thing as well.

However, over time I learned that it’s OK to get rejected in public and that people don’t really care if you get rejected or not.

If they do care, what are they going to do?

Most of the time, girls will reject you in a kind and decent manner. To someone else watching you get rejected, you’ll probably just see her saying something and then the guy leaving.

Rarely would a girl slap you or make a dramatic scene as a way of rejecting you unless you do something really inappropriate such as harass her or something.

Trust me, most girls are nice on their rejections if you’re nice to them and this doesn’t look bad in the view of other people in public.

Back to my story, this chick was gorgeous and she was definitely attracted to me. However, I did not put in the effort to show my attention to her even though I was attracted to her.

I did not want to be like those other guys who were constantly flowering her with attention.

As a result, I did not compliment her or message her first and so my friend on the other hand was giving her attention.

However, my friend used push and pull on her unlike the other guys who constantly gave her attention (pull without no push).

Moral of the story is, if you like a girl, you have to show her that you’re interested in her.

This means to tease her, give her compliments and to be the first one to text. Don’t overdo it though!

Show her attention and then have times where you don’t message her or make no contact with her.

You have to give her some space because if you constantly give her attention, she could get turned off and find another guy.

– Perry Keith

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