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How I Messed Up My Chances With A Beautiful Girl, Part 1

adweHave you ever met a girl and then realized that you screwed your chances with her yet you still had a lot of affection for her?

It’s a crappy feeling obviously and it makes you wonder what went wrong and how to fix it.

I had met this one chick during my first year in University and I was deeply attracted to her.

It was most likely lust because she was beautiful, but I felt even more attracted to her once we started talking.

I can’t lie, I came off as needy and desperate because I had the whole scarcity mentality with women.

And to be honest, I sometimes still do have that scarcity mindset because sometimes I meet a chick who seems perfect for me, and if it doesn’t end up working, I feel like there’s no other chick that could replace her.

It’s a tough mental shift to an abundance mentality when you are heartbroken by the chick you like, and it does take some time to move on.

Moving on, I had met this chick and I had also introduced her to a friend of mine. My friend barely saw her but he added her on Facebook and talked to her from there.

I was shocked how she felt so attracted to him because he used to show me the messages he was sending to her.

Here’s this girl that I introduced to my friend and now it seems like she’s all so interested in him and he only met her once!

My friend was an average looking male and so I was surprised and pretty hurt because I came off as needy and desperate while my friend came off as an alpha and had that whole abundance mentality.

It hurts to know that the girl you liked doesn’t like you back and is going for a guy who’s your friend.

I spent a lot of days wondering why she didn’t like me and how my friend, who seen her once and added her on Facebook, had got her to be so attracted to him.

Mind that this girl was beautiful and I know a lot of chicks don’t message guys first, but she was always messaging him first and starting a conversation with him.

And then there’s me, the guy who never got a text from her first and had to put in all the work to talk to her.

I was so confused! He was not a model or anything but he had this girl all over him!

After a while, I learned a few things that my friend was doing right and what I was doing wrong.

First of all, my friend asked her a lot of questions about herself when he used to chat with her on Facebook. He asked her deep questions and he also waited time to reply.

He did not act needy or desperate by messaging her right away and so he waited and messaged her back whenever he had time.

The lesson I learned from here was that you can’t act needy or desperate with a girl.

It’s good to give her attention in the beginning, but you have to cool on it after a while because it would make you look desperate.

Push and Pull works great as you get to give her a lot of attention and then give her NO attention at all, and this makes a girl go wild for you if she’s attracted to you in the first place.

I learned that he payed a lot of attention to her in the beginning and showed a lot of interest in her by complimenting her as well.

However, he did not appear needy or desperate because he took his time replying back to her.

Stay tuned for Part 2.

– Perry Keith

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