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How I Got Girls Using Indirect Game

women time picture 10This may be the most CONFUSING thing to do in the world.

How the fuck do you get girls being INDIRECT?

You might be thinking, that this shit won’t work. Think again.

I met a lot of women before and today I’ll tell you that this shit is almost the same as being DIRECT.

The difference?

You don’t talk about your intentions… AT ALL.

Before I spill the secrets, let me tell you a story.

Years ago, when I was applying for a job, ( yes, I had a job, who the fuck cares? Lol) I met a MILF. Yes horn dogs, a milf. She was a 7/10. Not bad though, got a huge ass and titties so it’s all cool.

So she was looking at my resume and stuff and I was like “she’s taking a long time to read, maybe this bitch is dyslexic or what”

And when she saw that we had something very unique in common, shit started to change. She started talking and talking and I was like “oh yeah, yeah sure” but in my head I was like “goddamn titties, titties”.

To cut the story short, we had little conversations, nothing serious since I’m an applicant, then It just popped into my head to ask her out and have a drink after her shift. So she said yes and we went to a local pub.

So, we had a drink, she opened up, she talked about her life and tadaaaah, our topic went to SEX.

I asked her ONE question and she spilled a lot. I asked her, “So how’s your sexy time? Since you don’t have a husband? (To think about it, the words I used weren’t too heavy. It was actually witty and not too aggressive. )

So hours later, bitch kept talking and I was like “yeah it’s all cool“ when she started to put her head on my shoulders.

Romantic shit huh?

No no no. I really don’t wanna put myself in that position. So what I did was I started to touch her lower back. I started to whisper in her ear and all that shit and guess what again, my hand was on her thighs. And you probably KNOW what ended up happening after that.

So boys, can being indirect get you pussy?

Yeah man. The thing is, both direct and indirect game work BIG TIME!

But then why do most guys FAIL at getting to sex on dates?

It’s simple. Let me explain the two methods. Let’s start with DIRECT first.

The idea of Being DIRECT is just going balls to the wall. It’s now or never bitch. If you don’t like it hoe it’s your loss. And it saves you a lot of time. Seriously.

But what are the disadvantages of going DIRECT?

Here are the disadvantages of going direct:

1. The sense of being TOO aggressive will most likely appear. And being too aggressive, sometimes REPEL women.

2. Girls are human beings too and since sexual harassment is at it’s peak, a simple “Hi” on the street can sometimes freak them out and get a false rape accusation thrown your way.

The idea of Indirect is simple:

1.Let the woman feel comfortable in the situation. When women are put on the spot with people looking around, their social defense walls immediately go up.

2. You don’t have to tell them that you like them. If ever, Do not tell them you like them.

Remember, they can smell shit from a far. Treat them like everything’s cool but don’t be a fucking pussy treating her like a queen. Play it cool man. Play it cool.

Play it like “yeah sure you’re there but I’m gonna touch you in your lower back and whisper in your ear because I’m George Clooney motherfucker “

3. Be touchy. it’s all cool as long as you’re not touching the titties. You’ll get there soon.

The only disadvantage that indirect can do, is that when you get the opportunity to sweep her off her feet, you forget your mission. You treat her as a friend and she leaves you behind.

Being indirect doesn’t give you the means to treat her like a queen and give her all the shit she wants, but to keep watering the plant until you get the fruit. Time is of the essence.

So again, direct and indirect game work. BOTH systems work. Just don’t be a pussy about the pussy.

– Donny

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