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How Girls Show Interest In a Man

how girls show interest Have you ever wanted to learn how to tell if a girl is interested in you?

Are you able to notice the slightest hints of whether a girl likes you or not?

What signals do girls use to show interest in a man that they like?

Well, the truth is, girls are a lot more subtle in how they go about showing interest in a man and most men miss the signals that women show to them.

This article will show you how girls show interest in a man that they like. The following are just a few of the many ways in which you can recognize if a girl is interested in you. 

How Girls Show Interest In a Man: The Basics

In any part of your life, in any part of the world, these given signs are the same. Girls are not blatant, neither are they all the same, but most of the signs they give can be considered common around the world.

Before I show you how girls show interest in a man, please regard the fact that a girl is a person too. With their personality, emotional stability, and characteristics, not all girls are the same.

Now, let’s get you noticing these meager signs all girls can give to a man. 

The Signals That Girls Will Give To Men When They Are Interested

One of the many ways in which a girl shows interest in a man is in the way she tries to cloes the distance between the two of you and come closer to you.  

Some girls tend to barge into you, whether it is literally or just by having excuses to talk to you. Some girls tend to be shyer and reserve, so approaches tend to be lighter.

Here’s my own personal rule of thumb for how I can tell a girl is interested: Anytime a girl who you do not know begins a conversation with you whether it is to ask you a question or make a comment, you should ASSUME attraction.

Here’s the truth: Most women do not begin conversations with men they are not interested in and do not like, so if a girl begins talking to you and you both do not know each other, it is best for you to assume attraction on her part (even if that may not be true).

Women are attracted to men with lots of confidence and by you assuming attraction on her part, you will begin to behave in such a way. Which will cause them to become even MORE attracted to you.

Attractive men automatically assume that any girl who approaches them or tries to begin a conversation with them is attracted to them (which 9 times out of 10 IS true).

Other Signs Of Interest That Girls Will Give To Men

Whenever she is talking to you, she may show physical signs that she likes you. For example, she may start fixing or playing with her hair, and even adjusting some parts of her clothing whenever you look away. Most shy girls tend to hold their hands together and blush around you, while more self-assured girls tend to act confident in order for you to notice their boldness.

When in conversation, most girls tend to laugh at any small joke you give, as well as show more interest to you when you’re speaking as opposed to the people around you. Playful acts and smiling can be considered flirting, but these can be coincidental as well.

Make sure to notice the way she looks away when you look straight into her eyes, or the way she may blush a bit when you smile straight at her. These small instances can be signs that a girl is interested and presents how to tell if a girl likes you.

Some girls show interest in the questions that they give a man, such as asking if you are interested in any girl or whether you like a specific type of girl. These simple questions are a small way in which a girl can give small hints of interest towards you. These are just some small examples of the numerous possible ones that show the potential interests a girl can have for you. 

But there is ONE definite way to find out if a girl is truely interested in you sexually or romantically…

The ONE Surefire Way To Tell If a Girl Is Interested In You

The one way that you can tell and know with absolute certainty whether or not a girl is interested in you sexually or romantically is by asking her to move somewhere with you.

For example, suppose you are at a bar and you approach a girl who happens to capture your interest and you begin speaking with her…

After a while of the two of you both speaking to each other, suppose you would like to determine whether or not this girl is interested in having sex with you tonight, you should ask her to move somewhere with you ( or isolate her from her group if she is with her friends).

That ends up looking like this:

Her: Yes, I enjoy traveling because I get to learn about different cultures and learn different languages.

You: Yes, that’s why I also enjoy traveling so much. Let’s go grab a seat over there where it’s not so noisy.

Her: Okay.

This girl IS interested in you because she is willing to move somewhere with you meaning that she is willing to invest her own time into having a conversation with you and getting to know you.

What’s the ONE surefire method and way for finding out if a girl is truly interested in you and likes you?

  • Ask her to move somewhere with you.
  • Ask her to take a walk outside with you.
  • Ask her to go to the bar to grab a drink with you.

Essentially, you want to get her to invest into having an interaction with you. Also moving girls into different locations when they are talking to you gives them the impression like they have known you for much longer.

How Girls Show Interest In Men

But being able to recognize the signals that girls give when they are interested in you is crucial for your abilities to not only approach women with much more efficiency but to ALSO enable yourself to talk to the girls who are ALREADY attracted to you and interested in making something happen.

Girls are much more subtle when they show interest in men, but with these tips that I have given to you, you now will be able to recognize the signals that girls give to you much more easily.

– Malcolm Thomas

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