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How Failing Brings You One Step Closer to Success (including with Women)

lopHow many of you have grown up to believe that failure is the worst thing that could ever happen to you as a human being?

How many of you thought that if you fail, people will make fun of you and that you will never become successful in life?

I can honestly say that I was one of those people who was scared to fail. Every time I failed at doing something, I would reinforce my belief that I would go nowhere in life.

For example, if I failed at getting a woman’s number, I would use this as evidence to support my belief that I will never get a girlfriend or that women don’t like me.

It’s a negative cycle that reinforces itself over and over again.

However, when I changed my beliefs about attracting women and success in general, I changed my outcome.

I know what failure feels like as I spent four years failing to learn currency trading and even had numerous people telling me to stop because I was wasting 8 hours a day looking at charts.

When I first started currency trading, I wiped out a $200 account in a matter of days which was fine because it was extra income that I did not mind losing.

To most people, this would have been the end of their trading journey. However, I continued to learn from my failures and mistakes in my trading. Fast forward four years of practicing and thousands of hours of chart time, I am finally seeing some consistency in my trading.

In those four years, how many times do you think I failed and kept losing money?

Short answer, more than I can remember. I felt like quitting many times and I always asked myself, “Will I ever become a good trader?”

There was a major turning point as soon as I started to believe that to become successful in life, you have to fail a few times if not many.

This was true for me because I learned so much more about trading through all my mistakes. Although I am not making money to live off of yet, I continue to improve my trading and become better month by month.

One of the ways to grow as an individual is to learn, and learning can sometimes come from failing.

This could relate to whatever you want to do in your life whether it be to attract women, starting your own business, becoming an entrepreneur, etc.

Relating specifically to women, do you think that many guys for the first time can just go up to a woman and have the best conversation of their life with them?

For people like me, having great conversations with women came after a LOT of failures with talking to women.

Most of the time, I did not know what to say or how to keep the conversation going.

I learned from all my mistakes that you should genuinely be curious about a woman you just met and to let her do all the talking and asking deep questions to learn more about her. I am thankful for making all these mistakes because I learned from them!

The moral of my story is that failing is the first step to SUCCESS!

What if I just stopped trading after losing $200? I would definitely not be in this position right now to say that I am finally making some consistent returns on my trading.

A huge ingredient for success is to change the beliefs that you have about success. Failing helped me learn and to improve on what I was doing wrong. I love to fail only if I learn from it!

Until next time,

– Perry Keith

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