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Hang Around Women to Attract More Women

tubThere has been many times where I noticed chicks checking me out whenever I was hanging out with females.

This applied to lots of places such as at the mall, University, Library or any other public place.

Why do you think this happens? 

Why do you think women show more interest in you when you’re with a girl?

I don’t know and it’s weird how it works but it does happen and I have noticed it happening A LOT. 

For example, I was walking with a female friend of mine on campus and she wasn’t really attractive compared to society’s standards but she was a really cool chick to hang out with none-the-less.

Trust me, I have chilled with beautiful women who are just boring and care way too much about their looks.

It’s fine sometimes but other times it just gets boring unless your aim is to get in bed with them, then go for it.

Continuing with the story, we were walking and talking on campus and I started noticing other girls checking me out.

Remember, the girl I was with wasn’t really attractive, and now I had attractive girls checking me out. This rarely happened when I was walking by myself or with my other guy friends.

I think that when a dude hangs out with a female, it shows other females that the guy is not a creep and is already ACCEPTED by other women.

It could also be that a lot of women are competitive and want to fight for something they can’t have.

This happens a lot especially if you have a girlfriend.

I feel that sometimes women are attracted to a man who’s taken, which goes back to my forbidden fruit principle.

I had a friend who talked to this one chick but she never showed any interest. As soon as he got a girlfriend, this chick that used to ignore him starting showing LOT’S of attention to him.

I have seen the texts from her and she was always saying kinky stuff to him.

It’s funny how you are chasing girls when you are single but then girls start chasing YOU when you’re taken.

My friend had a girlfriend so he didn’t make any moves with the girl that was giving him all the attention. I can’t lie, the girl who ignored him in the beginning was MUCH more attractive than my friend’s girlfriend.

Moral of the story: try hanging out with women whenever you are out in public. By women it can be your sister, cousin, friend or whatever.

If you have a girlfriend, then you probably already noticed a lot of home wrecking chicks out there to steal you from your girlfriend.

– Perry Keith

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