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Goodbye and Good Luck: Women Attracted is Getting Shut Down

young coupleHey Women Attracted readers,

Today I have some sad yet necessary news to share with you all. I have decided to shut this site down.

My reasons?

Well, basically, I have now lost all interest in talking about attracting and sleeping with girls non-stop. The truth be told, there is only SO MUCH that I can say about any topic before I lose interest in it.

With over 300 articles mostly dealing with dating and attracting the opposite sex, what more can I possibly say?

I already taught you how to get a girls phone number.

I already revealed to you my SECRETS on how to get sex on the first date consistently every single time.

You already know all my secrets about mastering powerful body language and becoming a strong man.

I even showed you how to make money online and gave you my reason why you should NEVER get a job or go to college.

There has even been a whole range of articles written about fitness and achieving success in life.

In other words, there is literally NOTHING else to say. I have already taught you everything I know and frankly, I have just simply lost ALL of my passion endlessly writing about dating and seduction.

It is time for me to move on with my life and focus on achieving some other goals that I want to achieve.

Thank you for being a fan of Women Attracted. Your support in these last few years were very appreciated. But now this is where the road ends.

Thank you for reading and goodbye.

– Malcolm Thomas

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