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Get ADDICTED To Success

addictHave you ever been addicted to something?

Be it alcohol, cigarettes, cocaine or maybe ALL THREE!

If not, then you have probably seen a person with a major drug addiction.

A guy that could be broke as hell, but STILL manage to find a couple of bucks for a daily dose of crack!

Put simply, this guy cannot function without his ADDICTION!

You may be wondering what this has to do with the topic.

Well, I want you to be that guy. I want you to be 100% addicted to success!

As a success enthusiast, I took some time to observe TRUE alpha malesand came up with this ONE astounding fact!

These men cannot FUNCTION without a daily dose of success!

They will fight tooth and nail to get it!

In short what am saying here is this, “Want success? Get hooked on it!”


Here’s how!

1. Don’t Settle For Mediocrity

If a drug addict went to his dealer for crack and found out it was out of stock. Do you expect him to say,

“Oh, that’s all right, it was a waste of my money and good health anyway.”


He’s probably going to go out there, and beat up the next guy for the last ounce of crack on him, and when he’s done, threaten the shit out of him!

“If you don’t have some tomorrow, I will kill you!”

Some may say,

“That is the drugs talking.”

If so, then this is what I expect from you.

“I am not going to bed until I think of five ways to make my business more successful.”


“Five hot chicks just turned me down, but I won’t settle for some internet porno or Sally the Janitor, instead I will keep trying until I WIN.

(I am not saying there are no hot janitors out there, in such a case an exception should be made 😉 )

Most men don’t get what they want or reach their fullest potential simply because they gave up too early or settled for average in their lives.

2. Keep Going For More

Every addict ups his dosage otherwise he will lose the HIGHNESS of the drug!

You should also do the same.

Your reached your goals last year, congratulations.

Now challenge yourself.

Make sure your success is a steady graph of good, better, BEST!

Also never settle down. Read the article to find out why settling down
may be perhaps the WORST enemy to your progress.

3. Do Anything To Attain Success

I am sure you know that people on hardcore narcotics will do ABSOLUTELY anything to lay their hands on the drug!

If anyone stands in their way, I don’t think they will live to tell the story.

In real life, drug addicts are an abomination to themselves and to their environment, but in this article they are a hero and our role models!

If you want SUCCESS, you sure as hell better be able to do anything to get it (within the law off course 😉 ).

People on the journey to success sleep LATE and wake up EARLY.

They break blood and sweat EVERY DAY to achieve their goals in life.

They spend every waking MINUTE (even when they are taking a shit 😉 )
thinking on how to improve their lives.

They create plans that they will ENFORCE to bring them success in the future.

Lastly, a person addicted to success makes it his OBSESSION to get what he wants most out of life.

It is his mission, to get the most hottest women or ripped muscular body while not forgetting a good pay day from his OWN business!

It is therefore hard to deny the fact that a person who is ‘addicted’ is guaranteed a 100% consistency of success in life.

So friend, do you want to get HIGH on success?

The choice is yours.

– Dylan Simeon

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