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Game Openers You Can Use To Attract And Meet Women

meet womenIf there is one question that I tend to receive the most out of any other type of question it would be something akin to this, “Hey Malcolm, what are a couple of game openers that I can use to help me attract and meet women?”

I swear, the biggest thing most guys deal with is trying to think of the most clever, indirect, “perfect” game opener to use on hot women. And truthfully, I can relate.

When I first got started trying to improve my skills with women and dating, I tried thinking of the perfect game openers that I could use to meet women and create attraction.

I rationalized, that the words I said was much more important than the vibe that I conveyed or the body language that I exuded (which eventually, I later learned that words weren’t more important than the non-verbal cues that my body was giving off).

Your body language, your posture, the way you look women in the eyes, the tone of your voice, the speed that you walk, these things are all much more important than the actual words that you say. (Remember: 90% of all communication is happening non-verbally).

But with that said, when I first began learning how to attract and pick up women, I still wanted to know what the successful guys said to women after they approached her. I still wanted to learn and understand the underlying mindset of why those successful guys said the things that they said and what their reasoning was behind it.

This post will give you 3 game openers that you can use TODAY to meet women and attract them to you.

The 3 Game Openers You Can Use To Attract And Meet Women Starting NOW

Game Opener #1: “Hey, I think you’re cute and I want to know more about you. My name is Malcolm.”

One of my most absolute favorite game openers to use on the women I meet is “Hey, I think you’re cute and I want to know more about you. My name is Malcolm.” This opener works so well because of so many different reasons.

First of all this game opener works well because you’re being direct with women and NOT beating around the bush.

Another reason why this game opener works so well is because you’re offering her a genuine compliment and you’re immediately introducing yourself by name to create and establish rapport and immediately set the stage of potential friends (who will sleep with each other) getting to know one another.

Want to know another reason why this game opener works so well on the women who you meet?

It immediately gets the girl qualifying herself to you. Your game opener conveys the message that “I think you’re cute and attractive, but is there more to you than just looks?” That’s the underlying message that this openers conveys.

And make no mistake, women are very good at reading between the lines. Women are very perceptive to frames and the underlying meaning of words and sentences.

Begin using this game opener if you want to meet women and build attraction fast.

Game Opener #2: “Excuse me, do you know where the nearest Starbucks is around here?”

This game opener is golden for meeting pretty women and getting into a conversation with them in a hurry.

How come?

Because the question starts off as very innocent sounding. You are ONLY asking her where the nearest Starbucks is in the area and as ANY person would do, she has to stop and respond to your simple question.

After she stops and answers your question, it is very EASY to begin a conversation with her and begin asking her other questions about herself personally as well.

You need an example?

You: Excuse me, do you know where the nearest Starbucks is around here?

Her: Oh, you just go right up the street there and make a right and you will see it on your left hand corner.

(Continuing the conversation so she does not leave)

You: Wow… you knew the EXACT directions on how to get there. You must drink coffee a LOT?

Her: Well, my job is very demanding so I need to consume all the energy I can get

You: You must be a lawyer, the way that you carry yourself makes me assume…

(and the conversation continues and now 2 strangers are now interacting and getting to know one another all because one person asked where the nearest Starbucks was).

Game Opener #3: “Hi, how’s your night going?”

When all else fails and you don’t know what to say, this is the “perfect” game opener to use to help you meet women because it’s simple, it doesn’t come across as try-hard, and it’s an easy way to get a girl talking. And we all know a person’s favorite thing to talk about is themselves.

All this opener requires you to do is say 5 simple words “Hi, how’s your day going?” and this opener does NOT sound like a typical, sleazy “pick-up line”.

This game opener comes across as natural (because it is) and relatable (because people like to tell other people how their day is going and how their feeling). 

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a simple game opener that would help you meet women and attract them with very low-effort then this is THE game opener for you to use.

Use These Powerful Game Openers And Begin Meeting More Women NOW

This article has given you 3 proven game openers that will get you results (and laid).

Meeting women doesn’t have to be hard for you any longer with these simple tips that I have just now given to you.

Learning how to approach women and start a conversation with them is the hardest thing for most men to do and overcome.

Once you are able to meet women and open them effectively, everything else comes natural and falls into place.

Begin meeting and attracting more women today and become that “perfect man” that every girl dreams about.

– Malcolm Thomas

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