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Fitness For Men: How to Build a Sexy Male Body

fitness tipsIf you’ve been reading this site for a good length of time, then you already know that I don’t subscribe to the Pick Up Artist mentality and philosophy that “Looks Don’t Matter”.

Looks DO Matter a great deal.


What I teach men here on this site to do, is to do everything in your power to put the dating odds in your favor and to maximize and increase your chances of getting a “Yes” when you attempt to ask a girl out or kiss a girl.

The honest truth is: The more better looking of a man that you are in general, the easier time that you will have approaching and attracting women. 

All else being equal, women prefer attractive men over unattractive men.

This is why I constantly stress the importance of “maximizing your looks” and developing sexy body language. 

All of these little details ADD UP, and the better you are at doing each of these little things, the more consistent success you will experience with women.

And learning the best fitness tips that can help you build an attractive, sexy body is an important step in doing everything in your power to improve your baseline looks and success with women.

Fitness Tips For Men To Help You Build A Sexy Body

Building an attractive sexy body is an important step in maximizing your looks to help you appeal to a more wide variety of women. Enhancing your physique will allow women to become more attracted to you physically as well as sexually, which can help you have more successful dates in general.

These workout routines will ALSO help you build the confidence that is needed to have in yourself to better open women when you first meet them. Try to incorporate some of these different routines into your workout schedule to achieve the best fitness results possible to maximize your looks.

Basic Fitness Tips For Men to Improve Your Looks

First, you will want to simply try to develop an overall strategy to achieve the look that YOU want.

Many men will be interested in developing a V-shaped upper body. This roughly describes men who have broadly shaped shoulders and a narrow waist. They will need to gradually build muscle mass in their shoulders and their chest. This will be the best strategy that they may have to help sculpt an attractive frame for themselves.

You will also want to pay careful attention to your body fat levels. This can help people decide whether they want to slim down soon.

You will have much better definition in your body if you are capable of reducing your overall body fat.

You can do this by integrating some light running or cycling in to your regular fitness routine. This will quickly burn off stores of fat, which may be obscuring the muscle tone you’re building. Think about trying to maintain a body fat level of less than 12 percent.

Some people will also be interested in finding out how they should start with strength training. This will be important to help build the muscular frame that you want to see for yourself to help women notice you and have you stand out.

There are quite a few different workouts that you should incorporate in to your routine. Just be sure you’re building every part of your muscle mass, instead of just a few segments. This can add bulk to your frame in just a short amount of time.

Many people will also be interested in mixing up the workout schedule that they have set down for themselves.

Try to do irregular exercises at random intervals throughout the day. This can provide a surprising challenge to anyone who thought they might be in relatively good fitness.

You can also help increase some of the muscle tissue that you have been accumulating on your body. This will help create the attractive male body that you have always wanted to have.

How to Develop a Sexy Body That Effortlessly Attracts Girls

Taking the time to learn how to work out, exercise, and eat healthier is a very important step in learning how best to attract girls to you.

One of the things that I dislike and have never understood is when other men would come complaining to me about why they are unable to attract hot women.

And then I would look at these very same men and notice that, these men are out of shape, still dress like their living in the 1970’s, and have very poor body language.

If YOU were a hot woman, would YOU date one of these men?

By taking the time to work out 3 times per week, develop great posture, and learn how to walk more sexier and move more slowly, you immediately seperate yourself from the competition.

You Stand Out And Women Take Notice.

The reason for this is because most men don’t have a darn clue how to act around women, talk to women, and properly kiss girls.

Most men go through life constantly banging their head against a brick, doing unattractive things, looking very unattractive, and turning women off.

If you not only follow the fitness tips laid out in this article but ALSO follow all of the tips and advice on this site in general, then you are going to blow all the other men out of the water, come across to women as a confident and outcome-independent guy, and you will ALWAYS be the guy who gets the girl in the end.

– Malcolm Thomas

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